Unwitting Mainers give NYC homicide suspect a lift

AUGUSTA (AP) — An unsuspecting father and daughter gave a New York City homicide suspect a ride to Maine, where he stole their car and remained on the lam Thursday, police said.

Raymond Mayrant, 25, of New York, was last seen early Wednesday at a Motel 6, where he'd inquired about whether a passport is needed to cross into Canada, police said.

The father and daughter, who'd been visiting family in the New York area, apparently met Mayrant while asking for directions in Connecticut, gave him a lift to Maine in their car and invited him into their home for a meal before dropping him off at the motel, police Sgt. Richard Dubois told WZON-AM.

The next morning, they discovered the car was gone.

Mayrant is accused of shooting his girlfriend and her mother on Jan. 3 during an argument, police said. The mother, Elzina Brown, died, becoming New York's first homicide victim of 2013.

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Wow..just because someone

Wow..just because someone talks nice and acts nice doesn't mean he is nice..this father took a chance with his daughter in the car, not know diddly squat about him...the father should have his head examined for putting his daughter at risk..shame on him

Lorraine Burnham's picture


What is the matter with the father. Not a brain thats for sure. This guy could of killed them both. You should never never never pick up a hitchhiker unless its someone you know real well. Shouldn't stop in a different city and ask directions either. Stop at a store and ask the clerks for directions. Hard to believe the stupid people in this world..

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

Unless it's a hot chick.

Unless it's a hot chick.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Eric , Friday in Hawai'i • .

Eric , Friday in Hawai'i •
. .l o l - in hott pants :)
Urban Legends
/s Steve


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