Lewiston man charged with assaulting toddler

WATERVILLE — A Lewiston man is charged with assaulting his girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter after being left alone with the girl for three days, according to police.

Submitted photo

Kareem Johnson

Kareem Johnson, 29, of 127 Howe St., was charged Thursday with felony assault, a stiffer penalty because the victim was a minor younger than age 6, Sgt. Brian Gardiner said.

Johnson was arrested at his girlfriend's King Street apartment after the mother returned, found bruises on the toddler and called police.

"It was on her legs, thighs and buttocks, clear bruising, more than just discipline," Gardiner said.

The toddler was taken to MaineGeneral Medical Center's Thayer Campus for an evaluation. She is expected to make a full recovery, the sergeant said.

Johnson remained in Kennebec County Jail on Saturday night, held on $500 bail.


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GARY SAVARD's picture

It is said that a picture is

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, it's worth three letters...POS. In all fairness, the mother of this infant should be charged with neglect or whatever for abandoning the care of her child to this loser. No excuse!

I agree

I hate to sound like I judge people by their looks, but this guy looks like a loser... I would never have left my kids with someone that I was just dating because you never know what they think of your kids. I've learned from experience that men will say anything to get into your "life" and a two year old is helpless with these men... shame on the mother for trusting this loser...I don't care what anyone says...a picture is worth a thousand words...like it or not

 's picture

The mother is not at fault!

The only thing I see that the mother did wrong was pick the WRONG person to watch her child. That's it. Cause as soon as she came back and noticed the bruises, she did the correct thing by calling the police. She didn't abandon her child. HE IS THE LOSER!!!! Point your finger at the person who actually hurt the child. No one knows why she was gone for 3 days. Maybe a sick family member she was taking care of? Working for 3 days out of town? There could be many GOOD reason why. No reason to blame the mother. I'm sure if she knew he was a POS, she wouldn't have trust him with her child.

GARY SAVARD's picture

I totally disagree with you.

I totally disagree with you. This guy has a record and is a proven loser. No excuse. As a parent, it is your responsibility to exercise common sense when it comes to the safety of your children. Whether this guy was her definition of "My Man" has no bearing on the decisions she made as the mother and guardian of this child. Think about that for a minute before making excuses for her decision.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Not to excuse the accused

Not to excuse the accused. However what kind of a mother leaves a two year old with a stranger for three days?

 's picture

"rolls eyes"

read the article. He was her boyfriend.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Oh what was I thinking

Oh what was I thinking. First of the month she was probably out spending her food stamp money celebrating New Years.

 's picture

Where the heck was the mother

Where the heck was the mother for three days? Who leaves their two year old with someone for three days?

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Yes, quite a man....

It's bad enough that these idiots give the Lewiston, Auburn area a bad name, they need to take their pitiful show on the road as well. It won't be long before every large and small city and town in Maine will be the home of "that scum bag from Lewiston".
I am however, glad the little girl is apparently going to be physically OK, anyway....



a man!



a man.


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