K. Kienitz: No balance with editorial cartoons

It's bad enough having to endure the proselytizing columns of Cal Thomas over the years in the Sun Journal. There are any number of intelligent conservative editorialists whose columns the Sun Journal could run — George Will, Peggy Noonan, David Brooks and George Will, to name a few — yet week after week I am subjected to Thomas' preachy, poorly reasoned rants.

Insult has been added to injury with the recent regular inclusion of the cartoons of Glenn McCoy which, like Thomas' columns, consistently appeal to the reactionary far right.

A large number of McCoy’s cartoons depict Obama as a grotesque bogeyman. For example, a recent cartoon (Jan. 23) shows Obama's Bible going up in flames as he takes the oath of office. Another recent one depicts him as the Grinch whose mission is to raise taxes, and another shows him shoving Santa aside and saying he's going to be giving away "all the free stuff" — all drawn with angry contorted features.

McCoy has created an Obama monster who stokes the exaggerated fears and paranoia of the political right. His comics are not humorous; they are angry and acerbic.

Other editorial cartoonists, such as Dave Granlund, poke fun at all sides of the political spectrum. Why is it that McCoy’s vitriolic work has become a Sun Journal mainstay?

Is the Sun Journal going the way of Fox News? At least Cal Thomas's views are somewhat counter balanced by Leonard Pitts's columns. Why can't there be balance when it comes to political cartoons?

Kathleen Kienitz, Auburn

Editor's note: The Sun Journal strives for balance on its editorial page. Glenn McCoy was added to maintain that balance among the other choices: Dave Granlund, Jeff Stahler and Stuart Carlson, all of whom are usually seen as being politically liberal. McCoy's work is included at the most, twice a week.

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Apparently, Ms. Kienitz is

Apparently, Ms. Kienitz is opposed to most things that represents a conservative point of view. Aren't liberals constantly preaching tolerance?


How's this?

Politically incorrect three different ways.

RONALD RIML's picture

"Politically Incorrect"



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