Selectmen, town manager to discuss pros and cons of county move

LIVERMORE FALLS — Town Manager Kristal Flagg plans to have a discussion with selectmen Tuesday over the pros and cons of leaving Androscoggin County and joining Franklin County.

State Rep. L. Gary Knight, R-Livermore Falls, has submitted enabling legislation to make the move if that is what is decided by those involved, including residents. Residents overwhelmingly voted in a straw poll in 2004 to pursue changing counties. State legislators shot it down in 2005.

Selectmen approved exploring the option at their Jan. 7 meeting.

The Board of Selectmen will meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 22, at the Town Office.

Selectmen will also discuss a resolution agreement regarding sags in newly installed sewer lines on Route 4, which is Main Street. Livermore Falls had new sewer lines installed at the same time as the town of Jay when the Maine Department of Transportation had the road reconstructed in 2011 and 2012.

Jay selectmen approved a resolution agreement with Ted Berry Co. of Livermore on Jan. 14. Other parties involved in the agreement include contractor Pratt & Sons Inc., engineering firm Wright-Pierce and the Town of Jay.

Jay has a few sags that are relatively minor, Jay Town Manager Ruth Cushman told selectmen last week. Some have been fixed but some are under the newly paved Route 4, she said.

Ted Berry Co. will monitor and flush the lines for five years without cost to the town, she said. They also refunded the money the town paid to have the lines videoed. Wright-Pierce is also offering its services for free as part of the agreement, Mark Holt, Jay Sewer Department superintendent said then.

The Maine Department of Transportation does not want the new pavement dug up for five years unless a whole section is dug up and repaved, which would be cost prohibitive, Cushman said. The state will not allow a trench to be dug and repaved, she said.

The sags were discovered after the road was paved. Some work has been done to try and alleviate any problems, including a flush line installed in a line near C.N. Brown, he said.

A remaining problem are sags on a line between Otis and Maple streets. Over approximately 100 feet of line there is a three- to four- inch sag on the eight-inch line, Holt said Friday.

Livermore Falls Town Manager Kristal Flagg said she will also update selectmen Tuesday on the geographical information system maps that could be done of the town using orthoimagery data done with high resolution aerial images.

The maps are proposed to cost $7,500. The Livermore Falls Water District has agreed to contribute $2,500 toward the project, she said. It may be less costly if Fayette has maps done and possibly the two towns could be done during the same flyover, she said.

The remaining $5,000 could come out of the town's contingency, Flagg said.

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Ken Perry's picture

Sewer Problem

So the sewer dept. from both Livermore falls and Jay paid for a job that was not done properly?? That job cost the tax payers in the State MILLIONS of dollars and someone dropped the ball and set the pipes wrong, and then the towns paid for the job? So if there is a back up and people and businesses get flooded with sewerage and the system should fail then what? Why did they release the money and the "job security bond" if it was not done proper?
Then they want to raise the sewer rates on people and charge people for sewer use that are not even hooked on to the sewer, they should spend some of their "surplus" and hire competent people. Someone was responsible for overseeing the job and failed. Makes one wonder about kickbacks or such, but typical for this area. I would be pretty certain that the job had to be signed off on almost every step of the way and for this to happen, is unacceptable, and they still want the towns and tax payers to keep throwing money to them, lol


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