Portland considers extending smoking restrictions

PORTLAND (AP) — Portland is considering further restricting smoking in outdoor public spaces.

The City Council's Public Safety, Health and Human Services Committee on Tuesday takes up the proposed ban that would apply to parks and other public spaces.

The Portland Press Herald reported that the staff of the city's Public Health Division is now recommending that smoking be banned in the parks where a permit is required for a public function, such as Tommy's Park, Post Office Park, Monument Park and Lincoln Park.

The staff also recommends that the ban apply to Oatnuts Park, University Park, Heseltine Park, the Presumspcot River Preserve and the Valley Street and Quarry Run dog parks.

Portland now prohibits smoking within 25 feet of playgrounds, beaches and athletic fields.

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GARY SAVARD's picture

"Potland" is a liberal

"Potland" is a liberal community that is not really as liberal as it is hypocritical. Sometimes , (most of the time, really), I think they should be annexed to Massachussetts. They deserve each other.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What is it that the

What is it that the anti-smoking do-gooders don't get about tobacco smoking? It's a legal activity involving a product that is legal to purchase. A drug addict can go to a methadone clinic and get his weekly or daily fix in an effort to be "rehabilitated" at taxpayer expense,but a guy who wants to buy a pack of overly taxed cigarettes and enjoy a good smoke can only do so in areas that are deemed permissible by the anti-smoking lobby. And the list of places allowed for such purpose gets smaller and smaller. They like to tax the cigarettes, but they give the buyers fewer and fewer opportunities and places in which they can enjoy their purchase. What a crock of bull scat that is. Free country my butt. (pun intended)

Bob Berry's picture

I don't smoke, but...

I don't smoke, but glad I don't live in Portland. Mutual protection and liberty need not be mutually exclusive, but they often are. And when they are, choose liberty.


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