Police arrest three, confiscate drugs in Rangeley

RANGELEY — Three people were charged Monday in connection with selling illegal drugs, including heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine.

Franklin County Jail photo

Michael D. Chandler

Franklin County Jail photo

Jami Lee Driscoll

Franklin County Jail photo

Tyler McFarland

Maine Drug Enforcement Agency

Maine drug enforcement agents and other law enforcement officers seized heroin, cocaine and other drugs along with $8,200 in cash Sunday into Monday in Rangeley.

A cadre of law enforcement agents searched a residence and a motor inn Sunday night into Monday morning and seized about $18,200 in drugs and suspected drug money, Maine Drug Enforcement Agency Supervisor Matthew Cashman said Tuesday.

The agency had received information that a large amount of drugs from Pennsylvania were in Rangeley, he said.

Drug agents have been investigating a large crack cocaine and heroin distribution ring operating out of Rangeley for several months, according to a news release sent out by Steve McCausland, spokesman for Maine Public Safety.  New information came in over the weekend that Chandler was delivering a shipment of cocaine and heroin, the release said.

Law enforcement agents went to a residence on Main Street and conducted a search, he said. They found Michael Chandler, 33, of Philadelphia and some bags, a scale and packaging with some residue of heroin, he said.

They also found $7,000 in cash, Cashman said. Based on evidence discovered there, agents and officers went to Saddleback Motor Inn. They found Tyler McFarland, 31, of Gray and Jami Lee Driscoll, 23, of Auburn there, he said.

McFarland is on probation for armed robbery and aggravated assault out of Cumberland County, Cashman said. Due to his probation status, the room was searched.

McCausland's release said McFarland is on probation for a vicious baseball bat attack on a man in Gray in 2007, where drugs were stolen.  McFarland was convicted of robbery, burglary and elevated aggravated assault and has been in jail until he was recently released on probation, the release said.

Officers seized 157 prepackaged bags of heroin, 20 grams of prepackaged crack cocaine and 3 1/2 grams of powered cocaine, approximately 60, 30-gram pills of oxycodone, amphetamine capsules, digital scales and another $1,200 in suspected drug money.

The drugs have a street value of about $10,000, Cashman said.

All three people are at the Franklin County jail in Farmington. They are expected to go before a judge Wednesday.

McFarland was arrested on a charge of unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs in addition to a probation hold. His bail is set at $5,000 cash, Cashman said. With a probation hold, there is no bail, he said.

Driscoll was arrested on unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs, heroin. Her bail is $7,500 cash.

Chandler was arrested on a charge of aggravated trafficking in scheduled drugs, heroin right now, Cashman said. The charge is aggravated because of past drug convictions, he said.

His bail is set at $10,000 cash.

“We expect to be filing additional charges,” Cashman said.

Assisting the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency were the Rangeley Police Department, Franklin County Sheriff's Department, U.S. Border Patrol and Maine State Police, he said.


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Steve  Dosh's picture

Police arrest three, confiscate drugs in Rangeley

all 13.01.30 10 am - ish hst •
. . As your former counter narcotics co-ordinator in Guatemala for a certain un - named agency . .be happy it wasn't oxycontin , oxycodine , ice , crystal meth , extacy , bath salts or some of the more easily produced and distributed schedule I I I ( three ) drugs •
What was that about pornography , child molestation , guns , gambling & alcohol ?
/s , Steve :) FSO ( ret .)

Janet B  White's picture

"Kudos" to all law

"Kudos" to all law enforcement involved,


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