M. Pendleton: LePage is keeping his promises

My wife and I voted for Paul LePage for governor of Maine. At times, we have thought that he should think about what he is going to say before he says it; nevertheless, we like him.

One of the strong points he has exhibited while in office is that he is trying to follow up on the promises he made during the campaign.

LePage never stated that, as he attempted to correct the fiscal mismanagement that has taken place for more than three decades, it wouldn't come without some real sacrifice, or that it would leave us with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

The reality of the present points to one conclusion: that the state's economy is a train wreck. That is the bottom line.

No one can accuse Paul LePage of being a poll-driven candidate.

Mark Pendleton, Auburn

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Amedeo Lauria's picture

Paul LePage did what he said he was going to do...

and this under extreme pressure from the tax and spenders now back in charge in Augusta.

The Dems seemed to have negative news releases prepared for every possible contingency and positive action by the Governor.

The progress made in the last two years has been covered in the press and is positive for the business climate and is a matter of record for those who will read and understand it; but you can't turn 30 years of anti-business climate around quickly; especially under such such intense opposition and that does not deter him from his work.

He has tackled every issue he promised us he would tackle; his efforts to reduce the fiscal burden on working people and taxpayers have been fought hard by the left. Our debt clock was one of the few in this country that ran backwards!

Here are some as passed on to me by our previous Treasurer:

• More secure retirement funding for school teachers and state employees. Reforming the pension plan eliminated $1.7 billion (41%) of our public pension debt and reduced government spending by roughly $200 million per year. The largest tax cut in Maine history followed, primarily benefiting the working poor.

• More affordable housing for Maine’s most vulnerable families. Lowering the costs of tax-subsidized apartments by 36% in 2013 will provide more at-risk Maine families with safe housing just as federal funds might begin drying up.

• End wasteful government spending. 3-day trips to New York, including $4,000 celebratory dinners, to sign routine financial transactions have stopped.

• Lower interest payments on state borrowing. Requiring Wall Street to compete to buy our bonds is saving Maine taxpayers $ millions of future interest costs.

• Retain Maine’s “AA/Aa2” credit rating. This will hold down interest payments for Maine taxpayers when state government must borrow. A solid credit rating also helps to attract business investment and more jobs.

• Lower investment management fees for families saving for college tuition in Maine’s NextGen College Savings Plan.

• Replace board members at quasi-independent Authorities. Real world business professionals are improving accountability at organizations such as the Maine Turnpike Authority and Maine State Housing Authority.

• Facilitate expansion of natural gas pipelines. Lowering the cost to heat our homes and businesses and to operate our mills and factories will help create additional jobs.

Happy New Year Governor; keep up the good work! I know the way ahead will be much harder. Many Mainers appreciate it!


Still no meat there

Facilitating gas pipe lines is not the same as building gas pipe lines which has not happened. Lowering our interest rates and improving our bond rating doesn't matter as long as he refuses to issue the bonds. As for saving money on public housing , maybe there will be more units but they will be built more cheaply and time will tell if they have to be replaced sooner. The governor's tax cuts did not help the poor nearly as much as the rich. His reforms to the state retirement system have certainly taught those of us who depend on it how to live on less but it has not improved the system for those who are stuck with it in the future unless you think paying more for a lot less is an improvement. As for the turnpike authority, don't even go there. People who depend on it to get to work now have to pay a lot more for a lot less. Spending more and cutting services at the same time is not better government in my view.

 's picture

LePage's campaign promise...

...was "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs." Hasn't happened. Maine has lost more jobs in the past two years than has been created. His "Open For Business" ploy is to help the rich, not the common man, which he showed graphically when he tore down the mural.


Not poll driven

He not only ignores the polls, he also ignores the will of the majority of the voters in favor of pleasing a minority hell bent on cramming their ideological policies on us no matter who they hurt, no matter how unsuccessful , no matter how illogical they are. Aside from the fact that he has not actually come up with a balanced budget yet, his policies have produced net zero job growth. And I'm not seeing a rapid influx of businesses or of rich seniors either. Seems to me that's not what he promised. He claims to support education but has done nothing but harm the public schools where most of our students go in the hopes of acquiring an education. He campaigns against domestic violence while cutting funds for mental health programs and aid to poor women. He is the ultimate bait and switch candidate, making it seem as if he is fiscally responsible because he scapegoats the poor. His bottom line however never matches his promises.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Just keep one thing in mind.......

LePage may not be a "poll-driven" candidate, just keep one thing in mind. If you have an elderly realative, or anyone in your family, or you yourself become disabled or in some way unable to work. You stand a very good chance of becoming a victim of those so called "real sacrifices". I would expect nothing less of a Republican.....

Jason Theriault's picture


A train wreck? Maine's unemployment is below the national average. I would hardly call it a train wreck.


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