J. Sirois: Act of kindness witnessed

On Christmas Eve, a young couple came in to the Lisbon Street Mobil station to buy gas to get to their relatives' house for the holiday. All they had was a handful of change and they didn't know if they could make it.

A Lewiston police officer happened to be at the register buying something and he saw what was happening. He then took out his wallet and handed the young couple $20 to put some gas in their car.

That was a gift that brought families together.

The police officer did not want to be identified; however, I felt his kindness deserved notice.

The Lewiston Police Department has a great bunch of guys and that is just an example of what they do.

I thank that officer for his kindness.

Jeff Sirois, Lewiston

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AL PELLETIER's picture

Thanks Jeff

I love starting my day by reading stories like this.

RONALD RIML's picture

And some idiot has to "Disagree" with you, Al.


AL PELLETIER's picture

And we both know

Who that idiot is. You know, the one without a lick of common sense in this forum.

RONALD RIML's picture

And both his IQ points...

keeping each other company.



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