J. Andrews: End the doomsday scenarios

I thank Marilyn Burgess for her recent letter "Gun ownership not under attack" (Sun Journal, Jan. 25).

She is correct; the NRA invites responsible Maine gun owners to treat every proposal for a reasonable restriction on firearms as the road to Armageddon.

Independent-minded Mainers usually have the common sense to reject that type of histrionic trash from outside political groups tied to big money politics. For instance, Maine voters tend to ignore those political attack ads from out-of-state political action committees with millions of corporate dollars to spend at election time.

But for some reason, Maine sportsmen and women seem especially susceptible to the siren call of the NRA.

That is because the group has become expert at scare tactics alleging some grand government conspiracy to take away firearms. It is also because the NRA has changed over the years. The group was once a trusted adviser to hunters and shooters — one that participated in the debate and ultimately supported the firearms legislation in the 1960s after several political assassinations.

Can anyone imagine that happening today?

Throwing bombs from the back benches (armed guards in schools) is not participating in the debate.

Frightening responsible gun owners with doomsday scenarios (the government taking my gun from my cold dead hands) is not participating in the debate.

Burgess is right; we are smarter than that.

Jim Andrews, Farmington

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MARK GRAVEL's picture

Perhaps the exaggeration is

Perhaps the exaggeration is only in your mind when watching CBS, NBC, MSMBC sell you that idea.

AL PELLETIER's picture

You noticed too, huh Jim.

When Wayne LaPierre , of the NRA, testified before congress this week his attitude and testimony added nothing to address the problem at hand. What can we do, as sensible Americans, to stop these senseless mass killings?
In fact when asked if the NRA could endorse universal background checks on ALL gun purchases he rejected the idea. Twenty years ago, in front of the same body, he said the NRA favored universal background checks. Why the shift in NRA policy? Are they now afraid that universal background checks might slow down gun sales? This is the only logical conclusion I can come up with.
The NRA could care less about the 2nd amendment. They could care less about public safety. They could care less about how many children will die.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Al, Al, Al, I have to keep

Al, Al, Al, I have to keep reminding you that while these “mass killings” are tragic, they are very infrequent as compared to other hazards in life.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Mark, Mark, Mark

Diminishing the frequency of these "hazards in life" doesn't mean we should ignore them, as you and the NRA would wish us to do.

Jason Theriault's picture

The NRA and their corporate sponsors are having a field day

It's kinda funny. The very same people who see themselves as independent patriots, willing to stand up to the government with deadly force if necessary, being so easily manipulated like cattle to drive up demand and the cost of these weapons. In April, when the quarter closes, it will be interesting to see how much they suckered out of this "fiercely independent " herd of patriots.

I mean, if people thought about it, and realized that any change in what weapons are banned would have to go through congress, like Feinstein is doing. But I think everyone and their sister knows that bill is DoA in the House. So there is no reason to go all "hoarder" on magazines and AR-15's. You will need a democratic congress and president to get that done. I think democrats and Obama are playing along because it will give them some cover for the fiscal fight coming up and then issues for the next election. But I think outside of background checks, nothing is going to get done, and the NRA knows it, but sees an opportunity to drive up membership and sales, so it's acting like they are all that stands in the way of an overthrow of the United States.

It's hyperbol


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