Pot plants, truck, ATV seized

EUSTIS — Police seized growing and harvested marijuana plants along with two vehicles, including one that was stolen from Auburn, from a camp on Brittany Road Wednesday. Charges are pending against suspects involved in the case.

Franklin County Sheriff's Sgt. Steven Lowell and Deputy Kenneth Charles and a Maine Drug Enforcement Agency agent responded to a complaint that several subjects were growing and harvesting marijuana at the camp, Sheriff's Lt. Niles Yeaton said Friday.

The officers discovered an elaborate marijuana cultivation operation at the camp site, Yeaton said.

More than 50 immature marijuana plants and more than 1 pound of recently harvested marijuana plant material were seized, according to Yeaton.

Officers also located and seized two mature plants growing a short distance from the camp, he said.

Police also seized a 2005 Polaris all-terrain vehicle that was used to transport marijuana and to facilitate the growing and harvesting operation.

During a routine check of the ATV, Auburn Police Department determined that it was reported stolen in 2008.

A 2005 Dodge pickup truck was also seized.

Information from this investigation subsequently led to the seizure of about 1 pound of marijuana and one-half pound of psilocybin hallucinogenic mushrooms at an associated residence, according to Yeaton.

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 's picture

The only reason a lot of

The only reason a lot of people use it including kids is because it is illegal in the first place.
Once it becomes legal you can bet that many would stop using it because they wouldn't be taking a risk of being arrested.
For a lot of people Marijuana and drugs in general have an appeal because it is taboo.

Those of you who have children should know what I mean. You tell them not to touch something and what is the first that they do? They touch the item you told them not to.
However, if you tell your children it's OK to touch something then at least in my experience they are not as quick to touch that item, If they touch it at all.

 's picture

Read it right sure should

Read it right sure should sounds like a cop to me.

 's picture

Can you imagine the revenue

Can you imagine the revenue the state could have if they legalized it and then taxed the same way they do cigarettes? We would have a surplus in our budget for sure. I don't touch the stuff and wouldn't, however, it is no worse than sitting and having a beer or two in the evening at home.

 's picture

Comment to KoNPHL1C7 -

Comment to KoNPHL1C7 - Shouldn't we make alcohol illegal as well? By "making it legal we are telling our kids there's nothing wrong with it, which is a complete lie!" And shouldn't we add cigarettes to this illegal list also? Has making things illegal kept our youth away from harmful substances? No... I don't have the right answer here but it seems like our government and public opinions operate on a lot of double standards.

 's picture

Legalize it already.

Legalize it already.


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