J. Arsenault: Fair Trade Act can be blamed

The beginning and the cause of the "fiscal cliff" was when President Bill Clinton signed the Fair Trade Act. Manufacturers started moving their operations overseas to China and other countries. Millions of jobs that paid a good living wage were lost here. Billions in tax dollars were lost to the U.S. Treasury. Those companies were even given tax breaks to move operations to other countries.

Now, Americans can find very few products made in America.

Also contributing to the fiscal cliff was the fraud in the housing market, Wall Street and the banking industry. That cost taxpayers billions, yet only a few ever went to jail.

Millions of Americans are suffering because of corporate greed. And thousands of corporate executives have moved their assets to banks outside the U.S. to avoid taxes. How can that happen?

The corporate world has a hold over Congress. These executives don't want to pay more in taxes. Many senators and representatives are millionaires. They don't want to pay higher taxes. They expect the poor, those in the middle class, those on Social Security and Medicare to pay off the nation's debt while they enjoy their wealth. Meanwhile, America suffers.

Is that what the nation's sons and daughters in the military have died for?

Republicans in Congress should be ashamed. So far, they have shown they have no conscience or the integrity to do what is right for the American people. They won't admit they caused the recession. They blame the Democrats.

Jean Arsenault, Mexico

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You start out by blaming

You start out by blaming Clinton for the beginning fiscal cliff by his signing of the Fair Trad Act into law, and then you close out by blaming the rebublicans for causing the recession. Which is it? You can't get yourself to admit that the state of the country is the responsibility of BOTH parties?

JOANNE MOORE's picture

North American Free Trade Agreement

NAFTA was signed on Dec.17, 1992 By George H.W.Bush, Brian Mulroney and Carlos Salinas. This agreement then had to be ratified by the governments of the three nations. Before it could be ratified here, Bill Clinton came into office and introduced clauses to protect workers and the environment. These clauses were called an obstruction to free trade and never were enforced.

Clinton signed NAFTA on 12/8/93 and it came into effect on 1/1/94. Then the "Giant Sucking Sound" that Ross Perot warned of when he ran against Clinton also came into effect. More about NAFTA can be found at -


May I just add that a nation such as ours that spends the wealth and the lives of so many in wars drains the budget and leads us to the "fiscal cliff". I blame both parties for the state we find ourselves in and I agree with the letter writer that the millionaires in congress do not care about the lives of ordinary Americans.

Amedeo Lauria's picture


Interesting view of the world...the people who create jobs and employ people are the enemy.

So Clinton, a Democrat, signs a bill and the Republicans and Business owners are at fault.

The Democrats push for less restrictions to qualify for mortgages in America; which leads to a world-wide recession, but the Republicans and big business are at fault.

Also so tired that the left keeps trying to occupy the high ground on be anti-war when:

- Vietnam - Kennedy - Dem
- Korea - Truman - Dem
- Libya - Obama - Dem

....oh and by the way -

- Emancipation - Lincoln - Republican.
- Civil Rights Legislation - Republicans.

Good job leftist media and the Democrat party.

I just can't wait till the rest of the taxes associated with the "Affordable Care Act" kick in; the Dems will REALLY have to spin that one.

For goodness sake people, read some history and not just the leftist supplied talking points.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Great post.....

Great post.....

MARK GRAVEL's picture

The good Dr. Savage may have

The good Dr. Savage may have it right - liberalism is a mental disorder.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The Pirate also has it

The Pirate also has it right....Liberalism is a perpetual state of adolescence compounded by a profound absence of rational thought.

 's picture

Much earlier and not really related

The fiscal cliff was caused solely by the Republican policy of opposing all Federal revenue increases while promoting irresponsible spending - star wars, 600 ship Navy, Medicare Part-D, two unfunded major wars - and the failure to enforce Federal law (fraud primarily) that allowed the housing market to collapse in 2007 stretching back more than 30 years. The fiscal cliff is the direct result of supply side economics; the falacy that tax cuts pay for themselves and therefore you only have to be concerned with spending. To balance the budget you must call on the only people who suceeded in balancing the budget - Democrats under President Bill Clinton.
Trade was moving American jobs overseas in the early 70's decades before Clinton or the Fair Trade Act.


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