Police say Winthrop man threatened men with machete

LEWISTON — Police on Thursday charged a Winthrop man with threatening a couple with a machete.

Police stormed a home at 24 Tappan Farm Road in Winthrop after getting a call that people were being held hostage there. Police found Nicholas Rolling, 20, who lived at the home and charged him with terrorizing with a dangerous weapon, a Class C felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. Police also charged Rolling with criminal restraint with a dangerous weapon, also a Class C felony.

Police said Kyle Feeney, 25, owner of the home, and Daniel St. Hilaire, 46, were asleep when Rolling woke them and accused them of taking his money. Rolling punched St. Hilaire in the face and threatened to kill both men with a machete if they didn't return his money, police wrote in a news release.

Rolling had swung the machete at Feeney as he fled up a flight of stairs, police said. Rolling threatened Feeney that he would kill St. Hilaire with the machete if he didn't come downstairs, police said.

Feeney called police on a cellphone while hiding from Rolling.

Rolling's bail was set at $10,000 cash with conditions, including he not have any contact with Feeney or St. Hilaire.

Rolling was taken to Kennebec County Jail.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Police say Winthrop man threatened men with machete

Mainers, Groundhog day - night
. . Ayuh , that's how they do it here , too . Machetés , axes , hatchets , other blunt implements of destruction . Dec - Jan we had a killing spree here . 4 - 5 murders , two policement attacked . They caught the perps . At least it's not guns . In fact , ' Pahoa ' actually means ' dagger ' in Hawai'ian . Let's face it , violence is a social norm now . Get used to it . /s, Steve & Aloha from Pahoa HI 96778 :)

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"At least it's not guns." So,

"At least it's not guns."
So, are we to conclude that the 4-5 murdered people are any less dead because they were hacked to death rather than shot with guns? Looks like Pineapple Land could stand a ban on anything that cuts.
"Let's face it, violence is a social norm now. Get used to it."
We are used to it, Steve. It's you anti-gun bleeding hearts that are having a big problem with it. Violence has been the norm in society since Cain slew Abel.

David Pinkham's picture

Ready to allocate taxes to the appropriate causes?

Riml - Yes.

David Pinkham's picture

Warehouse mental cases ??

You wanna get really angry??

I've had two DAs sit there with straight faces and tell me we can't warehouse mental cases.

They have rights.

Anybody know Paul Kersey's phone number?

Steve  Dosh's picture

David ?

David ? http://www.anywho.com Terroristic threatening and stalking's illegal ?  /s Steve

RONALD RIML's picture

We might - If you and our fellow Mainer's wanted to Pay for it.

Ready to pay more taxes? A helluva lot more taxes??

According to a report by the Treatment Advocacy Center: "The Shortage of Public Hospital Beds for Mentally Ill Persons" - "A consensus of experts polled for this report suggests that 50 public psychiatric beds per 100,000 population is a minimum number." The report states that Maine has a "Severe bed shortage" with only 12.6 beds per 100,000 population.

So what is it, David?? Even if these mental cases were willing to voluntarily commit themselves - there's no room.

Unless you are willing to increase the capacity of Maine's public psychiatric hospitalization program by 400% to meet minimum standards.

Do you have any idea what that would cost? Are you willing to pay it??

Bob White's picture

They probably the only reason

They probably the only reason their not going after the ban machette angle is because he's african american.

RONALD RIML's picture

You're just saying that because

you're White, Bob ;)

GARY SAVARD's picture

I can't argue with you on

I can't argue with you on that, Ron. Funny!

RONALD RIML's picture

So you "Got it" - Gary. Good on You!!!

It'll fly right over the heads of some others.......

Mark Elliott's picture

wonder why?

Mental case uses machette, lock up the mental case......but when mental case uses a gun, lock up the gun.

RONALD RIML's picture

How many assaults by concealed machete carriers???

Don't worry - "Mental Case's" 'Machete' mostly likely confiscated for evidence and 'locked up'

Mark Elliott's picture

None in the state because we

None in the state because we carry guns! Take guns away and rest assured, we will see machette wielding crazies! I can assure you, had he used a gun, it would also be confiscated and locked up.

Mark Elliott's picture

None in the state because we

None in the state because we carry guns! Take guns away and rest assured, we will see machette wielding crazies! I can assure you, had he used a gun, it would also be confiscated and locked up.

James Andrews's picture


Lock this mental case up!


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