A. Pelletier: Not a fair playing field

Buyers of heating fuel should be aware of a pricing scheme used by at least one fuel dealer.

Someone exploring the cheapest way to heat their home would find that heating oil  is currently about $3.56 per gallon; propane, $2.72 per gallon; and could check out wood pellets, electric heat, cord wood, etc., and the BTUs one can expect for the money spent.

Based on averaged fuel prices and the BTUs produced, I figured propane was the best and cheapest backup for heating my home if my wood stove couldn't keep up with sub-zero temperatures.

I recently had my propane tank filled; it took 40 gallons. The bill listed the cost at $3.64 per gallon (the state average price is $2.72). I called the company to ask why there is such a discrepancy and was told that because I use less than 100 gallons a year, that is my price and it is the industry's standard pricing policy.

If I go to the gasoline pump and it says $3.50 for regular, pump in 10 gallons and the gasoline company charges my credit card $4.42 per gallon because I didn't pump 10.1 gallons, I would have a right to be upset. Wouldn't anyone?

I am aware that propane is delivered to my home and that costs something, but the truck runs by my driveway every week, whether I order any or not.

The pricing scheme is not right and doesn't allow people looking for heating alternatives to have a fair playing field.

Al Pelletier, Norway

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Al, you're looking for a fair

Al, you're looking for a fair playing field in 21st Century America? You stand a better chance of finding pearls in parrot eggs.
Remember back in the'70s when Maine Yankee was being contemplated? One of CMP's most popular mantras was that nuclear power would be almost too cheap to meter. Well, Maine Yankee eventually got on line and performed admirably and remarkably without incident for the 20 years of its licensing. And, somehow, CMP did find a way to meter it and quite efficiently, one might add.
After 20 years of good service, the rate payers were rewarded with Maine Yankee's shutdown and eventual dismantling, both of which were mandated by the clamoring of the environmentalist wack jobs that roam among us.
My point? There is no fairness when it comes to energy. People start using wood because oil is too high, and the price of wood goes up; try using natural gas as an alternative to wood and oil and the price of natural gas goes up. Oil manages to sneak down a bit in price, and the other two go down as well. One big game!! The only fairness rests in the hand of the dude who wields the stick.

AL PELLETIER's picture

How true Paul

Thank God I have 150 acres of wood at my disposal, a chain saw, wood splitter, truck and good enough health to work my ass off to heat the homestead with wood.
This summer I plan on upgrading my wood heating system so I can tell CN B---- to kiss my butt.(actually feels pretty good to say that!)

RONALD RIML's picture

Remember, Alvey.....

They are you 'Business' Associates - Not your Lovers - they certainly aren't going to kiss you before they F*ck You.

Next time tell everyone the name of the business so they can be avoided.......

RONALD RIML's picture



PAUL ST JEAN's picture

0O:-) How's it going, Bud?

How's it going, Bud?

RONALD RIML's picture


Wife's back from visiting her mother in Tucson - so home is on an even keel once more. Puppy Dogs and Kitty Cats are once again happy campers.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Isn't it amazing how the

Isn't it amazing how the extended or semi-extended absence of the lady of the house seems to create a vacuum of serenity, particularly among the four-legged occupants of the household? How many dogs and cats?
My wife claims that if not for her, our cats (3) would perish of dehydration, starvation, and it would take a dumpster to handle the kitty litter throughout the house. However, she has been known to exaggerate just a bit at times.

RONALD RIML's picture

Two Dogs - Two Cats.....

Certainly plenty of company for me, and more than enough responsibility.

Both dogs content to sleep with me at night (Sluts - they'll sleep with anyone!) Cats a bit more picky.

Now all four are back in the sack, especially our 18 year old cat - who purred loudly and contentedly that her mother was back. Too damn loudly - but she does have seniority. ;)

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

We once had a Siamese

We once had a Siamese Chocolate Sealpoint male who made it to 18 years. He was a people cat, but hated dogs, all dogs, with a passion. He'd chase any and all dogs off of our lawn. Size or breed did not matter; The fur on the back of his neck and tail would puff up almost beyond recognition, His eyes would get crossed, and he'd proceed towards the offending dog like Gary Cooper walking to a gunfight.Weighing in at between 17-19 pounds, amazingly, not a single dog ever stood around long enough to face him. He treed a neighbor's cat one time and sat at the base of the tree for a day and a half waiting for him to come down.
He was pretty ornery to cats and dogs, but a wonderful and loyal companion to human adults and children. We found him dead on a hot summer day underneath one of our cars, where he would frequently go for afternoon naps. Apparently, he had died in his sleep. How can you beat it?

I've always been fascinated by how the cats in the house always seem to consider the lady of the house their mother.


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