J. Lowell: Happy to have conservative viewpoint

I would like to thank the Sun Journal for having the courage to air both sides of the political spectrum in using columns by Cal Thomas, a conservative, and editorial cartoons by Glenn McCoy.

After having to endure the "love fest" that NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, all local news, the AP, Reuters and most newspapers have with President Obama, it is refreshing.

It is not very difficult to see the bias. Listen to any news broadcast other than FOX and it is —  Democrats, all good; Republicans, all bad — 24/7, FOX being the only news station with opposing views, yet the left cannot tolerate FOX.

Kathleen Kienitz (letter, Feb. 1) does not really want balance.

She wants the Sun Journal to use moderate writers, like Peggy Noonan. No conservatives allowed. She wants editorial cartoons that suit her ideals.

We are constantly berated to be tolerant, to be politically correct. The left have adopted those words as part of its mantra. The trouble is the left only wants other people to be tolerant. Its followers totally want their own way.

The tactic? Whine, badger and berate until they get it.

Judy Lowell, Rumford

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Isn't it odd

Isn't it odd that every media outlet known to man with the exception of Fox News is biased towards the left? Maybe, just maybe, everyone else is right and Fox News is the one with the problem? This is all part of the bubble that Republicans live in.
Fox viewers live by the creed that "I'm not crazy, the rest of the world is!"

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

There is but one truth.

There is but one truth. Apparently, only Fox chooses to report it.


Ah, proof of the bubble!

Ah, proof of the bubble!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

That's what a liberal calls

That's what a liberal calls it. A conservative would call it a difference of opinions.


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