J. Albrecht: Too high a price to pay

People in blogs, letters to the editor, and public statements have argued that they have a right to own any weapon so they can resist the government.

Samuel Adams answered them 227 years ago: “In monarchies, the crime of treason and rebellion may admit of being pardoned or lightly punished, but the man who dares rebel against the laws of a republic ought to suffer death.”

Adoption of the Constitution establishing our Republic invalidated the Declaration of Independence’s "right of rebellion."

Semi-automatic firearms designed to accept detachable magazines should be regulated, not banned, under the National Firearms Act of 1934. The Heller decision should not stand in the way of regulating some handguns.

If firearms are to be regulated, regulate them for their functionality – the rate at which they can discharge bullets, their concealability, and the lethality of the bullet not cosmetics. The configuration of the firearm – handgun, rifle, shotgun – matters not. How dangerous the firearm is should determine how it is regulated.

We are not powerless to limit tragedies like Aurora and Newtown.

Twenty children is too high a price to pay.

Jon Albrecht, Dixfield

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Commissar Albrecht likes to cherrypick ...

... the words of the Founders to support his own political beliefs: intrusive big government, good; individual responsibility, bad. That was the bait.

The switch appeared in his 2nd letter, for some reason mashed up with his first, advocating more regulation based solely on emotion. Increased regulation affects only responsible gun owners, not criminals and whackos.

If Albrecht just wants to limit tragedies, if 20 is too high, is 15 OK? 10? What's an acceptable tragedy? And how does more regulation achieve any limit level?

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

You so completely don't understand the country you live in

No emotion. Samuel Adams has no skin in the game; he's been dead for a few hundred years. His opinion was voiced before we had a republican government. But he perfectly answered the "small goverment" survivalist rhetoric which tries to cherry pick the founders to find support for their anti-patriotic, anti-government, anti-American views.
20 dead children is an attack on all Americans. If you don't understand we have a serious, community destroying problem its perfectly defines your egoism and dismissal of our responsibilities as citizens.


Avoided the question again.

How does more regulation solve any problems? Like our president, you use dead children to shield yourself from questions you can't answer.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

I don't use dead children as a shield

Dead children establish the dimensions of the problem and justify under the Constitution regulation. Its called a compelling interest.
Regulation doesn't solve every problem but it does solve some of the problems. Your view is that we are powerless to protect those children and we aren't. The NRA says that universal background check won't work because the criminal will go where they don't go through a background check. That's a meaningless position. The whole point of regulation is to drive the unqualified into the underground black market. With enforcement and proper laws like criminalizing gun trafficing, forcing the unqualified into the black market increases the opportunities for police to identify and arrest them. Traffic stops, sting opeations and other law enforcement actions would then be able to take action. Of course, enforcement is critical to anything working which is why the NRA has opposed every effort at state and federal levels to enforce gun laws, collect data on gun crimes, and defunded research.
The NRA position is that in order that some people can gratify their personal enjoyment of gun recreation others will die. That is not a view that any govenment could tolerate that has as its primary duty the protection of its citizen's lives.


Special interest groups have your back.

The whole point of regulation is to drive the unqualified into the underground black market.

The dons and the cartels are salivating for your success.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Here we go again!!!

Here we go again!!!

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

No Mark

I just was lucky to find that quote in a book I was giving away after reading a dozen survivalist comments in the prior week on their non-existent right to overthrow the government.


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