D. Sawicki: Gun registration gone bad

Some Sun Journal letter writers have called for across-the-board registration of all guns. They believe imposing administrative paperwork will prevent criminals from breaking the law and committing murder.

That line of thinking is dangerous. Paperwork did nothing to protect those school kids in Connecticut. An armed guard or armed teacher might have saved many lives that day.

Gun registration is soon followed by gun confiscation. It happened in Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany and, more recently, Australia. When governments compile a list of gun owners and the weapons they own, that personal data can be misused to unjustly harass, imprison or even kill those people.

In 1939 Poland, the invading Nazi forces knew which citizens owned guns and where they lived. Earlier, Polish authorities had thought it would make their country safer if they knew who had guns and where they lived. The Nazis used those neatly compiled registration lists to go door to door, confiscate the weapons, shoot the owners and disarm the entire country in short order. Poland was unable to defend herself and repel the Nazi invasion, thanks to idiotic gun registration laws.

There are many laws to punish criminal acts. Owning a weapon to protect oneself from foreign or domestic enemies is not a criminal act.

Believing gun registration will make a person safer is naive. When a home invader waves his registration card as he binds your defenseless hands, will you feel safer knowing that, although he is armed, he is a properly registered gun owner?

David Sawicki, Auburn

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 's picture

You say...

"They believe imposing administrative paperwork will prevent criminals from breaking the law and committing murder."

They do?

Jason Theriault's picture


First off, anytime you compare ANYTHING to Nazi Germany, you lose. Why? Because the Nazi's were evil. They were as bad as you can get. And if you think that having guns would have helped the citizens of Germany to stop the Nazi's, or your example, Poland's citizens stopping the Nazis, you're dreaming. Poland's trained and armed military didn't even make a dent in the Wehrmacht. Poland was unable to defend herself just like France and many other countries, not due to disarmament, but due to the fact that Germany knows how to build an army.

Secondly, NO ONE IS GOING TO INVADE. We send 10X as much as the next largest military(China), and we have friendly nations on both of our boarders. We have the LARGEST NAVY in the world, on top of National Guard, police and just regular people with guns.

Oh, and we have nuclear weapons. LOTS of EM.

NO ONE would mess with us. Period. There maybe terrorist attacks, but invasion? Not gonna happen.

No, the only one to use any gun list would be the government. And the best defense against our government isn't a gun. Look what happened in Waco and Ruby Ridge. You think you can hold out against the Government? It will end one of two ways: Handcuffs or bodybag.

Nope, the way to fight the government is the internet. Look at the Arab spring. The wikileaks code word documents leak(which I in no way condone) set off a chain reaction that lead to multiple revolutions. And the best outcome I would say was Egypt, where there was no armed revolution. Once you start shooting back, the government gets to take the gloves off. However, soldiers are far less likely to open fire on civilians who are not hostile.

And in closing, if they wanted to know who has guns, they can get it. Form 4473 is filled out when you buy a gun from a dealer, and must be kept for 20 years. And dealers who lose or give up their license turn their records over to the ATF. So a gun list exists, they just swear on their scout's honor not to look at it.

Jason Theriault's picture

Just realized somthing funny...

Just realized something funny - the list that so many of you are worried about already exists. And I'm not talking about the the 4473 data. And the funny thing is that the very people worried about it generated it. If any group wanted a list of all the "troublemakers", be it the government or an invading army or whatnot, they just need to go to Fairfax, Virginia.

It's called the National Rifle Association membership role.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

So, all NRA members are

So, all NRA members are troublemakers. And you anti-gun wackos think the gunowners are paranoid? Sure, you do.

 's picture

If you think that's dangerous...

...ask one of the Sandy Hook parents who lost a child.


Regulating guns

It may be true that registering, licensing gun owners, and requiring transfer papers on gun sales as well as background checks will not stop some criminals from having guns but that doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. Using that kind of logic would be like saying that because some people don't follow speed limits or traffic signals we should do away with them. The problem with the proliferation of untraceable gun sales is that we have no way of keeping them out of the hands of the mentally ill, the suicidal, the intellectually limited, domestic terrorists as well as foreign terrorists. Even if we can't fix all the problems gun ownership poses to the public safety it doesn't mean we shouldn't try to fix some of them. Right now the problem seems to be with the guy who is angry and wants to go out in a hail of bullets with his ten minutes of notoriety on TV. The fact that most of these guys are buying guns legally should tell us we need to beef up the laws, provide the financing, and especially get rid of the loopholes that are preventing us from enforcing the gun laws on the books. As for individual gun ownership being the bulwark against a tyrannical government. When an individual attempts to overthrow a democratically elected government we call that treason. He should instead move to a country he likes better.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Why does the threat

Why does the threat have to be from another country? Any dictator starts by taking away the people's guns who oppose him. Do you really believe the German Jewish people would have walked to the train station and requested a free ride to a death camp.

Andrew Jefferson was more worried about a threat from within the borders. Remember how we got free of British rule it was the Revolutionary War. How far would that have gotten without firearms in the hands of the colonists? Or going a bit farther back suppose Native Americans had been armed when the Pilgrims first landed at Plymouth Rock. It took many years and a lot of Native Americans dying for the white people to take charge, but it happened. Get your heads out of the sand and review history.

Betty Davies's picture

The tyrants who most worry me...

...are the folks amassing arsenals of murder weapons. They reassure me that they're planning to rise up against our duly elected government if/when they decide it's overstepped in some way.

They're planning treason and civil war. They want me to applaud them as patriots. Ha!

I'm counting on our National Guard and local police and Sheriffs to quell these folks if they do start acting out their paranoid fantasies.



If the Jefferson in question was the President, he also believed all laws should expire at the end of 20 years because he said that one generation had no right to impose their will on the next one. That would include the second amendment. As for the Nazis they actually liberalized gun laws. Restrictive gun rules were imposed by the Allies after the Germans lost the war. Hitler actually liberalized them for everyone but the Jews. In any case we are a democracy not a tyrannical government and our founding fathers had in mind to create a citizen's army rather than the professional army the British had. They did not intend to arm people so that they could attack the government they had just created since they would not have considered it to be tyrannical. People like Benedict Arnold, who fought against our government, were considered to be enemies and traitors.

 's picture

Who is...

...Andrew Jefferson?

RONALD RIML's picture

You might have a Polish name, David

But you don't live next door to Nazi Germany.

When George Bush and the Neo-Cons 'Conned' too many folks into believing we were going to be invaded by hordes of Terrorists - Conservatives gladly gave up 'Rights' and Civil Liberties in a rush of Faux Patriotism.

Now that our children are being gunned down in our schools in addition to the usual gun mayhem - reasonable people are ridiculed when we question the proliferation of weapons, many with high power ammunition in military style semi-automatic configuration, in civilian hands.

So who's invading us, David? The Canadians? The 'Tax-Free New-Hampshire-ites?' Heaven Help Us if they are as well-armed and trained as our troops and National Guardsmen who went door to door in Iraq snuffing out the heavily armed resistance in Iraq. Anything you might have to register here in Maine won't do squat against that kind of 'Arms' confiscation.

GARY SAVARD's picture

The world is also a lot

The world is also a lot smaller than it was in 1939, Ron. I would also point out that with drug dependency and related mental health issues going on all around us, denying people the right to defend themselves isn't a very popular option in the minds of many, myself included. However you look at it, nutcases will still find a way to get their hands on guns. that's what criminals do, they commit crimes. Now you can go ahead and snipe back, as usual, with a smart... remark. I opened the door for you.

RONALD RIML's picture

Provide some statistics with successful home defense in Maine

with Firearms over the past years, and perhaps that will tell us why that fellow required the right to parade around Portland with a loaded .223 semi-automatic.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Dear Sheeple, The only

Dear Sheeple,

The only constant is change. One does not know where an enemy to freedom will reveal themselves.

Didn’t Nazi Germany sign a treaty not to invade Poland? Perhaps the Polish wondered who in will invade them. Preparedness is the best deterrent.

 's picture

You're absolutely right.

We need to change the guns laws.

RONALD RIML's picture

As the NRA provides no realistic solution to the threat

imposed upon millions of Americans by the over-zealously deranged segment of their membership and following.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

There you go again Ronald

There you go again Ronald injecting your emotion into the argument. If there were millions of Adam Lanza’s in our population, I would expect to see more shootings, but we don’t; the inevitable conclusions are:
1. The set of nut jobs is small.
2. Ronald Riml is inflaming the discussion by injecting his emotions rather than facts.

Ronald, it is shameful to characterize a segment of the population that you know nothing about. That said, that is understandable given you are reacting with emotion.

The NRA’s sole purpose is to protect, to lobby, for the rights of gun owners who would otherwise have their rights crushed by people like you – nothing more, nothing less. I will donate $1000.00 in your name to the NRA in order to combat any proposed gun legislation.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Gravel, take your emotion crap and shove it

Riml and I have seen more death and carnage caused by nuts with guns and our own military in Vietnam then you could possibly imagine. How many people have you seen with their guts blown out, their brains splattered, arms and legs no longer attached to their bodies, picked up a dying child knowing there's nothing you can do. We have and yes, it's pretty damn emotional.
Why don't you take your most generous offer of $1000.00 and give it to americansforresponsiblesolutions.org. For Christ sake, take the middle of the road for once!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Better to stand for an

Better to stand for an unpopular cause than to stand for nothing at all.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Perhaps kneeling is okay with

Perhaps kneeling is okay with some with their lips gently on .....

 's picture


And I have seen my share in Iraq also. How about we take care of the nutjobs we have in this country and ENFORCE the laws on the books now????

MARK GRAVEL's picture

I agree, enforce existing

I agree, enforce existing law. Moreover, AL had to through in Vietnam to up the carnage numbers for the emotional effect. My guess is that if we remove the Vietnam carnage from the mix, well end up with the null set.

 's picture

Happy to read...

...your emotionless comments.

RONALD RIML's picture

It's a fact that I made numerous 'House Calls'

To a representation of this 'segment of the population' we're talking about.

While you have no such experiences to draw upon.

And are merely acting upon the 'emotion' you're accusing me of.

RONALD RIML's picture

You think I know nothing about 'Gun Owners?'

My, do you ever assume wrong.

GARY SAVARD's picture

Knowing and understanding are

Knowing and understanding are two different things. One cannot be both objective and biased at the same time, either.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

How easy it is to forget

How easy it is to forget December 7, 1941, or September 11, 2001.
While the TSA wastes their time frisking old women in wheelchairs and infants in diapers, the Israeli version of TSA are busy looking for terrorists. One can never be too prepared.


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