Rumford board to mull sewer rate hike, sanding truck replacement

RUMFORD — Selectmen will be asked at Thursday night's board meeting to approve a proposed sewer rate hike and the purchase of a Public Works sanding truck.

Additional approvals are sought for infield renovation work at the Hosmer Field Complex, to let the Maine Department of Transportation exceed weight limits for Abbots Mill Bridge and to request continued funding of Maine Revenue Sharing to towns and cities by writing local representatives.

Town Manager Carlo Puiia said Wednesday that Rumford has an aging sewer system with many lines that are a century old. Eventually, they will need to be replaced, much like the line on Prospect Avenue that ruptured last year.

Puiia said he is anticipating a sewer rate hike from $20 to $25.

A mishap with the 2001 International sanding truck on Dec. 9 will place the fate of the truck in the board's hands.

The truck and its sanding equipment were damaged after the truck slid sideways on black ice in the United Steelworkers Local 900 Union parking lot as driver Dale Roberts was attempting to reverse direction on Route 108, police said.

The truck's wheels left the pavement and hit a dirt road at the entrance to the new industrial park and the truck tipped onto its side.

Puiia said Public Works Superintendent Andy Russell is expected to provide the board with details and whether the truck and sanding unit can be repaired or should be replaced.

The board is also asked to approve an infield renovation bid to replace one side of a field at the Hosmer complex. Puiia said the the infield between second and third base is on a slope and needs to be leveled out.

The state transportation department wants permission to take heavy equipment across the Abbots Mill Bridge over the Concord River about half a mile east of Route 232 on the South Rumford Road.

The project, which is estimated to cost $59,500 to $70,800, involves countermeasure work to prevent bridge scour, according to an MDOT updated construction advertisement schedule.

Puiia said the permission is simply a procedural action wherein the MDOT must post an insurance bond to the town to ensure that if it damages the road or bridge, it'd have to repair the damage.

Puiia said he is also seeking support from local representatives after learning of Gov. Paul Lepage's proposal to cut revenue sharing to Maine towns for a few years.

"We have to have a discussion about this," he said.

Selectmen will also be asked to approve a taxi cab license for Gilbert Garry Scott, who is doing business as EZ Taxi.

An executive session is also scheduled for continued labor negotiations.

The 7 p.m. meeting will be preceded at 6 p.m. with a budget workshop with department heads.

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Increases,Increases, Increases

That's what going to happen with the taxes in Rumford. Hosmer field should have been diked long time ago along Swift River. Our entire Athletic complex should have been artificially turfed years ago. New fencincing around track to discontinue damage during sporting events. There is enough room to do that. Start fun raising to get it done. To bad we chased wind power out because they could probably have helped us there. Labor contracts are here again. Let's give everyone another raise. For a town we are overemployed as it is and probably the best paid employee plans ,for our size, in the state. Voters have to start saying no. It starts with Board of Selectpersons and continues with the Finance Committee Have to start putting moneys where it counts. In areas where we continually invest for repairs over and over again. The town lacked incite for the future long time ago. And this present board has to dicontinue saying that we are open for business. Because we have proven that we are not.


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