King wants Obama to say 'Let's get it done'

Troy R. Bennett/Bangor Daily News

PORTLAND — Independent Sen. Angus King of Maine says hard work remains for the federal government to get its fiscal house in order.

King appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday, taking part in a round table discussion with 2012 Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, Democratic Rep. Xavier Becerra of California, Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne and former business executive Carly Fiorina.

King said President Barack Obama should call a group of people together and start negotiating the best way to cut spending and raise revenues.

He said he thinks Obama should call them up to the Camp David presidential retreat, "lock the door and say, 'Let's get it done.'"

King was sworn in last week as Maine's newest senator, replacing Olympia Snowe.

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Catherine Pressey's picture

Get it done!

How we get from getting our checks and balances to the wind debate is a wonder, maybe the eight wonder of the world. LOL Well when since we are there, when I see wind turbines, just a turning, being prompted by the wind that they are named after. I smile at the thought of wow no CMP bill if I lived in a place that got enough wind, for my home. Looking at the state of Texas with their large wind fields, just check on the low energy cost for the City of Austin. As for supplying the way to transport that now energy, the gains may not be so great on the limited turbines, that have faced so much decent period. Large fields with a state that can see the now benefit of so called renewable energy that we here in Maine do not have full support of. We sure had Maine Yankee in years passed the same people that hate the turbines more than likely supported the Nukes. Hidden in that cheep energy was waist that they did not know how to get rid of. As for Angus King I support him, and hope somehow our government can get a grip on where this all went wrong. If one thinks about it you can see when all the products can be made in China and elsewhere, outsourced jobs and people out of work are not paying taxes. WE got rid of tariffs and any good sense on how that would truly impact our economy, how many Rich made huge money in that, and how many bribes or favors took place. YES SENATOR KING WE NEED TO BALANCE THE BUDJECT BUT NOT ON THE BACKS OF THE LOWER AND MIDDLE CLASS. GET IT DONE, a wee bit late. Slightly sold out at the victory of the upper level income that got permanent fixed rates, but not the bottom income payers. I say get what done now. The chicken got eaten and the cows ran away. Was a time the very rich paid 90% tax rate and still were Rich. Seems we missed that boat and found ourselves at the airport. That is my opinion.

Richard Begin's picture

Let's Get it done

That is a Name such as one might expect to belong to a Journalist from the 1930's.So Hart from what I can read you are defending Alice as or in her self assigned Task of an Anti Wind Farm Warrior.

Hart it's as though Alice is like the Patriot Paul Revere spreading the Word Both Far and Wide about the Dangers and over-all bad Fall out from Wind Power.

Good for you Hart Joining the Cause with Alice. You are adding New Meaning to the Phrase 'Stand Up and Be Counted',

Hart it's almost as though Alice and her Minions which may include the Likes of You as one of her Silent Supporters.

Imagine Hart you by your Supportive remarks are indeed adding a New Dimension to her Cause.

Your Posting was so well composed and you did it by only using the Singular word (I) 12 times.

Also thanks for the advice about the Spelling It sure is great to know Someone like you who writes with such Perfection .What a Lucky Man you are a Real Wonder.

Hart I see things a Little different than you and Alice 'Joan Of Arc' Barnett. It does not matter to me where these Wind Farms are located .

I understand that there are those who are in a Minority of less than One percent of the Population who find these Tuerbine Distasteful .

That Said Hart if the opposition were better organised and had a clear message with a spokesperson who sounded Credible then perhaps thibngs would be different.

So Mr Hart Daley I wish you and Alice all the best in your Crusade.On Ward Christian Soldiers

 's picture

sounded credible

Mr. Begin, Can you look at the power purchase agreement of King Angus' Record Hill Project?
When you do, please show the public, please?

the WIND business keeps a close lid on these numbers.

draw 4000 feet around every much land is left for enjoyment? Oh , I forgot, they are not in your back yard.

Bethel depends on tourism soooo No turbines,,,, good for you.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Not in my back yard either:

Alice, Lots of things take place in this country to make the greater public needs and desires to try something better than oil, something better than the Nukes of the past. I will gladly let them put wind turbines in my back yard. You see they are and do generate much, maybe now they are not producing all that they were intended to do. Much like the oil of the past and the poring of the waist into the earth. And that waist ended up being used once discovered to be useful. Sad that none of us want Nukes or turbines or dams that ruin our waterways. No one want traffic to increase or taxes to go up, however we as a society have got to try to find a solution for the fossil fuels. And that is not Nukes, trouble with them is they are in all of our back yards. Look at Japan and the wind that blew the radiation across the ocean to our back yard. So Alice what is your suggestion for an alternative????? GLAD TO HAVE THEM IN MY BACK YARD. I’D HAVE ONE IF I COULD AFFORD IT AND IF THE AREA WOULD SUPPORT THE SAME. AND THAT IS MY OPINION. Maybe the Gov. need to take all the land from a huge area around a nice windy area like they did for putting in roads, dams, and a bunch of people over the years lost their family farms for the good of the society, and public. If you were forced to sell out like in present day or yesterday you then could go find a nicer location far far away from the nasty turbines. EVERYTHING HAS GOT TO BE IN SOMEONES BACK YARD. PERIOD. JUST MY OPINION.

 's picture

Flagstaff Lake

Yes, they flooded Flagstaff village and no power produced in that dam.
My point is : Boston is insatiable and there is not enough backyards to power it up with wind.
Hydro Quebec is ready to power up Southern New England.

Richard Begin's picture

Senator King' Says Let's get Er Done

I am curious Alice

What and where are you going with the Numerous Postings about Wind Power in Maine ? You seem to to have some sort of Grudge against Our Senator Angus King.

I recall reading some postings by you during the Campaign. Now I like others we all are Entirely in Agreement that everyone is Entitled to their Point of View.

That Said Alice you seem to be stuck on 'Dredging' Past Deeds committed by Senator King.

Alice May I suggest that you try to Move on and Develop a New Interest. Have you ever considered taking up Square Dancing?

I Urge to to consider a Change of Venue in your Thinking and Quilting or Square Dancing might Work for You

Alice Are 'You a Collector of Injustices'?

Also Doreen Have you recovered from the Disappointment of Coming up short in your Bid for Election to the Maine Legislative Body?

Knowing you as I do you Certainly must long to be back in the Work-A-Day World that occupied your Time for so Long.

But it is good to see you staying Involved a Word to the Wise be more Selective in your Criticism

Best Regards


Hart Daley's picture

Here's your shovel

I would say that Alice is "providing a shovel" for people like you and Mr. Theriault "who can't even spell turbine by the way" and many others, to assist them in digging their heads out of the sand so they can see the reality of the wind energy scam. I would say that Alice is doing her best to expose the lies and deceit that the wind industry / companies propagate when they talk about "reducing global warming" and boast fictitious capacity output numbers or how they create so many jobs.

I'd say that Alice is trying to educate people on the fact that wind companies cannot meet the day to day energy demands and MUST rely on fossil fuel generated energy to "pick up their slack" more often than not. As far as Angus King, well I guess he slid out of the congressional investigation, but not before he reaped the rewards of a undeserved multi-million dollar federal grant to supplement his wind project in Roxbury that, yes you guessed it, can not and does not provide the energy capacity they promised.

I'd say that Alice is trying to expose to people that the money wind companies "invest" in small rural towns is actually the taxpayer's money in the first place. I'd say Alice is trying to show the people that there are other renewable energy sources out there that can produce "efficient energy" when the demand is highest and at 1/2 the cost of inefficient / unpredictable wind energy. I'd say that Alice is doing her best to try and work toward lowering electricity rates for Maine ratepayers.

I'd say she is trying to salvage the quality of place that Maine has always been known for with it's majestic mountains and scenic vistas to protect our multi-billion dollar tourism industry. I'd say that Alice is fed up with the wind industry parasitically devouring tax subsidies after 20+ years when they still can't stand on their own competitively with other sources of energy.

I'd say that Alice has quite a lot to complain about. I hope this satisfies your curiosity and as you said, "everyone is entitled to their point of view" and that is mine on where I think Alice is heading with her comments. Keep up the great work Alice, it is people like you who expose the truth when others are blinded by greed or "sand".

 's picture

2011: for the record, in

2011: for the record, in Maine we generated .4% (that's less than half a percent) of our electricity from oil.

 's picture


This credit of $22 per megawatt hour should have netted Roxbury $1,918,246 for operation Dec 2011 to Sept 2012

 's picture


Maine has a "new renewable" mandate, for sure, and it's unnecessary since we are already one of the cleanest electricity states in the USA. Our highest in the nation renewable mandate is at 36% even though actual generation is already about 50% renewable. So we could ditch our escalating renewable mandate tomorrow and the only people who would complain would be the wind power speculators who enjoy a state mandated purchase order.

 's picture


tell them what you know. do you see turbines more than 8 miles a way? do you see "red flashing" lights at night? Did your CMP bill go up 19.6% because of transmission costs? Is there migratory birds in the projects foot print? Do you or someone you know have property devaluation?

Maine State Legislature: Enact a Maine Statewide Moratorium on all GRID scale WIND turbines.

Maine's Wind Energy Law needs reconsideration. 4000+ feet debris

Richard Begin's picture

Angus on Meet The Press

I have to say after rewatching Maines Newest Senator on Meet the Press. what a Breath of Fresh Air from our Previous Place Holder. Senator King was relaxed,informed and Ready for Prime Time.

No Surpise to see the {Anguish} from Alice. Frank good observation.

Senator King demonstrated yesterday that he was the Best and Only Logiical Choice for the Senate Seat.

He was Cool, Calm, ready to go. A Flawless apperence. It is Clear Senator King has done his Homework and knows what he is speakiing about

Maine has much to be proud of with Angus King as one of our Senators.It really is time for Alice and those opposed to Wind power of learn a New Mantra. I also as usual liked what Jason said. makes good Sense to me.

Oh Doreen, you can be sure as things go along President Barry will have more to worry about .

By that I am suggesting that he got a Fress pass with the House Republicans last week. The time for him to stand up on his own a Act Like a president is at hand.

Or visit the Folks in Roxbury who were among the 61% who believed in the benifets of Wind Power.

Richard Begin

 's picture

the vote was close

62 - 64 is a close vote.

Andrew Jones's picture

Hey, that's an idea. Every

Hey, that's an idea. Every congress session should begin with an opening statement: nobody leaves until all matters have been addressed, discussed, and voted on. If you go AWOL, you're fired!

Doesn't it bother anyone else to see these suited fools fleeing the capitol for a "much needed break/vacation" despite having gotten nothing done at all?

Catherine Pressey's picture


During the election, while out at a small country store, the subject of politics came up.... OPPssss yes and this is what was said, in jessst an old joke, once the Republicans were a party for the farmer, not sure where they stand on that on. Anyway joke when like this you put a bunch of Republicans inside a barn, with a problem to solve, and to come to an agreement before they can come out. They are padlocked into the barn where they stay to this very day, so if a bunch of one party can not come to any agreement than how on earth will two separate parties agree. lol A Maine tall tail or the darn truth, I vote for the truth. lol

 's picture

King's concerns

I, personally, think that Senator King should be more concerned about what his part is going to be in solving this problem rather than telling the President what he should do.

 's picture


cut all subsidies......too bad King Angus took the 1603 grant as a subsidy for his WIND project......the taxes will not get spent in Maine....then King Angus took a loan from the DOE....may be it will be paid back to you tax selling WIND to you at 10 cents a kilowatt while WIND buys it as part of the Power Purchase Agreement at 5 cents.

LOOK at GRID scale WIND as a loser to you the taxpayer and you the ratepayer.
Transmission costs increased 19.6% on your CMP electrical bill? yes?

FRANK EARLEY's picture

I'm not sure...

I'm not sure where you get your information from, but my transmission costs have dropped 10%, It has never gone up...

Andrew Jones's picture

Alice doesn't let facts get

Alice doesn't let facts get in the way of her crusade against wind power.

 's picture


when the truth is exposed of how this WIND thing is all connected, you will wish you had the facts.

Jason Theriault's picture

Your dang right I ordered the Wind trubine

Alice, we live in a world that has wind, and that wind has to be harvested by wind turbines. Who's gonna build them? You? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for mountains, and you curse Angus King. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That building wind turbines, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me harvesting that wind, you need me harvesting that wind. We use words like kilowatt, easements, decibels. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent harvesting something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a person who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very power that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a generator, and create some power. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

 's picture

off the GRID

I and 34 others in the shadow of the proposed turbines have lived with on-site solar for over 12 years.
We invested because we had to....Yes I have TV and obviously, internet.
My generator has had one tank of gas through it in one years time. We are frugal.

solar system bought and paid for over and over and over again.

GARY SAVARD's picture

Well said, Ray.

Well said, Ray.


A version of this was done a

A version of this was done a short while ago and the result of it was the "fiscal cliff" that we were all told to fear. Our able fearless leaders promptly saved us from this. President Harry Truman used to say "The buck stops here", and here (the President's desk is still where it ends; kicking the can from that point on is useless. Our nation's problem is due to both, overspending and revenue. Just like Governor Lepage wants to make Maine a better place for industry to locate, Mr. Obama should work at making the U.S. a better place for industry to grow rather than outsourcing work. If our citizens are working they will pay taxes and if industry is doing the job here rather than overseas, the money will remain here to be reinvested here and pay taxes here. Also, spending has to be reined in; we can no longer afford to give away so much foreign aid as we have in the past, and all spending has to be reviewed as to if it is really a necessary expense.


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