LePage swears, storms out of meeting with independent House members, lawmakers say

John Clarke Russ/Bangor Daily News

Gov. Paul LePage

AUGUSTA — Gov. Paul LePage swore, pounded a table and stormed out of a meeting with three independent House members last week, according to the lawmakers. The trio said they hoped to talk to the governor about alternate approaches to balancing the state budget. Instead, the lawmakers said the governor called them “idiots” and again railed against Maine’s public schools.

Rep. Joe Brooks of Winterport, a former Democrat, set up the meeting with LePage weeks after the governor refused to meet with the Legislature’s Democratic leaders. Last month, LePage called on House Speaker Mark Eves and Senate President Justin Alfond to urge their party to stop dispatching a cameraman to film him at public events, but Eves and Alfond didn’t heed the call. The three still have not met.

Rep. Jeff Evangelos of Friendship and Rep. Ben Chipman of Portland also attended the meeting. The trio are the only members of the 151-member Maine House who aren’t caucusing with either the Republican or Democratic parties. One other independent, Rep. James Campbell of Newfield, is caucusing with House Democrats.

Chipman said the unenrolled members went into their meeting with LePage intent on discussing the governor’s post-Christmas $35.5 million spending curtailment order and his recently unveiled two-year budget proposal.

When Evangelos brought up concerns from municipal leaders in his midcoast district that the elimination of revenue sharing — designed to save the state nearly $200 million during the two-year budget cycle — could cause property taxes to spike hundreds of dollars for an average property owner, LePage grew irritated, Brooks, Chipman and Evangelos said Monday in separate telephone interviews.

He raised his hands over his head, then pounded the table, Brooks said.

“‘You guys, you’re idiots and you’re just as bad if not worse than those other guys,’” LePage said, according to Brooks. “I assumed that he was talking about the Democrats.”

“He went right through the roof when I asked him the question,” Evangelos said. “He flew up like a jack-in-the-box and ran out of the room and slammed the door.”

A LePage spokeswoman didn’t respond to a reporter’s requests for comment Monday.

Brooks, Chipman and Evangelos thought the meeting was over just a minute after it began, but LePage returned minutes later.

“When he came back in the room, he was hollering at us and swearing at us,” Evangelos said.

LePage then said, according to Evangelos, “You tell me where you’re going to find the $200 million and I’ll put [revenue sharing] back in.”

Evangelos said he suggested repealing a package of income tax cuts passed in LePage’s first budget that took effect at the start of the month, a move that LePage promised to veto.

The tax cuts remove about 70,000 low-income residents from the state income tax rolls and lower the top tax rate to 7.95 percent from 8.5 percent. The state will forgo about $342 million in individual income tax collections during the two years covered by the next budget as a result, LePage’s finance commissioner, Sawin Millett, has said.

Evangelos, Brooks and Chipman said they remained calm throughout the meeting and didn’t raise their voices in response to LePage.

“We were polite, respectful and diplomatic, but we got our concerns across,” Evangelos said. “He just didn’t want to hear it. He kept getting mad, losing his cool. He was swearing.”

“I was somewhat in shock. I have worked with every governor, for heaven’s sake, since Gov. [John] Reed,” said Brooks, who is serving his fourth term in the Legislature and worked for the Bangor Daily News before he was elected to the Legislature. “There’s no comparison to Gov. LePage.”

During the 35-minute meeting among the four men, Chipman suggested raising the state’s lodging tax — which is 7 percent, among the lowest levels in New England — to generate additional revenue. Chipman has filed legislation that would increase the lodging tax and direct the added revenue back to cities and towns and to the state’s tourism marketing budget.

“I would much rather look at ways to raise revenue, do it in a creative way,” Chipman said. “I think we could raise [the lodging tax] and come up with additional revenue, 95 percent of which would be paid by tourists. If we went up to the New England average, 10 percent, it wouldn’t keep anyone from coming here.”

During the meeting, the lawmakers said, LePage also voiced criticisms that Maine isn’t business-friendly and that businesses don’t want to locate in Maine because of the quality of the state’s workforce; that Maine schools aren’t preparing students for college-level work; and that Maine’s public schools employ too many superintendents. Too many of those superintendents, he added, are double dippers: They’re collecting retirement system pensions while earning a salary for working.

“I told him to stop saying these things. They aren’t true,” Evangelos said. “You can’t be marketing the state doing that.”

Evangelos also said he pointed out to LePage that Millett is collecting pensions from past state government and legislative service while working in LePage’s administration.

“I’m not asking you to fire the guy. He’s a smart guy,” Evangelos said. “But if you’re going to use this hot language, this double-dipper language, get your own house in order. He can’t be using this kind of language if he’s going to move this state forward.”

Brooks came out of the meeting with LePage without much hope that the Republican governor and the new Democratic majorities in the House and Senate will be able to work together in the coming months.

“He’s not open to these kinds of discussions, and I think it’s sad,” Brooks said. “It bewilders me to see the complexity of the budget, but it’s even more disturbing when you find out people aren’t talking to each other who are responsible for this huge document. We are not doing the service that the voters sent us down here to do.”

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Not the same report as other attendee

I just read an article by another attendee in a different Maine newspaper and nothing was mentioned about swearing, pounding fists or name calling. But the gist of this meeting and the reporting didn't cover what is important to all of us and that is our spending and the need to cut costs! Please stop the meaningless reporting and respect our elected leaders who are trying to better our situation and our great state!


tell me what is there to respect..I bet you don't respect our President, but you are expecting it from the people of this state that see this guy for what he is..this governor has an anger issue and it's not a big secret...wish he would move to Florida for good and run for Governor down there...this state needs someone with at least half a brain...that would be more than this fool..

You're not even the least bit

You're not even the least bit concerned that all the media cares to do is sensationalize everything and distract from what we need to do to better our situation here in Maine. I'm not concerned that someone isn't as savvy as some other might be. I'm more concerned that our elected leaders do what they say they will do and that is the will of the people. If someone is picking their nose like President Obama was at a dinner table and is his wife Michelle Obama is rolling her eyes and being rude to a table guest, you would most likely defend that behavior. I could care less what the behavior is if the person is doing the job that were elected to do. The smoothest of people does not mean they get the job done..we already have too many smooth cool politicians who say just enough or do just enough to keep them there because they are "likeable" . Big Deal. Just do the Job Mr. Governor and protect us from further spending and I'll be voting for you again as so will many others! Please continue to not let special interest groups buy you like so many other politicians do! I respect you for that and your convictions!

Catherine Pressey's picture

Linda guess you got it all right/really lol

You talk about respecting your leaders you make mean statements about Obama and wife, that are clearly photo created. What we have in Maine is the real deal, a Governor that has anger problem. You state that if they the elected leaders do what they say they will do and that is the will of the people you see this meeting would not have been necessary if LePage was doing his job, to bully and steal the monies promissed the towns pertaining to an agreement. Do some darn research before you think that he is just doing his job. And according to you and your attitude he is just fine. Well when he passes the tax burden on property owners he is not making cuts, he is just hinding behind his inability to Govern in any real honest way. He is sneaky and rude, and yes some of you will vote for him once again. But I hope many of those that trusted in him, now can see what many of us saw in the first place. Now that being said, I believe he means well, however shifting the burden onto WE THE PEOPLE AND OUR PROPERTY TAX THAT IS ALREADY WAY OUT OF SIGHT, HE SHOULD HANG HIS HEAD IN SHAME. THE ONLY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP IN MAINE RIGHT NOW IS ONE MAN PAUL LEPAGE. LOOK HOW HE PUT HIS DAUGHTER TO WORK, RIGHT OUT OF COLLEGE WITH MANY OTHER YOUNG PEOPLE OUT OF WORK. SPECIAL INTEREST BEGINS WITH GOD LEPAGE. AND IF HE WANT RESPECT HE NEED TO GO GET SOME HELP WITH THAT BAD BEHAVIOR. I SURELY WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM, AND DID NOT THE LAST TIME. So Linda why don't you tell us all what good things he has done for our sad state of Maine with all our problems, one thing we needed not was one more blemish, like Nikita Khrushchev himself/LePage. And tell us what convictions does he have. Deff. of conviction (a strong persuasion) state of being convinced. He is convinced he is right, with his God delusion.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Other attendee

Well it may have been out of like you say respect for the Governors office, and the state that, that attendee did not mention that behavior. The gist of the meeting was to try to get LePage to look to other resources for the money and to put his head together with others that sure love our state. You can not cut costs by failing to pay the towns and the cities those monies that is their inherent right, with the agreement that the state of Maine made to them, when they took the towns and cities ability to tax certain items, the state took it over and in the agreement, it was to come back to them in revenue sharing, to help them educate our kids. As for respecting our elected leaders, just look at his picture here. Respect this bad behavior, I think not! And LePage is not trying to better our situation by shifting the burden to we at the bottom by our property taxes going up. We the people of this state pay far more than many states. If LePage would work for real solutions and not try to bully and push bad ideas, than maybe our elected leaders could help to find a solution.

Steve  Dosh's picture

LePage swears,. .

Mainers , 13.01.22 4 pm ish hst •
Not my Governor
Not even a good role model for your children
Mr. Potty Mouth
He's still a payaso
/s Steve ? 

Peter Jokinen's picture

A Very Immature Robber Baron Wannabe

is what we have in the governor's office, and I can't wait to see if one of my few dates left in the pool will win re: what date will the Feds lead LePage away in handcuffs for corruption and related charges. Wasn't so long ago that the idiot in Illinois with the hair got himself that treatment, and he's most certainly doing time for it.

This "Ideological Purity Over Reality" stance of the Reactionary (formerly conservative) Republican Party in this 21st century, replacing reasoned conversation and workable compromise (reactionaries seem to think 'compromise' means 'unconditional surrender' -- go figure) with "Talking Points," and expecting sheer repetition of these mostly false points to convince people who know better, is no way to govern. Not even a junior high school student-body government should be run that way. The 21st-century Republican Party has no honor remaining, and appears to no longer think that facts have any place in politics, the real world, or our schools.

It also doesn't help in the discussion right here when loyal republicans can only respond with Internet Trolling Tactics, trying to derail the conversation into irrelevancies with nasty name-calling and continuously and belligerently repeated demands. Of course, the guy doesn't even dare to use his own picture as his avatar at the SJ.

I will have no complaints if these reactionary types would all join in their "Christian Exodus" and move, lock, stock and barrel, to South Carolina. Or if they all have apoplectic fits which render themselves discorporate. Or if they choose on their own to join their ancestors. Unfortunately, none of these things would do the slightest to restore honor to the Republican Party.

And as for prince paul, the legislature was elected too, and you are going to have to face reality, and work with both houses in order to do anything for the State of Maine. I doubt that very many of the state's voters chose you in order to see you funnel their hard-earned tax dollars into the hands of your wealthy buddies and corporate backers.

Amedeo Lauria's picture

Wow, this has certainly created a feeding frenzy to tax us...

and very typically the only solution that was offered is a tax increase or now revoke the REAL tax relief for Mainers that was passed last year. Simply amazing!

They don't get it! We are the ATM machine and they have exceeded the limit! They are into the "loan" phase that happens when we bounce our checks due to insufficent funds with the accompanying interest costs.

Taxes, fees and more regulation have been the answer from politicians for the last 30 years in Maine and look where it has gotten us.

Given the situation, we need to cut back the spending, it is out of control and our children, grand-children and great grand children will suffer under crushing taxes and debt servicing.

I'm surprised that the Governor didn't leave after 30 seconds!


Here may be another place to

Here may be another place to start....DHHS has a severe budget shortfall. This is now on Governor LePage and Mary Mayhew....maybe he needs to find someone who actually knows what they are doing to put in the position. He cannot create a budget based on rules that need a waiver from the feds without first getting that waiver. Failure to get the waiver creates a budget nightmare. Maybe if he had someone willing to stand up to him and point this out they could have saved a lot of this shortfall by not changing and counting on rules that could not take place. Just like him saying no soda with food stamps....not something he can do on the state level....does he really (and I mean honestly) think the feds are going to bend to his will just because he said so....Governor, grow up and stop acting like a 2 year old.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

The man needs help.....

For his own good and the good of all of us, Paul LePage needs to step down, allowing someone who will properly perform the duties of Governor take over.. We must not allow anyone with his temper and attitude, anywhere near innocent people. I see an innocent bystander catching the result of one of his temper tantrums.
I would prefer, that anyone making important decisions on my behalf, do so without scaring the S$#T out of everyone else in the room. At first his antics were funny, now it's getting old. We need an adult in office, not an immature spoiled little kid.....

 's picture


"LePage’s job approval rating is significantly underwater at -16, with 39% approving and 55% disapproving. 18% of Republicans and 54% of independents disapprove of the job that LePage is doing as governor." http://goo.gl/9txPy

If he knows what he's doing about jobs, why is Maine's unemployment rate rising? 7% Dec 2011, 7.3% Dec 2012. Maybe if we put lights on the "open for business" sign, more people will take it seriously.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Put lights on it?

I don't think that's necessary, Mark. Drug dealers can see it and they take it very seriously.


The pudding

I have to wonder what the folks who think this governor is doing such a good job are looking at. According to the last government reports there are 6 states which are still sliding back into recession. Aside from Maine there is Mississippi, Alabama, Michigan, Alaska and I cannot recall the other state. What these states all have in common is a state government that promotes austerity rather than economic development.. "The proof is in the pudding".

Roger Moulton's picture

yup proof



Governor Lepage may not be

Governor Lepage may not be the most tactful Governor Maine has had, nor the most politically correct, but he is right in what he wants done to move the State forward. He is the best Governor Maine has had since Jim Longley. Jim Longley was fortunate in that he could say the same basic things using more diplomatic language making the spenders and wasters in the legislature feel he was apologising to them wile calling them a bunch of buffoons. Are Mainers proud to read that their State has the reputation of being the most unfriendly to business and thus the job market is non-existent? Are Mainers proud of the State's reputation for being one of highest taxed State in the nation? Governor Lepage is not a patient man and is used to getting things done and it is high time for the opposition to either lead Maine out of the mess they have gotten the State in, follow, or get out of the way

Catherine Pressey's picture

Ray Frechette you say tactful

Proud to be the state that business does not want to come to, you say proud now pride in how our leaders conduct their selves in any case. LePage is a disgrace to all of us. And the business leaders are laughing all the way to the mid west. Property taxes excise taxes income taxes, If they want to cut out large expenses they can start with the Mental health field and the cost of unruly kids that are placed in homes with several middle men making money as well as private homes getting paid large monies like $3,000. Per month to take care of one kid that came out of a youth center. And if we all could see how much the middle men and agencies are making to perpetuate this farce.. With home care and day programs and nursing homes. Lots of places that we can look to find a solution. Not tax or shift the burden elsewhere. Boy you say Governor Longley he was one of the worst in my years here. Sad for you that you can not see the errors of LePages budget fix. It is not a fix when you are just shifting, ignorance is running rampant in your mind. Why don't you tell us how you think shifting the burden elsewhere is a fix. Governor LePage is like you say not a patient man, and if like you said he is used to getting things done. His attitude is his way or the highway, even his first few months in office he proved his lack of good sense and judgement in many matters. Maine is in this mess for many reasons, some are the losses we had in our bad investments with tax payor dollars. To shift is just plain not going to solve anything. So Ray Tell us how that will help I await your wonderful advice. I am listening, And OH we do not want him to apologise we want him gone. Period. Is a very sick man in a real top possition.


Catherine, I am no longer a

Catherine, I am no longer a Maine citizen, but I do remember Governor Longley and I voted for him at the time and would do so again if he were still with us. Some of the things you say are right in the excess rules forcing the State to waste taxpayer dollars. There are many instances where people of good faith could save the Taxpayers money, but it is difficult to change things and even if Governor Lepage tries, he gets stymied by those entrenched in this system. You may want Governor Lepage gone, and you will have that opportunity in less than 2 years. Just remember that the Governor has only been in office for 2 years and the system you refer to has been in existence for more years than either of us can remember. Maine is a wonderful State, but it needs a lot of help. It would be better if Governor Lepage were more diplomatic, or even some diplomatic, but the voters had to know this when they voted him in. We may not always agree with our leaders, but they are the leaders voted in office by the majority. Politics have taken a terrible turn in this country and we had best change our thinking and stop being so viral. In my opinion Maine needs to lower its taxes, lessen its generosity to welfare, make its business regulations less onerous, and realize that the State can do just so much for its citizens. Maine is a small State as measured by population and has to realize its limitations as to what it can give to its citizens. Over taxing people who work hard is not a way for the State to grow. I will agree that shifting the burden to the Cities and Towns accomplishes nothing, but the Cities and Towns have to demand control over the costs they are forced to spend on services and shifting the burden of raising the revenues to them will encourage them to demand control over what they furnish in these services. I realize I cannot change your opinion of Governor Lepage or other items you raise, but I can only offer you another person's thoughts on the matter.

Roger Moulton's picture

Oh come on!

Nobody has googled for a better solution that the democrats have for this fix? Nobody knows of one? Oh well they must have one, they are probably just not sharing because they don't like the big mean governor....yeah I doubt that and if it were true then who needs to learn to play nice? My guess is that they have no plan other than to keep stuffing more tax dollars into government aide/their voting pool.

Zack Lenhert's picture

An alternative solution that

An alternative solution that was proposed is right in the article...

"Evangelos said he suggested repealing a package of income tax cuts passed in LePage’s first budget that took effect at the start of the month...The tax cuts remove about 70,000 low-income residents from the state income tax rolls and lower the top tax rate to 7.95 percent from 8.5 percent. The state will forgo about $342 million in individual income tax collections during the two years covered by the next budget as a result, LePage’s finance commissioner, Sawin Millett, has said."

Roger Moulton's picture


absolutely it is a great way to start a conversation by telling a guy you want to change his plan and you can do it by removing another plan that he put in place. You don't think it was a little bit of a dig to say that we needed to remove his tax cut plan? And all that would do is collect $342million in individual income taxes from me and well nevermind probably not you....since you probably don't pay personal income taxes which makes you a democrat. :)

Catherine Pressey's picture

So his plan it is, is it.

Roger Moulton ya fail to understand that even democrats pay taxes, maybe not a much as you republicans with all your money. lol Or not, but to fail to pay the towns and cities, what they are owed. Was a time that the towns and cities were able to tax certain items within their control the state decided to stop it and have all this tax money go to them. Stating that the towns would get their share of this money, that was to help off set the high cost of educating our kids. Now like the Feds, they are breaking that agreement with the towns and cities. It is all shifting the debt, and you say LePage should be PO'd because of the start of the conversation, it is not his state and he is just the governor not the king, he works for someone. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MAINE. TO SHOVE THE STATE DEBT ONTO THE TOWNS BECAUSE THE STATE HAS NOT WATCHED THEIR BUDGET AND NOW PUSH IT ONTO THE TAX PAYORS I believe that there is a lot of waist in this state, but no one will want their budgets cut. You Roger are insulting and truly you show your republican breeding. May you pay lots more in income taxes.


If you need revenue you

If you need revenue you cannot cut taxes. If you cannot balance your budget you cannot cut taxes. If you cut taxes in one area you just shift the cost to another area. As far as double dipping....how many of LePage's "yes" men are double dipping..shows the pot calling the kettle black. The only thing LePage has done that somewhat impressed me was toughening the domestic violence laws, but even that can be construed as a joke since most abusers start by being bullies. Maybe Mr. LePage needs to go back to preschool to learn how to play nice with others. Our government is a democracy not a tyranny which means more than one person has a say in the issues. And this morning I heard something on one of the news channels that said he was running for re-election. God help us. This state will NOT survive 2 more years of this man let alone 6. Mr. LePage it is time to unbunch the underwear and start being a team player and working with everyone. Who knows, someone might just have an idea to build on.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Team not possible:

Self made nut, that can not let his anger go. And if he continues going the way he is we may not have to put up with him, he will kill himself with a heart attack or stroke. Look at his face. But Roger thinks he has it all going wow scary. He will not listen to any good sense. Like I said Russian Kikita Khrushchev and he could be brothers. Yep!

Roger Moulton's picture

Do you really think

that if he was presented an idea from a democrat that would actually solve our problems he wouldn't listen and run with it? If there was a better solution it wouldn't matter where it came from Lepage would be a hero if it actually got our economy turned around. Again I say democrats had years to fix or prevent this. There's a saying "the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting different results". So if that saying is/were true the majority of voters in this state are insane!

Catherine Pressey's picture

Russian Leader Nikita Khrushchev

The incidents are separate.

The shoe incident occurred in the UN as there was not much to it, but it was well before the kitchen debate. The shoe incident occurred at a time of high tensions over U2 flights and the like.

"The 'we will bury you' statement was not an implied military threat, but Krushchev saying that, over time, the communist system would prevail due to its inherent superiority. Capitalism would become a distant memory, not the US would become a radioactive desert.

Check the second link below for full details of the shoe incident:

At the United Nations two weeks later, in one of the most surreal moments in Cold War history, the premier waved his shoe and banged it on his desk, adding to the lengthening list of antics with which he had been nettling the General Assembly. During a debate over a Russian resolution decrying colonialism, he was infuriated by a statement, expressed from the rostrum by Lorenzo Sumulong. The Filipino delegate had charged the Soviets with employing a double standard, pointing to their domination of Eastern Europe as an example of the very type of colonialism their resolution criticized. Mr. Khrushchev thereupon pulled off his right shoe, stood up, brandishing it at the Philippine delegate on the other side of the hall. He then began to furiously bang the shoe on his desk. The enraged Khrushchev accused Mr. Sumulong of being "????? ? ?????????? ????????????" (kholuj i stavlennik imperializma), which was translated as "a jerk, a stooge and a lackey of imperialism". The Premier alternately shouted, waved a brawny right arm, shook his finger and removed his shoe a second time. The second shoe incident occurred during a speech by Francis O. Wilcox, an Assistant U.S. Secretary of State. The chaotic scene finally ended when General Assembly President Frederick Boland broke his gavel calling the meeting to order, but not before the image of Khrushchev as a hotheaded buffoon was indelibly etched into America’s collective memory. At another occasion, Khrushchev said in reference to capitalism, "?? ??? ?????????!", translated to "We will bury you". This phrase, ambiguous both in the English language and in the Russian language, was interpreted in several ways." JUST CLEAR THAT A BAD ATTITUDE WILL GO NO PLACE IN THIS WORLD, LEPAGE HAS TO GET HIMSELF HELP ANGER MANAGEMENT. Was saying that our way of live is going to die out. GET HELP PLEASE GOVERNOR, I AM ASHAMED OF YOU!

Roger Moulton's picture


Please continue your good work and hard efforts despite the incredibly ignorant folks that believe we get out of this mess by repeating the mistakes that got us here in the first place.

Jason Theriault's picture

You're an idiot

What? I'm just being like LePage.

Roger Moulton's picture


No you are not. Lepage has at least made a plan to fix things and is fighting people that say it won't work yet have no alternative solution. Like....well you ....idiot....you come in here running your mouth about him yet have no alternative or don't recommend anyone else's alternative. Why complain if you don't have a better alternative. If there is not another plan that even compete's with his then you would be fighting our best possible chance at getting out of this mess....and instead of disagreeing with me find a politician or party in our state that has one that they can put in place that would be of course A BETTER PLAN...without one this conversation is really quite useless.....again though that fits in with a lot in this state now doesn't it.

Catherine Pressey's picture

They were trying to offer a better plan:

He is not going to look at anyones plan he is a narrow minded sick, mixed up man that would throw his mother under a bus. You know to call others ignorant because they do not think like you Roger, or idiots you could pass as his long lost relative. You do not listen to the whole truth here.

Roger Moulton's picture

I call you

ignorant and idiots because you continue to vote for the same people that got us in this mess....you continue to say how this man should listen to the group of people that created this mess and have had AMPLE time to fix it.

Jason Theriault's picture

LisOk, here ya go

Here is my plan:
1. Undo the taxcut, raise taxes to 9%
2. Use Alcohol proceeds to offset some of the cuts LePage has promised and pay off half of the Hospital debt.
3.Budget for repay of the remainder of the Hospital debt over 20 years.

There, happy? Now, I accept my plan isn't perfect. And I would be willing to tweak it. But that's the point - I am willing to listen to anyone and work with them. I think LePage knows he can't force what he wants through, so he's throwing a fit.

He needs to grow up

Roger Moulton's picture


Because your plan is not better. I said a better plan.

Roger Moulton's picture


I'm not disagreeing that he should work with these ingnorant people better but I'm saying that his personality and attitude don't make him a terrible person and bad governor (4TH ON FISCAL POLICIES!). And at this point we need a guy like him willing to stick to his guns and willing to try to fix this economy regardless of who he pisses off. Obama wants healthcare under grown mens parents policies until they are 26 even if not in school? And to those grown men I say get off your ass and take care of yourself, get your own insurance...I did! I bet you find few that disagree with that statement but if Lepage said what I just did it would be in newspapers across the country. We don't need a "gentleman" that will kiss everyone's backside right now we need a go getter that tells it like it is...but keep crapping on him and fueling the democrats ability to fight him and see where it gets us as a state.

 's picture

Gov. LePage

when people ask me where i'm from I tell them a lie, I don't to be known from the State that has a Governor like this.

Roger Moulton's picture

Proof that you are ignorant.

Okay you are so ignorant that you can't figure out that people understand not everyone from any given state agrees with and voted for their current governor. But you lie about what state you are from? You should move to another state if you are so ashamed. Move to Mass you'd fit in nicely.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Roger Moulton it may help some

If you say who the heck your calling ignorant, there does not seem to be anymore room in Maine for ignorance, LePage has it all, so if you referring to me. Have at it. I am still ashamed of our Governor and think he need help. I do not have to agree with his bad behavior and will not. Sounds like you need a bit of help to.


I couldn't have said it better myself...and it sounds like you may need a life too Roger..spending all day on the Sun / Journal site doesn't sound like you have much else to do but defend the brain dead Governor...he is a disgrace and many more think that way than you may want to admit..you sound like you need help like LePage does...I bet you are about his age and have that old fashioned way of thinking that because he is a man, it is a fact and we all have to like it....NOT .....grow up man and smell the coffee..governor is an embarrassment for this state and his tactics haven't done a thing to get the state on the right path...

Roger Moulton's picture

Okay Linda

So let's keep letting the same people that have driven this state in the ground continue their great work. And for your information I am 29 years old and I have the time to be on here because I have down time at work that requires me to be in my seat watching my system. Me smell the coffee? I think I've smelt it, I didn't say this guy my role model or that he's a great man, I just said he's better than what we've had in place forever and is making his best attempt to repair things.

Roger Moulton's picture

haha showing her intelligence

that was an obvious reply to the post above it, not only from my wording but from the format on the page. If you need me to simplify for you I can.....

Catherine Pressey's picture


Rude and crude to insult those that you do not agree with, you can laugh and smile as you think how you use the word her intelligence, must be afraid to say who your insulting. I take it with my limited intelligence your comment is towards me, one and the same. Simply putting this your are obviously far more abusive, I bet you like to use her or she in your daily life. Face it, I may say aint I may not spell a word here and there so so. But I am opinionated just as your self, but do mostly try not to insult others and if I am speaking about a certain person I say so. NOT HE or HIM or the bum or dumb. Have a nice abusive day, Roger Moulton

Roger Moulton's picture

this is your post on the suing somalian story

In 2006, after coming here from his home land. Nice that he came here and
right of the bat got a job at the Wal-Mart center. What it sounds like is
that the company tried very hard to work with him, while providing him with a
job that many that have lived here for many years would love to have. Many of
We the people and our forefathers have come here and struggled along to find
that American Dream. Only to have someone from away use the fact that they
are black and a minority to be hired in the first place. Than he turns around
and uses the same stance to sue. The very company that chose him over the
many that have tried to get hired. Sounds like he is not any longer in the
minority, sounds to me like he and those coming here from away, now make the
rest of us born here, lived here Americans now the minority. Yes! He now
looks for a free ride, using his claim that he was fired for something he did
not do. Many of We the people have been fired for something or nothing in
this country and we have no regress as it is any employers right to fire us
for no reason. Now just because he is black he is using that fact as
discrimination for the reason for his firing. How come he did not see a
doctor long before this happened like anyone of us would have to do. File a
W/C claim and hope for the best outcome. Sad in my opinion that, that job did
not go to the now white or other minorities that have live here and follow
the rules. And pay the price like loosing the job for no reason or some
COLOR IN THIS CASE. SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM TO ME. Come here and use your race to
get that job and now use it to sue your employer. Yep! Smells like fish to
me. Yes he should go home, if he does not like to play by the same rules as
all of those fired for W/C injuries that did make claims. I wish him luck, I
wonder if his lawyer is being paid by some minority group. Or worse We the
people though some agency who helped him get his job. And money to relocate.

Okay that is what you said....if governor Lepage said exactly what you said above he would be impeached, yet you don't have to stand for his bad behavior? and you are ashamed of him? who's calling the kettle black?

Catherine Pressey's picture

Not Governor nore

In that honorable job, with lots of things to worry about. How dare you attact the above statement a put it in the impeachment place. What the heck do you know about impeachment. Anyone that thinks that a Governor can conduct himself in the manner that he has been and gain the respect of those that did not vote for him. I many times do not vote for certain persons but honor their place and their position. And give them the benefit of the doubt. And for your info I know personally how W/C works and these employers in the state of Maine and the nation have no rules to live by. They can fire without reason or no reason that is how it is. How you see anything in my statement/comment that would be impeachable, your full of Crap. However I would not dishonor your the position of Governor if I were in his place I would try a wee bit harder to think before I open up my mind. Some things are better left unsaid, say what you want, but I do not respect this man and will not until he changes his attitude and stop embarrassing the state. And for that himself. Funny thing is he is proud of his remarks, those sad outbursts or off the cuff crap. I can speak clearly enough he is not going to win votes here. Believe me, he will not win next time. He opened his mouth and inserted his foot to many times even those that did vote for him are stepping back. I honor your opinion, though I do not agree with it content.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Your kettle is white according to you:

How you got to my Somali comment and brought it here, look you do not have to like others comments LePage is wrong and you got to see, his behavior is not helping our state. I am many years older that you if I have not mixed up your age. And you have grown up in a far different time that we older folks. We grew up in a time that when you are put in a place of honor, you act accordingly. Most young people like yourself can not know where we older generation are coming from. Kids or you younger ones have far less respect when your address others. If I have not mixed up my info, and that is possible for me these days. You'll understand that one day. If your raising a child on your own, without food stamps, without subsidized housing or other goverment programs. I say good for you and good for you that you stepped up to do just that. As far as LePage goes I did not vote for him and would not I did not like his demeanor from the start. And of course I am a Democrat however I vote for the person that come across as honorable and honest, no matter whom the party Rep. or Dem. If you want to chat look me up on fb. convince me LePage can do the job. Explain how he is going to do it by the shifting of debts onto the towns/cities.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Wow! God LePage

Sounds like the Russian Leader did at the UN many years ago when he beat on his table/desk and yelled that he would burry us Americans. Google it, wow I am indeed ashamed once again of this man we call Governor, so much about him reminds me of my ex-husband the temper the outbursts and at his own detriment, he is heading for a heart attack. Wow! Just read about what his tax plan is doing to our towns tax base. All the darn ass is doing is shifting the burden to the cities and towns. To then pass it all on to we tax payers that now can not afford our homes due to the high taxes we currently pay. And now he shows once again about his lack of integrity. I understand that he had a real bad childhood and saw abuse not unlike my ex-husband. It plays a role in how they live their lives and interact with others, and unless they get help they end up like this man we call Governor. I guess, that I should feel sorry for him. (NOT) Getting to the remarks about the schools not preparing the kids. He is all wet, if we have employers that need workers what is wrong with them training the employees that they need. Like they did years ago. On the job training is not all that bad, they want the government to turn out trained workers. I have a son that went to college and is trained, that is still without work. And as a mater of fact he is a calm caring person, that sure could do our Governors job, thinking beyond the end of his noise. He now hold a town office (councilmen) here in Maine. He just showed me what our great Governors budget is going to do to the town he is in. Wow, so scary to pass the buck to other places. Like the towns and blame the schools because those in management in corporations do not want to spend their money to train our high school educated people. Oh yes they would loose money, and not afford one more vacation home. Maybe they all need to realize what is cost to go to college, and many classes have absolutely nothing to do with the end job target. Period. I think to raise the lodging tax is a very good idea, for those that can afford to travel can afford a few extra pennies. WE THE TAX PAYORS OF THE STATE OF MAINE CAN NOT AFFORD ANY HIGHER PROPERTY TAXES. AND ALL THIS WILL CREATE IS MORE HOMES THAT MAY HAVE BEEN OWNED FOR MANY YEARS TO END UP ON THE MARKET. I urge the state of Maine and our elected House and Senate to put a stop to this insanity, override this lame sad mans irrational budget. Look to raise the monies from anyplace other than the towns.

RONALD RIML's picture

Un Peuple, Un Empire, Un Chef

Victorieux de Guérison!!

 's picture

Just embarrassing....

I long for the day when Maine might make national news for something other than buffoonish politicians, hate crimes, racial epithets and a long history of sticking fingers in it's ears and humming while the world moves on by...

Jason Theriault's picture

The should stop working with him

They need to just start working without LePage, and plan on having to override his veto.



The governor should cut his losses, resign and move to Florida before he bursts a blood vessel. If this is an example of his charm offensive, things will get way worse for him before long. At some point Republicans in the legislature will realize he is an albatross around their necks and without their support all his vetos will be overridden. Then he will be even more irrelevant than he is now.

David Marsters's picture

LePage angered

This man is a psycho and should be hospitalized for his anger. He is suppose to be a governor, sounds like he wants to another Obama, "The King" He will be a one term Governor. I have relatives around the country and they can't believe that this man is the gov. Of all the things he has pulled in the past, taken down Mural etc. He should be impeached!!!!!!!!!!!

RONALD RIML's picture


Obama is educated.

 's picture

Several comments

1. "Independent" but certainly very "liberal" are they.

2. Maine is in very difficult economic straits. Raising taxes will surely hasten the demise of our job environment.

3. I read recently that Presque Isle's school super is double dipping and pulling down over $220,000 a year. Lewiston's former super was paid over $200k before he retired. LePage knows this, apparently the "independents" didn't if Evangelos thinks that the information is untrue.

It's about time a governor starts to represent the interests of the taxpayers. We've plenty of others representing special interests in Augusta.

Jason Theriault's picture

I don't care.

I don't care if they are liberal. I don't care if they are some sort of mutant super liberal from France. He needs to work with these people, and screaming and swearing at them is not the way to do it. He will get nothing done if if he can't work with people on the other side of the isle. I mean, Dems only need 4 GOP senators and 7 house members to flip to gain super majority. Then they can ignore him

AL PELLETIER's picture

Totally dysfunctional state government.

Why do we have to pay all these legislators anyway? Emperor Lepage is convinced he can run the state with only his staff of "yes" men and women.

Steve  Dosh's picture

LePage swears, storms out of meeting . . .

all 13.01.21 9 pm hst ?
. .The guy's a payaso . . Translate "payaso" from Spanish
payaso - ?clown /s Steve

Roger Moulton's picture

All of you that commented

Should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves. I agree he is a Florida resident, I agree he's rude and not "politically" correct about anything. But you know what? He's the exact man we need for the job. You people all whine about lack of jobs here, everyone complains about our hospitals being unpaid. He is trying to repair that the best he can, and all he does is get a fight from everyone here, if I were him I would resign and move away but that would be terrible for our state. He was recently ranked 4th in the country for fiscal policies that actually work. Whenever I'm in an argument i always say if you don't have an alternative to what you are arguing against don't bother to argue. Like the guys in this meeting, they present stupid ideas, things that won't work, and just disagree. I would have reacted exactly the same....figure out a better way to fix this states problems or don't bother sharing your opinions. Do you idiots see the state our State is in? And how long have we been run by independents or democrats? I think all politicians suck, but Lepage rude or not has been the most honest I've ever seen and the man is trying to fix things, and making progress yet he still has to fight all you crazies. I'll say it again we are in a tough spot, and he is EXACTLY THE MAN FOR THE JOB! SO LET HIM DO IT. Then when his term is over all you nuts can mess things back up again, our hospitals can go unpaid, we can continue to do poorly in education but you'll all be happy because the gays, blacks, unions and everyone else actually creating problems will think you are nice people.......but your kids will grow up and move to states that actually have jobs.


Find a job Roger or go to bed...you bore me..you are just like the gov...no one is listening to you and nobody will....you just don't get it do you..someone with that type of mentality needs to be on meds for his anger and I suspect you may need drugs too...get a gripe man...this type of bullying is not the way to get things done..wake up and smell the coffee I say..

 's picture


So what we need is someone who can make the trains run on time, and not put all this "democracy" stuff in his way?

Roger Moulton's picture

No what we need

is the rest in Augusta to look his plan over and show how to change or adjust it while it will still work rather than just arguing against his plan. Or again come up with a better one, and if they can't throw out a better plan or adjust his to fit I would say we need to get rid of them and people with ideas that are willing to not follow what their "party" says and vote for THE BEST AVAILABLE PLAN or come up with a better one themselves...I still don't see a better one?

AL PELLETIER's picture

We're all crazies and nuts?

Sounds like your throwing a Lepage tantrum. No wonder you love him, you know, birds of a feather-------.

Roger Moulton's picture


I challenged someone to come up with a better solution than the one the man you all hate has...and all I get is petty middle school mouth running about birds of a feather....okay well we will flock together while you drown in debt and watch your kids move to states with good governors that create jobs. Again 4th on fiscal policies of all governors in the US. When was the last time we had a Maine governor 4th on that list? I bet it's never happened in all of our states history. But go ahead dig into your bag of cheap digs and come back at me with zero facts to back it up. Al don't come to a match of brains unarmed.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Here's my solution.

Now remember, this is just a starting place. Duct tape his mouth shut and put hearing aids in his ears, put him in hand cuffs and drag him into a meeting with democrats so he can listen to what they have to say about the budget. As I said, just a starting place.

 's picture

Basic Economics

Basic economics says killing the income tax base of the state to give sweetheart deals to his friends, and so towns have to jack up the property tax base to make up the difference in order to keep the lights on, is not the way to fix things.

Please stop sounding like you've inhaled concentrated LePage Kool Aid powder.

Roger Moulton's picture

Okay so again I ask

What is your plan Chris Blake? How does Chris Blake plan to pay the hospitals? You have obviously been drinking the liberal nut kool aid....where have your boys gotten our state? Listen Lepage sucks like the rest of them, I'm sure there are a few pockets that he's in but nobody is in more pockets than your democrats, they have companies they bow to and they stick there hand in my pocket empty it then place their hand in couch riding pockets and leave my money with them. We need to do away with all current politicians and restructure our political system to not include parties or lobbyists, however that won't happen so I would say at least Lepage is making an attempt to fix it, and again unless you or whoever argues has a solid plan that will work (the democrats have been given how many years to fix this?) he is the best chance we have. And as far as him being rude, it is not as much that he is rude as it is that everyone has gotten so soft and easily offended. He doesn't flip flop on ideas...find me another politician you can say that about...he doesn't lie...again find another one you can say that about....He speaks his mind but tells the truth and doesn't sway from his beliefs. Okay even if you don't like him, you don't like his ideas, and you don't like his party do you honestly heart and soul believe that Paul Lepage does not think he's doing whats best for Maine? Do you believe he isn't putting in a lot of time and effort to fix things? He gets so angry because he is passionate, he is passionate about trying to repair the economy of Maine and bring jobs here so our children will stay and all he gets in return is crap...mouthy bs crap...cameras following him everywhere and zero thanks for his efforts. You probably know a lot more about politics than I do but as a simple man that doesn't pay a ton of attention it appears Lepage is putting the best effort towards it that we've seen out of our government in this state and the meatheads in this state will get what they deserve for fighting it. We'll be worse of 3 years after he's gone and the dems have had free reign to drive us back into the dirt.

 's picture

Is everyone who disagrees with you a nut?

I'm all for saving money, but given the state of the state... wouldn't considering all ideas be helpful? What is so wrong with an idea? Oh wait, it wasn't drafted by MHPC?? Ideas come in all shapes and sizes. Some good, some not so good. What is so wrong with throwing some ideas against the wall to see what sticks?

Why shift all the burden to municipal entities? You're telling me bumping up lodging or touristy taxable revenues by a percentage point or two couldn't help? Why not get rid of TIF loopholes? Why not turn over every stone and find creative ways to fix the problem?

There's more than hospital bills and shifting burdens at stake. Maine has traditionally lagged months (sometimes years) behind on economic recoveries. News Flash... Maine is still in a recession. Take a drive around L/A some time. Count the number of houses for sale. Better yet, get on zillow, trulia, or realtor.com and count the number for sale. You can even filter for short sales and foreclosures. Sorry fella, but I'm not buying what the blowhard is selling. Good paying jobs aren't magically coming up I-95 as a result of this budget plan. It is short sighted and completely shifting a massive chunk of the burden upon already over-taxed property owners will cause an even larger glut in the housing market.

 's picture


A "simple man that doesn't pay a ton of attention" talking about how things "appear" is not always the best person to listen to in deciding public policy. Appearances are often deceptive. To believe that the Governor THINKS he's "doing whats best for Maine" does not require a conclusion that he IS doing what's best for Maine. The power to make decisions in important matters should be given to people who are competent and who actually do pay attention to details. There are, after all, details that are both difficult and crucial. And, despite your opinion to the contrary, there are plenty of people in the legislature who are competent and who do want what's best for Maine. Democracy is ponderous and slow. Government action in Italy before and during WWII was quick, and the trains ran on time. But that's not what the USA or Maine is all about.


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