Lewiston woman accused of setting fires, leading police on chase

LEWISTON — Heather Kullson was indicted Wednesday and formally charged with running over her ex-boyfriend's foot, throwing Molotov cocktails at two parked cars and leading police on a pair of high-speed chases in November.

Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Heather Kullson, 21, of Lewiston, makes her initial appearance in Lewiston's 8th District Court Friday on charges stemming from Tuesday night's police chase through the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

Kullson, 21, of 28 Brooks Ave., was indicted by the Androscoggin County grand jury on two counts of criminal use of explosives, two counts of eluding police and charges of aggravated assault, aggravated criminal mischief, driving to endanger and arson.

Kullson, currently free on bail, was issued a summons to appear in court.

Police said Kullson was angry at her boyfriend when she went on a rampage in Lewiston on Nov. 27. They said she first tried to back her car over him outside an apartment on Walnut Street. Later, she twice drove by the apartment and hurled flaming bottles of flammable liquid at the home, according to court records.

Lewiston police said they spotted Kullson's Honda Civic near Howe Street soon after and tried to stop her, but Kullson fled. They pursued her for several minutes through Lewiston and Auburn, with speeds reaching 100 mph, according to court documents, but police called off the chase due to concerns over public safety.

Her car was spotted again about 30 minutes later in the area of Birch and Pierce streets. Police said they pursued her again, this time involving officers from Lewiston, Auburn, the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office and Maine State Police. She was stopped in Poland about 20 minutes later and arrested.

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Catherine Pressey's picture

Sad day high speed chase.

Sad day for all concerned, does not sound much like he was her boyfriend, nor does she know how to love, wonder what her background is like, for someone so young to hurt so much to strike out like this. Yes she sure does look angry.

 's picture

She's not a woman.

She's a moll.

Tina Ouellette's picture

Very disturbing

No man is worth what you have to go through right now, because of your actions, Its you that have to pay the price!! Get some help young lady

 's picture

Would you say the same thing...

...if a man did this to a woman?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

That is one angry looking

That is one angry looking girl.


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