W. Lowell: The uneducated are not the problem

Oh, look. Yet another bizarre, ranting letter from Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald attacking the people he is supposed to serve (Jan. 19).

If he can't bear being in the public eye, in both positive and negative lights, then he should not have sought elected office. The same goes for Gov. Paul LePage, with his distress about being followed to public events by a Democrat with a video camera.

It is also regrettable that the mayor of Lewiston cannot even write a grammatical sentence. The opening line in his letter, "In response to Rachel Lowe's guest column Dec. 30, 'Set policy based on fact, not rhetoric,' is to say, look who is calling the kettle back" demonstrates this. This is how people see Mayor Macdonald. He may be angry, but ought to pause to consider before firing off a hasty attack.

On many occasions, Mayor Macdonald has condemned the uneducated as a burden to society. However, as he illustrates, it is not the uneducated who are the problem. It's the willfully ignorant.

Wheeler Rudolph Lowell, Buckfield

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Ignorance is bliss....

Finally the truth is out, ignorance is finally put in it's place.
What constitutes an intelligent person, is it based on education, or is it based on ability? Over the years I've heard arguments for both sides, but when it come right down to it, I would rather have someone with me who knows how to do something, instead of someone who's acquired the highest IQ in their study group. Some of the most intelligent people I know have never gone further than twelfth grade, some not even that far. The dumbest person I ever met was a professor at M.I.T. in Cambridge MA. This guy had the brains to solve all the problems of the world, but the man could not, for the life of him, change a tire on a "63" Volkswagen Beetle. Who would you rather have with you on a remote stretch of Rt. 95 around Milford at two in the morning, in a snow storm, with a flat tire.
So many people are apparently able to judge a person or group of people strictly on totally unimportant factors. I feel that if the mayor of Lewiston would take the time to learn the true capabilities of these so called uneducated people, he may learn that there are many types of education out there. He may actually realize that even he isn't as educated as he thinks he is, and that my friend, is pure ignorance.....

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Well Rudolph, I guess if you

Well Rudolph, I guess if you can’t refute the message, attack the messenger. The fact that you are sitting home penning this personal attack and Mr. Macdonald is the Mayor speaks a volumes about achievement.

Outcomes matter!

RONALD RIML's picture

Mark has never attacked the 'Messenger'


MARK GRAVEL's picture

Here is a real-time example

Here is a real-time example of what I said - Q.E.D.


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