Frigid temperatures continue in Maine

APTOPIX Deep Freeze
Robert F. Bukaty

Arctic sea-smoke rises from Portland Harbor where the Bahama-based oil tanker, the Teesta Spirit, unloads it's fuel, Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013, in South Portland, Maine. A stubborn cold front continues to grip the region. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

PORTLAND (AP) — Forecasters are warning Maine residents to be prepared for another bitterly cold day.

The National Weather Service says a wind chill warning issued for the north and east of the state remains in effect Thursday.

The predicted high for northern Piscataquis County, including Baxter State Park and Chamberlain Lake, is six degrees below zero. Winds gusting up to 20 miles per hour could make it feel 45 below.

Some snow is expected, but not much accumulation.

The high in the Caribou/Presque Isle area is expected to be four below zero.

Others areas of the state are experiencing a relative heat wave, with predicted highs of 13 degrees in the Portland area, and 5 degrees in Lewiston-Auburn.

State homeless shelters are adding more beds.

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JOANNE MOORE's picture

Elderly neighbors..........

If you have any elderly or disabled neighbors check in on them to make sure they are ok. Many, to save on fuel will get hypothermia and not realize it.

Share a nice bowl of hot soup or cocoa and cookies. The visit will make their day.

David  Cote's picture

Great suggestions, Joanne...

The elderly are particulary vulnerable in these harsh conditions. It's vital they are visited since some may use portable space heaters that could give off toxic fumes. One never knows, perhaps sharing a lunch of homemade soup or partaking in a friendly game of gin rummy just may save their life.

Jeff Johnson's picture

It's cold and windy. Back to

It's cold and windy. Back to you in the studio, Bob.


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