Prices to increase for some Time Warner customers

JAY — Time Warner Cable is increasing prices across its service area, including Maine, Andrew Russell, communications manager for the Northeast, said.

Effective March 1, basic and standard video service will increase by $2.50 per month and customers with digital-only service will increase $5 per month, which includes basic and standard service, the letter states.

Customers with two or three services will see an increase of $3 and cable cards will increase from $2 to $2.50 per month, according to the letter.

Jay Town Manager Ruth Cushman received a letter from the company in January advising her of the increases. Much like other communities in Maine, the town has a franchise agreement with the company, she said.

“Sixty-seven percent of customers in Maine won’t see a change in the monthly price of their Time Warner Cable services, because they are in a promotional package,” Russell said. “There is also no change in the price of Time Warner Cable Internet or Home Phone services.”

For customers whose bills will change, the average total bill increase is 2.6 percent across the market, the letter to Cushman said.

Customers were to get letters notifying them of the price changes.

The new prices reflect dramatically higher programming costs, especially for local broadcast channels and sports programming, additional programming and features as well as investments in the Time Warner Cable network and customer service, the letter states. In recent years, the cost of cable programming has grown at double the pace of the price of the company’s TV services, it states.

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Catherine Pressey's picture

Good Grief< the thieves:

What really gets me is how we sit there and watch the advertisement on TV, with the offer to get new suckers, signed up for $89 or so dollars per month called the triple play. Like my daughter said you would think that if they can offer the service to new customers at that price, they could take it to heart that we here in Maine can not continue paying their higher cost. Now wanting us to pay for this or that., extra for something that came with the service in the first place. MAYBE THEY NEED TO HAVE US ALL JUST SHUT IT DOWN. NO MORE CABLE, however it is hard for those that are looking for work to get a job these days, you need the computer to even apply for just about any job. Seems to me it should be illegal for them the companies or corporations to hold the unemployed hostage to the cable companies. YOU WOULD THINK THAT, DURRR HEY! I HAVE NO INCOME how can I afford the internet. Sad they say to gamble at the casino is a habit and a bad one. I now have one the internet and Time Warner hands now in my pocket book. Yes addicted to both the rerun programming and the internet. Yep! You know your watching to much TV when you seen the same show five plus times. That is just about all Time Warner offers, and the show say new. Oh yes, new if you have not seen it before. NEW TO WHOM?

FRANK EARLEY's picture

You can't win.....

I'm paying around $195.00 per month, a couple of months ago, I was paying $185.00. They decided the Modem in my house for five or six years or so was something they needed to start charging monthly for. So up went the cost, it will go up again and again. No one has any control over the wording their lawyers come up with to get around contractual agreements. If any one of us tried doing that to Time Warner, we would be dumped in a heart beat.......

Doreen Sheive's picture

Sick and tired of this

I presently pay $139.00 for standard cable television and internet. That is $50 more than the original promotional agreement and $39.00 more than what I paid before the promotional. I have just about had it with the cost of Time Warner. They are nuts if they think we can continue to pay their costs.


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