Several arrested in Bartlett Street apartment house

Androscoggin County Jail

Mark Brown, 36, arrested on Bartlett Street Wednesday night.

LEWISTON — Several people were arrested in a Bartlett Street apartment house late Wednesday, including a felon from Philadelphia accused of stabbing a girl in the buttocks and threatening another with a gun.

Mark Brown, 36, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, being a felon in possession of a firearm, tampering with a witness and domestic threatening.

Four others, two of them juveniles, were arrested on outstanding warrants as police swept through the tenement at 197 Bartlett St., searching for their suspect.

The drama began at about 8 p.m., police said, when a woman called to report that her daughter had been threatened by her one-time boyfriend, who was brandishing a rifle. It was also revealed that a woman had been stabbed in the buttocks by the same man several days ago, police said.

Officers were on Bartlett Street minutes later. But the crime scene was not an easy one to investigate, police said, as suspects and witnesses were scattered through a pair of apartments on the upper floors of the four-story building.

Lewiston police Lt. Michael McGonagle said the first officers on scene found the first alleged victim, a young woman who had been assaulted. Police also found Brown, who had been living with the woman in one of the apartments after coming to Lewiston from Philadelphia.

Police said they also recovered a .22-caliber rifle, a weapon Brown was prohibited from carrying due to prior felony convictions.

As they investigated, police found several minors in the apartments who were wanted on a variety of charges, McGonagle said. Officers remained at the Bartlett Street tenement into Thursday morning, sorting out the details and questioning potential witnesses. The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency was assisting with the investigation.

Brown was taken to the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn where he was being held Thursday on $25,000 cash bail.

The case was still being investigated Thursday. The victims were examined for their injuries, which police described as non life-threatening.

Also arrested were 24-year old Michael Blair, of 117 Horton St., and 22-year-old Baylyn Mills, of 1405 Sabattus St. They were charged in warrants unrelated to the alleged assault.

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Richard Begin's picture

Bartltte street arrests

I was sort of Kidding but something needs to change wouldn't you agree,

Steve Dosh Happy New Year.

How is the Weather these days?

Steve  Dosh's picture

Several arrested in Bartlett Street apartment house

Gun nuts Friday 09:40 am ish hst ? ƒlyday
" Mark Brown, 36, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, being a felon in possession of a firearm, tampering with a witness and domestic threatening. "
Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of his/her peers •
You can quote me on that . /s, Steve

Richard Begin's picture

More Violent Behavior in the Twin Cities

There was a time when the usual crime in Lewiston and Auburn was committed by the Usual Suspects. Now those have been replaced by the Likes of this Crimmal who was apprehended and that Hooligan from the Invasion on Winter street.

So sad, I am glad that I do not live in those Restricted affected blighted areas.

Also Claire why don't you try to stay on Focus instead of Raising the NRA into every discussion. I say that Claire because you very seldom contribute anything of Value or common sense. Instead you use this forum as a Jumping off place to move the disusion into an area that make the most sense to your thinking

I say leave the NRA alone .Place the offenders like the one in this article on an Island in the Indian ocean where it is infestted with sharks

Then if they escape Oh Well

also I support what Jeff Johnson wrote, Times such as these induce writing like his Posting, after all Our Judicial system really no longer functions. Look at the Team of beauschane and O'connor in Oxford Count
Al and Frank as usual got and saw things right.

Perhaps Claire you could Model yourself after Al or Jason or Jeff Johnson similar to how Young Oliver Twist Modeled himself after the 'Artful Dodger'



An island in the Indian Ocean with sharks?? And you say I make no sense??? I'm no expert on the judicial process but this REALLY makes no sense.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Could the problem be coming from within?????

I knew something was going on last night, the jail started getting real busy for a Thursday night. In 29 years this is the first person I believe from Philly. I've seen them from every tourist city in Mass. New York, and Jersey. Just about everywhere there is a lot of crime, and criminals looking for easier crime. When I first moved here the second time, I had to find temporary housing due to the fact that my job transferred me here, I had no time to properly find a new apartment. I really didn't need to go through all that though. All I needed was someone who would let my flop at their apartment, maybe supply them a little nose candy, I wouldn't even need to behave myself. I could do anything I wanted, because of that magic word "vulnerable". Imagine, I wasted all that time filling out applications for residency, supplying references, paying huge amounts of money to secure a nice apartment. Not to mention the cost of the hotel while I was working and looking. All I needed was to find someone just desperate enough to let me move in, with no rules or responsibilities at all. Hell I don't even know if I would even need any money for rent, thats already taken care of from somewhere. A never ending supply of food and a fairly good hide out, what a deal.
I could do that, anyone can do that, A lot of people do this, and have been for a very long time. This is a game the criminal element play, they take advantage of a young person's vulnerability. Usually they end up ruining that persons life in the process. Maybe the city, or state should start looking at these volatile living arrangements. There's a never ending supply of young people willing to fall prey to these smooth talking idiots. Maybe I'm wrong on this, but just where was Mr. Brown living and whose name was on the lease? This has been going on for more years than I care to count. I think it's time that Law Enforcement take a hard look at this problem, and maybe help prevent a young person from becoming a victim.....


Gun laws

Wouldn't it be nice if we could not only put him in jail but the people who sell him weapons illegally also. By spending millions lobbying to pass laws that make it impossible to trace gun and ammunition sales the NRA is protecting his right to cause all the mayhem he wants with that gun. Every gun law passed has loopholes that make it impossible to enforce and add to that all the restrictions created by NRA toadies in Congress to make the ATF as ineffective as possible, and we effectively have no gun laws or enforcement in place. It seems to me there is way more protection for criminals, gun traffickers, drug cartels, terrorists and gun manufacturers as a result of all the NRA lobbying than there is for the sportsman and responsible gun owner. All they get is harrassed and a bad image every time there is a massacre. Perhaps it's a money issue. I imagine there is money to be made selling guns to criminals. Personally, I don't understand why responsible citizens would want to get in bed with guys like this by supporting legislation that protects their ability to terrorize us.

GARY SAVARD's picture

Claire,is it possible that

Claire,is it possible that since this guy is a criminal, he might have acquired the gun illegally? Stolen?

Jeff Johnson's picture

another option:

How about all the guns handed down from grandfather/father/uncle...

I have 5 firearms, all handed down after my elders found no use for them. A gun is a simple machine, and treated properly will last indefinitely.



Although it makes no difference. It would also be helpful to know when and where and how it was stolen and how many other guns were stolen and how many other crimes this particular gun was involved in. All this cannot be known because we do not register sales or guns at their point of origin nor do we track guns involved in crimes all because of the loopholes built into the registration laws.Secrecy about gun sales protects guys like this not responsible gun owners and endangers all of us.

Andrew Jones's picture

Secrecy in gun sales protects

Secrecy in gun sales protects our privacy too. The government has no business knowing what or how many guns I own.

Jeff Johnson's picture

I happen to agree.

I happen to agree. Registration is the first step in confiscation. They have to know where the guns are, before they can take them away.

GARY SAVARD's picture

Wrong, Claire. ATF form 4473

Wrong, Claire. ATF form 4473 has to be filled out whenever a new or used firearm is sold by a dealer. Right now the only way around that are private sales of used firearms by unlicensed dealers. Even at gun shows, FFL licensed dealers have to fill out form 4473 if they make a sale.


Not wrong

There are plenty of loopholes: Unlicensed dealers, private sales, records of background checks that have to be deleted within a certain time, gun manufacturers forbidden by law to keep records of their inventories, and ATF forbidden by law to check inventories more than once a year for example And I don't believe all the states have the same forms and laws.. And even if you fill out the forms there has not been one ATF agent added in over 30 years so no one is checking or enforcing anything at the Federal level.And there isn't adequate funding to do timely background checks. That's why states like New York and Conn. which have tough laws end up with guns from states that don't. To quote the NRA" It's time to enforce the laws that are already on the books" and to delete the laws that prevent that from happening. If we are to bring sanity and safety back to this issue the government needs to know who has the guns and where they are. Then we can keep them out of the hands of people who can't handle them responsibly . Then we can have the regulated militia intended by the founding fathers. It's time we take the policy making on the gun issue out of the hands of Tim McVeigh fans.

Jeff Johnson's picture


Claire, the NRA doesn't have a vote in congress. They're only a lobbying group. If you want to blame someone for the loopholes in the law, blame the congressmen who wrote the law, and those that supported it loopholes and all.They're the political whores who take the money, and the influence offered by the NRA.

Think about it for a moment... how much money would it take for you to do something that goes against your personal beliefs? Would you vote for ... insert name of candidate that you hate... for $5,000? $10,000? $100,000? I'll bet your typical congressman would... anything to keep their position, regardless of what their constituents believe.


Jeff, that's naive. The NRA

Jeff, that's naive. The NRA has many, many votes. Follow the money.


I forgot to add, the NRA

I forgot to add, the NRA wrote the Tiahrt amendment, which prohibits the ATF from creating a federal registry to track gun sales and from releasing information from its firearms trace database to anyone other than a law enforcement agency or prosecutor. It also has stopped Congress from confirming an ATF director, so they are stuck with a part-timer. So, everything you just said is false.

Jeff Johnson's picture

I disagree

Do some research: The Tiahrt Amendments, are named for their original sponsor, U.S. Representative Todd Tiahrt (R-KS).
I've no doubt that it was influenced with NRA money, but only your elected officials can submit a bill. Yes, they are following the money. The NRA's money to be specific. But unlike the NRA, they're our elected officials. Following the money instead of their constituents. The NRA can't submit a bill without politicians in their pocket.

That's the root of the problem... our elected officials are political whores that can be bought and sold.


You didn't specify where my

You didn't specify where my research was incorrect. The NRA gives our elected officials money, and then all the votes go their way. If I have to say it again every time you say it's not so without supporting your argument, I will. You don't intimidate me. And the NRA wrote the amendment. See

 's picture

Brown was carrying a .22

Brown was carrying a .22 caliber rifle when he wasn't supposed to? the nerve, doesn't he know the laws? oh wait, the laws are only for the people who OBEY the laws.

AL PELLETIER's picture

I wonder?

Do you think that sign that says we're open for business is inviting drug pushers to come here to sell their wares? Perhaps we should do like Texas and change that sign to ,"Maine, has the toughest prisons in the country, break the law and you'll find out"! And then live up to that reputation.

RONALD RIML's picture

Did someone put up a sign saying there was a

Beauty contest in Lewiston????

Jeff Kelley's picture


is this town a spot every low life dirtbag comes to or what if the courts would lock up these dirtbags we would not be dealing with this crap everyday there is an artical about some douchbag frome somewhere else in lewiston who is wanted for a crime, put these a-holes behind bars for a long time and send the message lewiston/ auburn is not the place you want to hide out in and if you do your going to jail for a long time dirtbag!!!!!

Jeff Johnson's picture

Um.... What?

Can you please repeat that again in English?

Gary Grenier's picture


I am college educated, and even in high school was referred to as, "Grammar Gary." Even though I speak proper English, I had no problem, whatsoever, in translating that comment.


I'm also a stickler for

I'm also a stickler for grammar but had no trouble understanding it. Don't be a snob.

Jeff Johnson's picture

Mea Culpa

I apologize. I just find it very hard to take any post seriously if I run out of breath just reading it.

RONALD RIML's picture

From the City of Brotherly Love



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