New Dixfield Rule: No complaining

DIXFIELD — The Board of Selectmen voted Monday night to once again allow public comment at their meetings, but complaints will not be allowed.

Chairman Mac Gill said in a written statement about the new rules that “complaints are not allowed.”

“Any speaker using foul language, shouting, using physical displays of anger or attempting to physically intimidate will be strictly prohibited and can cause the speaker to be removed from the meeting,” Gill wrote.

Each resident will have five minutes to speak and cannot transfer minutes to another, the statement said.

Residents must also “notify the town manager by the Thursday before the selectmen's meeting" and state the topic they wish to discuss.

Gill said during the meeting that Dixfield residents will be given first priority to speak.

The new rules will go into effect at the next meeting Feb. 11, Gill said.

Gill said that the board began to consider the return of public comment to the agenda during the Jan. 14 selectmen's meeting, after several residents requested that it be added so they could have an opportunity to address town issues.

Public comment was initially removed, according to Gill, because some residents were using their time to directly attack others and were interfering with the selectmen's ability to conduct town business.

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 's picture

What is the selectmens'

What is the selectmens' definition of a "complaint"? This sounds like censorship. Certainly there should be restrictions on rude aggressive behavior that is inappropriate at any town meeting, but "complaints" could be a blanket term for anything that comes out a resident's mouth that is contrary to what the board of selectmen want to hear. Censorship. Dictatorship. Why are they afraid of democratic process? Time to get a new board of selectmen???

 's picture

The citizens could petition

The citizens could petition to allow their full voice at meetings, but the chairman would cast it out, as we, subjects, have already witnessed.

Norman Mitchell's picture

This is a Joke

Complaints are not allowed so what good is it when your government wont hear grievances ? Residents must also “notify the town manager by the Thursday before the selectmen's meeting" and state the topic they wish to discuss. so this is no different than always must be on the agenda ! No Complains means no opportunity to address town issues ! This means their is no public comment what people in this town want is a chance to ask questions and be recognized by the board citizen input ! What is Dictator Gill afraid of ? What is it that he wants to keep hidden from the town ? Is it the illegal election we just had , or maybe its about the invalid wind ordnance our town is still working on after his supposed final vote , or questions about the statements made by him and the town manager that they can do what ever they want until its challenged in court ! Or questions about the fact that the board of selectmen when asked by Attorney Collins, what research they had done on the issue of wind power their response was dead silence ! Maybe questions about why it is that the only people in the town that matter live in the village or why would you hire a guy who quit on you ! What we want is to ask questions when the board is discussing an issue ! Well I guess we will never get an answer as complaints are not allowed. No grievances in Dixfield Heil Gill !!


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