Man serving two life sentences for West Paris double murder gets another three months

Life for murder
Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal file photo

Duane Waterman is led into Oxford Superior Court prior to his sentencing for the 2008 murder of Timothy Mayberry and Todd Smith. Justice Roland Cole handed down two life sentences. File photo.

ROCKLAND — A 36-year-old man serving two life sentences for a double murder in 2008 has had an additional three months added to his stay at the Maine State Prison.

Duane Christopher Waterman, formerly of Sumner, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Knox County Superior Court to trafficking in prison contraband for possessing the drug Suboxone last May at the prison in Warren.

Justice Jeffrey Hjelm imposed a three-month sentence on Waterman.

District Attorney Geoffrey Rushlau said Wednesday the state prosecutes people within prison even if they have life sentences for several reason.

“If there were no consequences, things would get out of control,” the region’s chief prosecutor said.

There are separate punitive administrative actions that officials at the Maine State Prison can take, such as taking away certain privileges.

But Rushlau said that failing to prosecute would send the message that any kind of behavior would be accepted at the prison if a person is serving a long sentence.

He said if a prisoner were to seek a commutation of a life sentence years from now that record of an additional conviction would influence that future decision.

Waterman was sentenced to two life prison terms for the July 25, 2008, murder of 50-year-old Timothy Mayberry of West Paris and 43-year-old Todd Smith of Paris. Waterman was convicted of shooting the men at a West Paris home because he owed $1,500 to Mayberry for OxyContin, a synthetic opioid painkiller, that he was supposed to have sold for the man but instead used himself. The prosecution said Smith was in the home at the time and was murdered simply because he was there.

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Sounds like he hasn't learned a thing, but I don't see the 3 months tacked on as punishment..take away TV time or work out time, but 3 more months??? Like he even cares if he gets time on top of his sentence, cause he'll never get out...just the fact that he could get a hold of more drugs shows me that he has too much free about taking away his visitation rights from the outside world for a maybe for 3 months.

 's picture


Our tax dollars hard at work


What is the point!

Let's see, adding three months to two life sentences must really have driven the point home. This is a prime example that our judicial system has gone of the deep end. Our courts are backed up with cases and time is wasted on a case with no possible strong arm results. Waterman must have been laughing at the system all the way to the court and back to Warren. He succeeded in wasting court and personnel time knowing that the system cannot make his sentence any worst.


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