W. Packard: Oil companies in control

As people quietly go about their days, trying to earn enough money to heat their homes and fill their gas tanks, Wall Street has hatched a new plan to rob people well into the future.

Because of climate change, caused by explosive industrial expansion needed by ever-increasing population growth, oil is falling out of favor. Countries worldwide are gearing up for renewable energy, such as windmills, tidal power, solar energy and electric hybrid automobiles.

Right out of the blue, the state energy policy opens the door for anyone to purchase electricity and sell it to the public. So, look who is circling their wagons. The same ones controlling heating and gas prices (major oil dealers) are now selling electricity and, as the public becomes more dependent on electrical usage for heat and transportation, guess who will be controlling the price?

State and city governments should sell the public the electricity in order to raise revenue and reduce taxes. The state should also be regulating the prices to control future costs, as well as reduce taxes.

It is time local and state governments started to make money, rather than take money. Look after the taxpayers instead of the special interests.

If oil companies can make money selling electricity, so can the towns.

I would love to use electricity and reduce my tax bill.

Warren Packard, Rumford

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If government takes over electricity ...

... there are two guarantees: (1) electricity will be more expensive than it is now; and (2) it will be less reliably available.

Before a government can sell something, it has to buy it from those who produce it. If government then regulates its sale price below cost, it has to make up the difference by ... hiking taxes! Unless, of course, you're the federal government and you can just print money.

It might make you feel warm and fuzzy to buy your juice from the town of Rumford, but you'll pay, one way or the other.


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