A. McKay Barnett: Dixfield needs wind moratorium

Canton, Carthage and Dixfield, along with Roxbury, are going to be a discredit to our "scenic" River Valley.

Governors Baldacci and King saw money made before our wilderness is saved. If anybody could get inside this commercial wind industry and uncover the scams of government mandates and subsidies, people  would be red-faced in shame.

Carthage town fathers led a special town meeting with no regard for the handicapped and I believe vital information was withheld from voters.

The act of persons counting votes, with a stake in vote turnout, I think was wrong.

The wind moratorium vote in Carthage was 42-48, a close vote.

Why don’t the citizens of Carthage petition for another vote?

Canton had a special town meeting on a wind ordinance for the town. I don't think it was right that a long-time select person moved the question at this meeting (resulting in a 37-24 vote defeating the proposal for moratorium).

So why don’t the citizens of Canton petition for another vote?

Dixfield need a moratorium. Once the Department of Environmental Protection accepts the application, home rules do not apply any more.

Alice McKay Barnett, Carthage

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 's picture

Dixfield resident

I would like to thank the Town Manager for reminding me in a round about way that I am not a resident/voter of Dixfield. But as a resident of South Carthage, I can see the beautiful mountains of Dixfield, Canton, Carthage, Peru, Wilton, Jay, Livermore from my front window. I will be totally affected by these giant turbines they choose to erect in these towns....visual, flicker, sound, vibratory waves, animal influence, tourism, taxes, electrical rates, the list goes on and on.

So, thank you, Mr. Skibitsky for putting me in my place.

Norman Mitchell's picture

Dixfield moratorium

Yes Dixfield needs a moratorium ! , but members of select board wont here it ! I turned in a petition with 200 names on it it went no place !! People in this river valley need to wake up !! Way to go Alice

 's picture

This has always been the problem

Wind Turbines are perfectly acceptable, if someone wants to invest the money, in a empty plateau surrounded by sterile mountains as in the Rachel Maddow commercial. Turbines don't belong in people's back yards.
Town selectmen and land owners with dollar signs like sheep running through their dreams are doing a disservice to their communities.

 's picture

All three of these projects

All three of these projects fall into the category of being in proximity to residential property versus wilderness areas. Banks and investors are showing an apprehension towards releasing their funds to projects which have a good chance of being considered for lawsuits to settle issues of noise and diminished property values. In Massachusetts, actual removal of turbines that are even smaller than those proposed for the organized towns of Carthage, Canton and Dixfield, are in the document stage.
There is very little chance that this wind project(s) will stand the test of public and economic acceptance. Simply too close to residential property.
We are all too much in the mood for a quick dollar of gimmick, just to watch the bubble burst and put us further into situations calling for higher taxes or bailouts.


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