A. Giest: Opportunity to take steps

Despite the climate denial engrossing the country described in David Sirota’s column (“Finding agreement on climate change,” Jan. 15), this year has already witnessed floods of data verifying the ominous effects of global warming.

One week into 2013, 2012 was confirmed as the hottest year on record. Then the federal government released a new National Climate Assessment draft report reiterating that temperatures are on the rise. The mounting evidence calls for action on global warming.

The report mentions specific Maine and Northeast data confirming that heat waves,  rising sea level, coastal flooding and extreme precipitation will continue to plague the area and can be attributed to human-induced global warming. Without action, implications will be seen day-to-day by the environment and economy and leave people vulnerable to catastrophes, like Hurricane Sandy.

As the public waits for consensus, decision-makers have the opportunity to take immediate steps that will limit global warming and prevent dangerous emissions.

Right now, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency should finalize the proposed carbon pollution standard for new power plants and then immediately start the process for limiting industrial carbon pollution from existing power plants. That is the single largest source of carbon pollution, and it can be curbed if decision makers don’t delay.

Alison Giest, Portland

Field organizer, Environment Maine

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 's picture

Where is the evidence ...

... for human-induced global warming? There's a lot of evidence produced by "scientists" who make a very good living doing so, but precious little that can be accepted by skeptics.

There's plenty of evidence for plain old global warming. The planet has gone through countless cycles of cooling and warming. To say that this latest cycle is caused, or even exacerbated, by anything humanity is doing is pure arrogance. Worse, it's arrogance with an agenda.

Obama and the EPA have one aim in mind: to tax the end-users (us) of energy in the form of much higher prices, further cementing our dependence on the magnanimous federal government.

I'll expand on Mark's comment. How do we know the climate will revert to "normal" when we don't even know what "normal" is? I moved back to Maine in 1985 and for the following several winters, temps were routinely 20 below or lower. Are we supposed to revert to that? No thanks.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Upside to Global Warming

Actually, some geographic locations can benefit from global warming, such as Maine. Just think of all that money residents will save on heating oil and all the “carbon” that will not be released in the atmosphere if Maine has milder winters.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Please, just a little delay.

It was 12 below here this morning!

MARK GRAVEL's picture

How do you know climate

How do you know climate change can be reversed or even slowed down? Where is the scientific evidence that changes in human behavior can change the outcome and at what cost. You do know that attempting to control the climate also has economic implications.

AL PELLETIER's picture

I'll expand on that, Mark

We can legislate all we want about climate change,but there's nothing we can do about the Earth's biggest polluters like China, India, The Soviet Union etc..

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Right on

Right on Al and Mark.


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