Peru resident asks about public access channel

PERU — Resident Warren Oldham asked selectmen Monday night why the town doesn't have a public access cable channel so their meetings can be televised.

Selectmen said it was to save money. Also, the town voted a while ago not to contract with Time Warner for such a channel.

Oldham said many people want the meetings televised so they could see what is happening.

Martha Witherell said because the way the referendum was worded, people didn’t realize they were voting for no access channel.

No decision was made on the issue Monday.

Road Commissioner Joe Roach roads would be posted in the next couple of weeks.

Selectman Richard Powell asked why the Shackle Hill bridge was not listed to be inspected.

Roach said it didn't qualify due to its size.

A veterans exemption was approved for David Magoon.

The board was informed that Central Maine Power will do roadside brush cutting and tree trimming in the spring. The board was also informed that Dan Wells is going to harvest trees on 15 of 150 acres on Hammond Hill Road.

It was also announced that Scouts will be sledding behind the town office on Feb. 20.

The New England Performance Rally is scheduled for July 27 and Dickvale and Concord Pond roads will be closed at times during the race.

There will be no selectmen's meeting Feb. 11 due to the hearing on selectmen recalls at 6 p.m. at the former elementary school. It was unclear how the hearing would be conducted as board Chairman Tim Holland said he did not plan to attend.

"I’ve done nothing wrong and if people want to talk to me they can at anytime," he said.

Five petitions to recall all five selectmen, Holland, Powell, Ed Ferland, Kathy Hussey and Laurieann Milligan, have been submitted to the town.

The two naming Hussey and Milligan were initiated by Tammy Ferland, wife of the Ed Ferland. Generally, both documents say the women are not doing what they were elected to do, Town Clerk Vera Parent said previously. They were presented to the board Jan. 7.

On Jan. 14, petitions to recall Holland, Ferland and Powell were presented to the board. Reasons cited for removing them from office were failure to represent the will of the people and failure to carry out appropriately the duties of the office.

All five petitions will be voted on March 4.

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 's picture


get it on access channel...I am amazed how many people watch this enough for democracy.

Tammy Ferland's picture

Petitions submitted Jan 14

Why aren't the names of the individuals who circulated and submitted the petitions against Holland, Ferland and Powell listed in this article too? Hmmmmmmmm.........


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