Maine PUC approves offshore wind project

AUGUSTA (AP) — State energy regulators have voted to approve, with conditions, a plan to develop a $120 million wind turbine demonstration project off Maine's coast.

The Maine Public Utilities Commission voted 2-1 Thursday for the proposal to put four, three-megawatt wind turbines on floating spar-buoy structures tethered to the seabed in 460 feet of water off Boothbay Harbor. The Hywind Maine project is proposed by Norwegian energy giant Statoil.

The Portland Press Herald said the PUC placed several conditions on its approval which Statoil must meet.

Statoil said it will review the conditions but considers Thursday's approval an important milestone for the project.

Power from the project could be flowing by 2016.

The critical issues for the commission are the cost of that power and the project's economic benefits for Maine.

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JOANNE MOORE's picture

"several conditions" ???

Statoil said it would review them. Right.

Are the people of Maine going to be able to review these conditions? I doubt it. So, what happens if Statoil says we don't need no stinking conditions? Who will know?

There's a lot at stake here to be decided by just 3 people.

Dan McKay's picture

So, the executive and

So, the executive and legislative branches of our State Government have decided the Public Utility Commission is to decide the economic future for us Joe Blows. Seems like a lot of power for three people. And, let's get rid of all these economic development bureaucrats we've place trust in to help the State and Municipalities. The PUC simply has the unique ability of seeing where future prosperity in this state will be. Who of these two out of three will be going to work for First Wind, first.


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