\/\/h@ts y0ur p@$$\/\/0rd $Tr@t3gy?

You probably have one for Facebook, two or three for your various email accounts, one for Netflix, one for Amazon and another one for your diet program. Whether they are the bane of your existence or what's protecting your identity from being carried off by hoards of hackers, complex passwords are a fact of life in the digital age. What's your strategy? How many do you have, how do you pick them and how do you keep track? Email Scott Taylor at staylor@sunjournal.com if you don't mind sharing some of your secrets. Or call 207-689-2846. No password required.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

You would have thought I'd learn by now.....

I have been building, selling and repairing computers for twenty years, I worked in the "Semi-Conductor" industry. Both my last employers, required numerous passwords for many different reasons.
I used numerous on line software download sites in setting up new computers, and replacing damaged software. I have had literally a thousand passwords over the years. Every single one of those passwords had one thing in common, I have forgotten each and every one of them. If I don't use a password at least daily, I forget it. I have tried writing them down, keeping a log, everything I could think of. One little known application has thwarted all my efforts to remember a password. That is, the ability of a allowing, this computer to remember my password. Once you start letting the computer remember passwords, that's it, there history to me. My problem being that I build computers, I'm constantly building newer and faster ones, thus requiring new passwords, due to the fact that my previous computer, no longer has the ability to remember my password, I am faced with the one task I have learned to master over the years, replacing a forgotten password. Thats it, that's my trick, I don't remember a password, I end up coming up with new ones. I keep wondering if maybe I could have avoided a lot of headaches over the years if I had just opted to use one other small feature with most OS's. The ability to back up everything for future use, it can be done, I guess I just got lazy.....

Steve  Dosh's picture

\/\/h@ts y0ur p@$$\/\/0rd $Tr@t3gy?

Scott ? 13.01.28 15:15 hst ?
. .i speak > 6 languages. My 'puter thinks i am Russian • Da ? ¿ Nyet ?
In all seriousness i change mine every 4 - 6 months and just stick with what works . i.e., walmart ®  wants 6 - 12 letters and numbers. .USAA wants combinations that MU S T contain Capital Letters and numbers and weird characters like ~ . . The banks wants multi - factor certification . . i .e. , http://www.lfcu.org which is not Lockheed Federal Credit Union . . Much older crap systems won't even take > twelve letters & numbers ( seriously D O S )
What was the question again ?
Look out for internet black holes like internet protocol addies alter.net black hole <-- <- alter.net MCI worldpath.net
† y v m for asking+ traceroute to www.sunjournal.com ( )
*<;-Q~ <- Santa Smokin ' ¡ Hahahahhah !


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