No plea deal reached for Zumba prostitution case

Mark Strong Sr.
Joel Page

Mark Strong Sr., right, sits with his attorney Dan Lilley, left, during his arraignment Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012 in Portland, Maine on 59 charges, including promotion of prostitution and violation of privacy in connection with a Kennebunk Zumba dance studio. Strong Jr. entered a plea of not guilty. (AP Photo/Joel Page)

PORTLAND (AP) — No plea was reached Friday and the case will proceed to trial next week for the business partner of a Zumba dance instructor charged with running a prostitution business from her Kennebunk studio.

A Maine judge on Friday declined to let the defense lawyer remove himself from the trial of Mark Strong Sr.

Defense lawyer Dan Lilley told the judge that that the case expanded from the original charge of one count to 59 counts and that used up client's resources.

"Unfortunately, this case blossomed, becoming a great deal larger when that one count became 59 counts," Lilley said.

Justice Nancy Mills rejected Lilley's motion to remove himself from trial on Friday, just as she'd rejected previous motions earlier in the week to delay the trial and to move it to another location.

Mills said the defendant had been pressing for a speedy trial and she was ready to proceed with jury selection on Tuesday.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

No plea deal reached for Zumba prostitution case

LOL 13.01.14 21:00 hst ?
Have i got a deal for you , lady ! Can you make your mouth in to a little circle like this --> O º o  ?  It's a joke . That's all . Just a joke • Like these
You're right though, AL . You remember the three greatest lies , correct ? /s Steve Enjoy a fun weekend . ..

AL PELLETIER's picture

Good for Justice Mills!

Lilley and Strong once said they wanted due process to proceed as quickly as possible so Strong could put this behind him. Well, now they'll get their wish.
I just wish he'd plead guilty (if he is), take his lumps and spare us taxpayers the cost of a jury trial.


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