D. Lingard: Our government is out of control

The way this country is going, it is hard to be proud to be an American.

The way the government is going it will have control over everyone, including what you eat and what you buy. You will not be able to do anything on your own anymore.

This is no free country anymore, or at least if it continues the way it is we will no longer be free.

Everything that has been fought for will become non valid, including the Constitution.

Well, I am just saying kiss your freedom goodbye.

The military is now the government's toy soldier, sent off to fight for nothing that has to do with this country.

Do not get me wrong. I appreciate our military, but if we keep on doing what we have been doing this country is going to be the laughingstock of the world.

The whole Social Security thing becoming a privilege instead of something we earn is a crock. It is not our fault that government is squandering our money away and making it almost impossible now to get Social Security when we have earned and paid into it.

If we do not do anything as citizens of the country and just sit back and let government run the United States into the ground, we will have nothing to be proud of.

Well, I am doing my part to run my mouth and I hope others will follow.

As a friend of mine says, I am just sayin'...

David Lingard Jr, Livermore Falls

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RONALD RIML's picture

So what's your problem anyway, Mr. Lingard....??

A lot of generalities and no specifics. There are complainers, and then there are problem-solvers.

I had to be a problem-solver. Other folks' problems along with my own.

Now get off your tail and take care of business.

Or don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord Split Ya.

David Lingard Jr's picture

Whats my problem?

I have and I am doing my part for the community around me for years now. I have been an advocate for many people in need of support for mental illness and sexual orientation questions and answers. I am there for many people of many diversities in my community and have been very successful in helping others. I have also had a rough life and have already had hard lessons that i have learned from and i have not had an easy life. I have become a very strong person because of my past and am passing my knowledge on to others of how to heal and recover. I have let many people know that they are not alone in life that there are others out there with the same problems and even worse. Allot of people feel there alone and i have helped people to realize that there is a better life after such abuses and let them know that they are not alone. That is one problem with people today they think they are alone and also think there is no help. well I have been very successful in helping allot of people. So before you go ahead and make accusations about someone and there worth calm down and ask questions before you make stupid comments of get off your tail and take care of business. I have and still am taking care of business SIR. good evening

David Lingard Jr's picture

Your profile.....

I have read your profile sir and I commend you on what you have accomplished in your past and now. I must say there are many other ways of helping out and showing worth in my community and country by starting small and helping who i can right here. I have done very well and like i said do not sit around judge someone because they have not done as much as you have. You do not know me or others till you actually take the time to get to know someone. I probably think that this will not satisfy you and if it does not get over yourself SIR and start looking at more of life around you now not in the past of what you have done. Concentrate on what is going on now that does not deal with you then you may understand others better. thank you SIR.

 's picture

You are free...

...to leave for another country that suits your needs at any time.

David Lingard Jr's picture

Government out of control....

There are many other things that this country is doing to make it not satisfactory for allot of other people in this country that are not saying anything. One reason is because there are people like you making silly comments of what you just posted to me. Well I for one am not going let you say that to me and get away with it. I am a born citizen of this country and I for one do not like to be controlled on things that should be my own freedom to choose. I think Sir you need to GO somewhere else that suits you just fine. I am sure there are other countries that would satisfy your exception of being controlled. SIR I for one am not going to stand by and let this country continue the way it is going. I will run my mouth for others who will not because they are afraid to hear what people like you have to say. I also think you need to open your eyes and take a good look of how this country is going in the gutter because of selfish people who think writing rubber checks is ok. Did you realize that the orients own the majority of the United States of Americas if not all of our debt. Do you realize that our money that allot of Americans put into SS every pay check is being squandered and spent on irresponsible things that do not pertain to this country at all. Well I for one do not want to live in a communist country where everything is decided for me in by them shoving it or forcing it in my throat. This is supposed to be a free country and I for one would like it to stay that way SIR. This country has not always been this way. It is people with idiotic ideas that are running it into the ground and do not care about others except them self. Thank you SIR but i am not leaving YOU should leave with your silly ideas.
Good evening

MARK GRAVEL's picture

You have lots of good points

You have lots of good points David. Unfortunately, most people turn a blind eye because they are receiving something from the government or their political party is the one in control, ..., etc.

That said, I’m at a loss at how to turn back this trend since the people are buying it up hook, line and sinker. It astounds me that people think the government can do all that it promises; I’m baffled.

Yet, all we have to do is to look at history. How did Hitler convince all his followers?

Jim Cyr's picture

Dido Mr. Lingard,

Look at what voting has produced. Our elected officials are still not getting the idea that we have a spending problem. Now they gave themselves unlimited spending for the next few months and unchecked !

MARK GRAVEL's picture

They live large on the backs

They live large on the backs of the taxpayers. Forget what they say and watch what they do. Neither major political party is interested in reducing spending. Giving taxpayer money to you friends in the form of contracts has a bigger personal return on investment.

Yet people think more government is the answer – I don’t understand....

AL PELLETIER's picture

Running your mouth?

Why don't we all load up our AR-15's and AK-47's and revolt!!!!!! (or would voting be a little safer?)

David Lingard Jr's picture


There you are bringing guns into this. Why I ask do you say this? Voting is the way to go but it obviously does not work because of the brain washing from the runners of the governments campaigns in this country. There are way to many elections that are rigged because they know they can do it and they know that the people are saying nothing about it or turning there heads about it. Allot of people are listening to these lies and are made to think these lies are going to happen. But when they are in office it is to late. They do not want to say anything because they think it will not help. Well I say that in reality if Americans were to come forward and start talking to others or run there mouths as i said then we can start maybe making other Americans actually see the lies and whats actually going on in this country. Thank you SIR and good night.

RONALD RIML's picture

I don't see a 'Business' or occupation in your 'Profile'

So what is it you do for yourself, David???

David Lingard Jr's picture

what do i do for myself.....

I am disabled. But before i was diagnosed with mental disabilities and high blood pressure etc. I worked in food and beverage and hospitality. I am also an advocate for people who have other disabilities. I have helped many people that has been bullied in life for so many things in example sexual orientation, mental and physically abused people. I have also been certified in the leadership academy of the state Maine. i was also in the first group of people to be certified NAMI mentors in the state of Maine. But mostly i am a consumer who is trying to give back to the community for the help i have received. I have also been a guest speaker at the UMF in my late teen years for my life as a young gay male and answered questions to help people understand different diversities in life. I was also a part of GASPEA at UMF to help with the UMF communities gay and straight students on campus. I am also a proud holder of my GED because i had to leave school because of the hate crimes i experienced as being a different person then others.

RONALD RIML's picture

David - you're placed in a very difficult situation

in an country - and area - which traditionally failed to provide adequate resources for those who needed them. Now we are beginning to meet some of the responsibilities that we have for so long neglected.

Reading your recent postings, I'm quite surprised about your sentiment: "The way the government is going it will have control over everyone, including what you eat and what you buy. You will not be able to do anything on your own anymore.

This is no free country anymore, or at least if it continues the way it is we will no longer be free."

That's quite a conservative statement, yet by your background you tell us, I would have guessed you to be liberal.

There's a very good reason the government has taken control over some of what we eat and buy. The 'Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906' was passed after an expose of the meat packing industry in Chicago. In essence, it was found that the packers used everything but the 'Moo' of the steer and 'Oink' of the Pig in processing canned meat, and were foisting off unhealthy and disease causing garbage on the consumers to pad their profits. Upton Sinclair wrote a fascinating expose entitled "The Jungle" which is still in print today.

Those who suffer from mental health issues and disabilities traditionally had few (if any) rights - and abominable treatment - often nothing more than long periods of so-called 'Hospitalization' in completely inadequate State Mental Hospitals and Sanitariums - which were little more than prison wards.

And I need not tell you of the progress which has been made regarding human sexuality.

You state: "Well I for one do not want to live in a communist country where everything is decided for me in by them shoving it or forcing it in my throat."

David - we live in a very 'Capitalistic Country' - a country where 'Money Talks and B.S. Walks'. That type of country where everything is decided for you is a 'Totalitarian' country.

What issues 'have been decided for you' which you feel you have no input or decision in? Express those and discuss them so we may better understand you - rather than just the frustration you feel.

I certainly agree with you that we've placed much to emphasis on war and the military. The money we commit (and waste) to that is equal to that of the sum totals spent on the next seventeen largest militaries in the world.

By wasting that money we've gone deeply in debt, and are unable to adequately fund the actual needs of our citizens who are in need of medical assistance, education, and a better way of life - while ideological politicians refuse to raise taxes to rates which were once comfortably paid by those who could afford to do so.

Let us know more of your individual complaints, and suggestions as to how you believe this state and country could improve. That is more constructive than broad generalities.

Best regards;

Ron Riml

David Lingard Jr's picture


I would love to see change and all that but i do not want it to affect our country negatively. The things that are going on now are whats making our great country of ours sink like a ship in the ocean. everything in the past is in the past it is time to concentrate on the now and worry about what needs to be done now. You are very smart at knowing what has lead to what in this country but what allot of people do is keep on going back to those things when it is now that needs to be paid attention to. believe it or not the people with mental disabilities are still majorly being looked over in this country and when someone gets in trouble one of the first things that shoots out of someones mouth is mental problems made him do it to which it makes the rest of us who have it under control look bad.really if you were to look at it it is still very hard to find help and support for everything because it is so hush hush and hidden and still taken away from us even tho it is needed. I will not get started on sexual orientation i have pros and cons about that and disagree with how that is being handled. you know really i do not care about all these names like liberal conservative and all that i am me just saying how i feel about what things are happening. if i sound like an idiot doing it so be it. i have a voice and i am going to use it. i am not really talking about my frustrations because they are not they are simple facts that are going on around me that i think i would like to run my mouth about. thanks good morning sir

RONALD RIML's picture

David - Thanks for Reponding

I'll get back to you later. I certainly agree with you that those with mental health and emotional issues have long been been both overlooked and mismanaged in this country.

- I saw that quite clearly during my career as a Law Enforcement Officer. For all too long initial response to 'Crisis Intervention' consisted of containment and threat curtailment, with treatment referral, follow-up, and tracking completely neglected.

Public Safety Organizations were in as much need of help as the citizens we were supposed to be serving.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

I think your statement should

I think your statement should read. That the 2nd amendment is the last resort to remaining free. The ability to repel oppression of any form is a deterrent.

Maintaining 2nd amendment rights maintains balance of power.

The time to load you weapon is when you lose the ability to vote.

David Lingard Jr's picture

amendment 2....

so you think because not being able to have a gun is the end? guns are not the way to take care of anything in this world really all they do is just cause more anger and retaliation against others if guns were used the way they were meant to be for survival and i guess sport then they would be fine. but you hear to much of the negatives about irresponsibility with handling guns. Really i am more worried about food freedom of speech and religion etc. Not rather we can have a gun or not i am sorry that is just the way i am think. you do not have to feel the same but that is my thought and you do not have to go with it.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Without the right to bear arms, all other freedoms are mute.

Let me put it his way. Without a means to defend those other freedoms you speak about, who will?

Isn’t that a form of survival. Freedoms are not free; they were fought for and must be defended.

Without the rights to bear arms, all those other freedoms become mute.

Thomas Jefferson said: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. To me this means one must be willing to fight for their freedoms. The right to bear arms levels the playing field between the oppressed and the oppressor.

Now you may look to government to protect your freedoms, but history shows government is the instrument that takes freedoms.

RONALD RIML's picture

In a civilized country such as America

Freedoms are amply defended in the Courts.

David, for all his difficulties, has if figured out so much clearer and responsibly than you do, Mark.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Perhaps today, but what about

Perhaps today, but what about tomorrow, a decade from now, ..., etc.

Did the Jews of Nazi Germany think the courts defended their rights? I’m sure the German’s at that time thought they were civilized.

I guess it is true, ignorance is bliss.


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