Frankfort woman gets 3 months in baby mauling case

BELFAST — A Frankfort woman authorities say was passed out drunk when the family dog mauled her infant daughter to death has been sentenced to three months in jail.

Katrina Mitchell of Frankfort was sentenced Wednesday in Waldo Country Superior Court after pleading no contest in December to a charge of endangering the welfare of a child.

Authorities say 7-month-old Annabelle Mitchell was fatally mauled by the family's Rottweiler in April 2011 while Mitchell was drunk and passed out on a couch. The baby's father was not home. The dog was euthanized.

WABI-TV ( ) reports that the 31-year-old Mitchell's lawyer said it was in the best interests of his client to get the case wrapped up. She was also sentenced to a year of probation and ordered to undergo substance abuse counseling.

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 's picture

3 months in Jail?, what a joke.

I personally feel that this person needs more than a 3 month jail sentence. She needs to be forbidden to ever have another animal. She also needs to be locked in a room with a vicious dog, and have the same done to her that was done to that innocent child.

Steve  Dosh's picture

. .Bruce , 13.02.08 i have to

. .Bruce , 13.02.08
i have to agree with you •
i was thinking she would get ' involuntary manslaughter ' or w o r s e ( at the very least ) . Being drunk is an explanation , not an excuse . Humans were harmed ( killed ) in the making of this particular Stephen King horror flick
Life imitates art once again
It turned my stomach to read the scant particulars about this case . I won't go so far as to say that some people are unqualified to have children and should have their tubes tied because we are not in Red China , but you catch my driƒt
This is also why , ( in my humble estimation ) , Maine gay couples should be able to legally adopt abused , feral , and neglected children of your crack whores , bath salt , ice ( crystal meth ) abusers and other miscreants • Enough said ?
Stay warm and indoors
/s , Steve


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