Baldacci talks about tackling $16 trillion debt, contemplates return to office

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John Baldacci in 2010

HERMON — Former Maine Gov. John Baldacci said Monday that politicians need to collaborate and cooperate to put America on a solid fiscal path before the nation’s $16 trillion debt gets further out of hand. Baldacci also said he might consider running to return to office in some form.

“I’m looking at it,” Baldacci said when asked whether he planned to run again before delivering a speech at the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce’s annual business breakfast Monday morning. “It’s not about me, it’s really about making sure that we get things on the right track in Maine, and that’s what I’m more concerned about.

The focus of Baldacci’s speech was the national debt, which is more than $16 trillion, and the importance of parties working together to put America on a better fiscal path.

Baldacci, who today is senior advisor for economic development and government relations at the Pierce Atwood law firm in Portland, is also co-chairing Maine’s Fix the Debt campaign with a former adversary, Rick Bennett.

Bennett and Baldacci ran against each other for the Democratic Party gubernatorial nomination in 1994. The race was hotly contested and left both candidates with “a lot of battle wounds.” The two have come together because they agree on the importance of the debt issue, Baldacci said. The former governor and his former opponent have visited editorial boards and members of the congressional delegation as part of the national Fix the Debt campaign to urge bipartisan solutions to the nation’s debt problem.

“I wanted to focus on working together to address the national debt,” Baldacci said before he spoke at the chamber breakfast. “I’m not happy about the fighting; I’m not happy about the ideological partisanship that’s been shown; and I’m not happy about [Maine] becoming a joke on Saturday Night Live.”

Baldacci also congratulated the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce for its growth and recovery from financial difficulties the nonprofit faced three years ago, as well as the region for recent successes and developments, such Hollywood Casino, the revitalization of downtown Bangor, and the Cross Insurance Center, which is slated to open this spring.

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 's picture


John Baldacci, couldn't tackle a dead fly.....and he never did us any favors that is why you are and always will be former, can't you find some dishes to go wash and be useful?

 's picture


No Thanks, I think you have exceeded the damage limit

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If the people of Maine are

If the people of Maine are dumb enough to put Baldacci back in the Blaine House after all he's "done" for us, there's apt to be one less pirate in this rat hole of Paradise.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

He left the state in a

He left the state in a financial shambles and now he wants to come back and "fix" it?
Lord help us.


Bob Stone you must be thrilled about Baldacci contemplating returning to office; could he legally run for governor again?

Steve  Dosh's picture

Baldacci talks about tackling $16 trillion debt,

Hon Gov ? 11:35 hst ?
Q : How many zeros does US$16Trillion have ( sixteen ) in it ?
A : ____________________________
Now add one • /s the readers

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

$16,000,000,000,000. Looks

$16,000,000,000,000. Looks like twelve to this lowly pirate.

Richard Begin's picture

Return of Baladucci

Well written Al. I always enjoy seeing what you have to say. Al you and I have physically seen each other lately but I know you to be a Proud Honest Veteran with Strong Convictions

You as I recall own a Strong Singing Voice as well

Jason inpite of your liking Les Otten he never had a chance and he would not have been a very good GovernorBut of course you are entitled to your opinion.

But to fully understand why Mr lepage defeated les otten, Steve Abbott, Peter Mills, Matt Jacobson and others is because the Tea Party Folks were solidly behind Governor Lepage.

It's really Academic. Otten was really clue less and yes he had Boatloads of Money but he had to be the most shallow candidate ever to Run For Goverenor

Mr Otten simply cannot relate to the Common Man.

Like Lepage or Not Jason

I predict that he will become reelected

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Like LePage or not; he stirs

Like LePage or not; he stirs the pot and gets the left pretty well riled, but he does get stuff done. Things will not be the same for Maine when he leaves office as they were when he took over.

AL PELLETIER's picture

True Paul

But so far we have a sign that says "Open for business", a mural that disappears then magically reappears, voter approved bonds that are still on the back burner, national negative notoriety, and on and on. But guess what? If he ran for a second term against Baldacci he'd get my vote.
You said it yourself once, "too bad we have to chose between the lesser of the two evils".

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Well stated, Al. LePage is

Well stated, Al. LePage is definitely an acquired taste. Something like Apple Cider vinegar; tastes like crap, but might be doing you some good.

Richard Begin's picture

Return of John ??

How Ridiclious how Absurd How Unlikely. I keep saying that what Governor lepage is wrestling with was for the Most part created by the Corruption and Dis honesty and outright Out Of His league management by Former Governor Baldacci

Be Serious his Own Party is more than delighted to be rid of him.He was an Inept Patronizing Political Misfit. Who Never Undertsood that it Aint no good to let other people get it Kicks for Him.

Let's Talk about the Postion that Mr Baldacci was awarded by the Current president . the repeated stories out of Washington D.c was Baldacci hardly ever showed up for Work and not one of his Staff could bring themselves to work with him.

History will show the Tenure of John Elias Baldacci ws one of Little Accomplishment. He is respondsible for selling off Maines State Liquor Buisiness and then the State Lotterey Buisness.

His Enterprise Zones were a complete Flop. I often think of Baldacci when I'm on a Cel Phone and the Coverage dies. It Was Baldacci who Quipped he would ensure Mainers had the Beast Cel Phone coverage in the Nationm

Finally I am reminded of a Trade Junket that Baldacci and John Richardson attended in which Baldacci is Pictured standing next to Fidel Castro. I kept that Picture so I can be reminded of what a Fraud and willing Stooge he really was.

Like Governor Lepage or not He like Angus King did something to help Maine.

Unlike My Baldacci who was only in it for the Fame and Money.

AL PELLETIER's picture

This time, Richard, I'm with you 100%

I would rather see Baldacci shlepping spaghetti then getting back into politics. He never prepared this state for inevitable hard times and put himself ahead of the interest of average Mainers. I never had much respect for the man, never voted for him and I agree with every word you've just written. So there---watcha think of that?

 's picture



JOANNE MOORE's picture

Get a clue..........

Anyone who speaks before the anti-worker group known as the Chamber of Commerce does not have the working class' best interests in mind. More jobs will be outsourced, if that is possible, to enrich the bottom line of corporations. This is what Chamber types call progress.This is what makes them happy.

"Keep 'em poor, keep 'em scared, keep 'em sick, and keep 'em dumb." - That's what the elite business class wants for the U.S. worker.Then they will be beaten down enough to compete with the high wage Chinese worker. (snark)

Baldacci and his kind, both sides of the aisle, are nothing more than parasites scavaging what is left of the U.S. economy and environment. Vampires, in a sense. Sucking the lifeblood out of the once vibrant and productive working people in our nation. I would say shame on them but they have none.

Sharpen up those stakes and get out the garlic and keep him out of Maine!

GARY SAVARD's picture

OMG!!! This is both very

OMG!!! This is both very funny and a nightmare. John Baldacci had his run at helping drive the State into debt and expanding state government and social services to an un-sustainable level, and now he stands there and says he wants to come back fix the mess he helped to create.

Jason Theriault's picture


SEE! This is what your antics have done. By putting LePage in instead of a reasonable Republican like Les Otten, you have elected a man with such poor approval ratings that Baldacci has a shot.

Now think about what you done.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Les Otten? Really? He might

Les Otten? Really? He might have been nicer to the media and might not have told the NAACP to kiss his butt, and, he probably would have left the Labor Mural right where it was. But, Les Otten to run the state? Surely, you jest my friend.


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