D. Tozier: School is no 'spaghetti western'

If you think today’s educators should be packing guns, may I point out that any ape can be taught, pretty quickly, to pick up a gun, aim, shoot and hit the bull’s eye. But frighten or confuse that ape, and you have a screeching, spinning, out of control creature waving a gun and firing willy-nilly at anything and everything.

I’m not inferring that educators are no better than apes, at least not in the intellectual sense. And although some may be ex-military, most are like those of us able to (maybe) kill a stationary deer at 100 yards.

So imagine a panicked teacher, fearing for her students’ lives and her own, who hears a sound and starts firing in the direction she thinks it came from. Soon bullets are ricocheting all over the place and hitting goodness knows what or whom!

I wonder, is there any self- respecting educator who wants to think that it might have been his shot that killed the principal, or school nurse, or a child, or one of the very people sent to save them?

In the "spaghetti westerns" all the actors get up, dust off and go out for a drink after the “shoot.” Alas, in real life some folks aren’t that lucky.

For many years we’ve endured increasing social, economic, political stress, and such burgeoning paranoia that we’ve become virtually unaware of it until somebody cracks and goes off fully cocked.

Stop gun violence by recognizing and relieving the pressure.

Diana Tozier, Poland

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Dave Ricker's picture

Mental health

Has D. Tozier ever trained an ape to shoot then put the armed ape into a confusing situation then documented results? I did not think so.

No one wants to merely arm teachers, but training will eliminate panic which Ms Tozier so unfoundedly refers to. Some teachers should not be armed which makes the case for formerly experienced personal for security purposes.

If she does not want people going off fully cocked then why does she not address the broader issue of mental illness? Manson, Gazey & Bundy all mentally ill and even gun confiscation would not have helped an untold number of victims of senseless violence.

I would like to ask Ms Tozier to do the issue of gun violence the respect of not sensationalizing it, but let's deal with the facts as they exist.


Jason Theriault's picture

The Answer.

Lets break this down. Gun control and school safety are really two different issues. Don't get me wrong - I want more gun control. 11,000 people died in 2011 from guns, and most of them were not in schools.

The solution for schools is better doors to the classrooms. The door is the last line of defense. It should be made so that not only can it retain it's integrity when shot with everything under a .50 bmg, it should be able to latch at multiple points so that there is no single point of failure. You keep the gunman out of classrooms, you win the battle.
Throw in some windows too, and the kids would be safe.

Doors and windows are also cheaper than armed guards.

ERNEST LABBE's picture


Ok Diana you came up with senarios against arming teachers and one sentence about the problem. How do you propose we " Stop gun violence by recognizing and relieving the pressure." ?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"Celluloid heros never feel

"Celluloid heros never feel any pain. Celluloid heros never really die." Dave Davies..Kinks

Andrew Jones's picture

You can take handgun classes

You can take handgun classes that cater specifically to high stress situations:


And that is just specialty training. When I took my class for my concealed firearms permit, our instructors had us shooting over and around barrels, seated at a chair, etc.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Sounds like good training.

Was anyone shooting back at you? If not, you didn't pass the stress test.

Andrew Jones's picture

There was no return fire, but

There was no return fire, but we were timed and graded by how long it took to unholster and fire and how well our shot placement was. Even if there isn't anyone shooting at you, hearing some guy pop off a few shots from a 45cal next to you is pretty god damned unnerving.

I've never been to any specialized training sessions but I imagine they do a decent job at replicating a life and death environment; even if they don't, you can always go play paintball. :-)

AL PELLETIER's picture

Andrew, I'm not putting you down.

What I'm saying is that when your in a controlled shooting situation knowing your life is in no danger your reactions may be very different then when your in a situation where your life is in eminent danger because someones shooting back at you. ( been there, done that and threw my "John Wayne" mentally out the window, and I was very well trained).

GARY SAVARD's picture

Imagination is a wonderful

Imagination is a wonderful thing. From it, you can create whatever scenario you choose to come up with or that you are mentally or morally comfortable with. Imagination and "What If" go hand in hand, because in each instance, there is no end to the variables that can be created for the outcome of a particular situation. .


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