B. Hixon: A return of Democratic intelligence

Fortunately for Maine's families, workers, students, teachers, disabled, unemployed, elderly and others, Gov. LePage and his Republican legislative puppets will remain the driving force behind their own demise and the election of a Democratic governor in 2014.

By returning Democrats to the majority in both legislative houses last November, we have collectively and resolutely sent the message to Augusta that “tea party” policies and irresponsible legislation will cost them their legislative seats.

As a member of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers of America, I am sure our newly elected Democratic majorities now have the opportunity to show Maine that the damage of the past two years can be mitigated, and the security of our families, workers and most vulnerable restored via proactive and intelligently conceived legislation, and removal of self-serving conservative corporate interests from power.

Maine will have only one more hurdle to clear when the gubernatorial election occurs and, by supporting the Democratic candidate, offering constructive and realistic input to our legislators and supporting the important causes of organized labor and America's workforce, we can return Maine to what it should rightfully be.

Bruce K. Hixon, Bowdoin

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Donald Irish's picture

Yes, by all means Maine needs

Yes, by all means Maine needs to return to the Democratic Party form of goverment. That is," As Maine goes, so goes the Nation." BROKE, in debt and building more debt. Shame on you Republicans, trying to cut back the cost of the State Give away Programs. Shame on you Republicans trying to pay Me hospitals money the state owes. We got most of you out of there, now we have to get that no account Governor out also. Then we can go back the way things have been for the last 40 years to the way Democrats govern, tax and spend, spend and tax.


"Return" Maine to what it should rightfully be?

The editor chose the title A return of Democratic intelligence. Those last two words are an oxymoron. Maine will do an about-face and go backwards to much higher taxes, profligate spending, bonding current expenses, coddling unions and other special interests, and racking up lots of debt. In other words, Augusta will be DC writ small.

The author seems to imply that Maine should rightfully be the glorious socialist workers' paradise - and we are well launched at that goal.

GARY SAVARD's picture

This letter fails to mention

This letter fails to mention that when Baldacci was governor, he had a few years of a robust economy to help pay the bills, and then he used tobacco settlement money, stimulus funds, and leased the state's alcohol distribution rights out for ten years to help balance the books. Even with that, he left office with the State owing hundreds of millions in unpaid "Mainecare" bills to our hospitals, and an underfunded State Employee Retirement System. Our schools were never funded to 55%, and our roads and bridges were going to seed. All of this while democrats controlled the Blaine House and the Legislature. Maine spends more than it takes in, and until that is fixed, we will always be behind the financial eightball. Since the vast majority of spending is on education and social services, that, obviously, is where one needs to look for potential savings. I don't agree with all of Lepage's proposals, but you have to start somewhere, and certainly raising taxes in some areas needs to be discussed, but so do cuts to some programs.


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