G. Mathews: LePage cleaning up Baldacci's mess

On Jan. 16, the Sun Journal had two headlines that caught my attention. First, Gov. Paul LePage’s plans to pay the $186 million owed to the hospitals of Maine. The second headline was “Baldacci considers taking run at LePage.”

I found it interesting because I feel former Gov. John Baldacci left the state of Maine in awful condition. Maine had high taxes, no business growth, high unemployment and high debt, including the $180 million owed to the hospitals.

Gov. LePage is succeeding in cleaning up Baldacci’s mess. During his first two years he has cut waste and fraud from the state's bureaucracy, retained Maine’s AA credit rating, facilitated natural gas pipeline expansion, improved Maine’s business standing, improved Maine’s college savings plan, cut the size of state government, reduced regulations and lowered interest payments on previous state borrowing.

LePage’s background and management style were developed in the private sector, and are not the polished, smooth moves of the professional politician, but are the common-sense, down-to-earth solutions of a businessman problem solver. I like him for that. I can see that his blunt, no-nonsense management style is as effective in solving Maine’s problems as it was in the private sector.

I sincerely look forward to Baldacci‘s decision to run. It will be interesting to see how he defends his failed years as governor, and how he plans to change his ways if elected to another term. I just hope LePage decides to run again.

George Mathews, Auburn

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JOANNE MOORE's picture

Tax and spend = LePage

Now LePage wants to BORROW $100 million (plus interest for 20 years) to fix up the prison in Windham. He wants a bond to do this but it won't be able to be voted on by Maine citizens. He can do this through the Maine Governmental Facilities Authority.

One fixed up, you can bet it will be turned over to a private, for profit corporation. They get to reap the profits while the rest of us get to pay for it.

And to get this, he will suspend revenue sharing for two years! That will cause all our property taxes to go up.

He makes Baldacci look like Mother Theresa.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Lets draft a new candidate!

I like Steven King. He's a true Mainer, a talented self made entrepreneur, a very generous and successful business man. He has written so many horror stories about Maine, he should be able to easily deal with what we have now.
Watcha think Folks?

JOANNE MOORE's picture


Where do I sign? Great idea!



This list of accomplishments actually reflects promises not kept. The gas pipeline is still a bureaucratic pipe dream. Our bond rating went down last week because the rainy day fund has been raided, the retirement funds are depleted and there is discord between the governor and the legislature. He hasn't cut the size of government, he has cut services while spending as much as the last guy. It's not the same thing. As for streamlining government, I would think coming up with a budget that can get through the legislature would be one step and instead of paying off the hospitals in one fell swoop how about figuring out the fog factory that is the DHHS budget which caused that mess in the first place. And instead of crying poverty all the time how about reversing the the tax cuts that made us poor to begin with. If we had a little economic stimulus we might not be one of the last 6 states still sliding into recession. And as for businesses coming here because of his business friendly policies, the list of new businesses is mighty small compared to the ones that are leaving.

Jason Theriault's picture


First off, had this been in the private sector, he never would have been hired. If only 39% of your bosses want you hired, you don't get hired.

Secondly, the only reason Baldacci has a chance is that LePage is that bad. Baldacci left the place in poor order, partially due to the economic collapse of 2008. I mean, Baldacci is no good, but compaired to LePage, he would be a breath of fresh air. That is because LePage's style is rude and insulting.

He is so convicned that he is right, that he makes no overtures to the other side. He treats them with disrespect and questions their motives and intelligence daily. Acting like he does only creates enemies. You like this because you agree with his positions. However, you're part of the 39%. The 61% that didn't vote for him don't appreciate his behavior.

Put it this way - he gets slaughtered in a 2 man race. If the democrats were smart, they would nominate Cutler.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Baldacci is no good, but

"Baldacci is no good, but compaired (sic) to LePage, he would be a breath of fresh air. That is because LePage's style is rude and insulting."
Are you saying that the aroma of bull *hit is less offensive when it is delivered politely and with charm?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Baldacci is no good, but

"Baldacci is no good, but compaired (sic) to LePage, he would be a breath of fresh air. That is because LePage's style is rude and insulting."
Are you saying that the aroma of bull *hit is less offensive when it is delivered politely and with charm?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot liked it so much

The parrot liked it so much he tapped the keyboard twice. Sorry..

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Jason your figures

Jason your figures don't work in your favor. Baldacci was rejected by 62 percent of the voters.

Jason Theriault's picture

Not my figures.

Latest polling is where I got my numbers. In a 2 man race, everyone(according to the polls) beats LePage, even Baldacci.


PAUL ST JEAN's picture

None of that changes what Mr.

None of that changes what Mr. Labbe said. Baldacci WAS rejected by 62% of the voters and LePage was rejected by 61%. Baldacci will not likely ever replace LePage as governor. Cutler might, but not Baldacci.


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