R. McInnis: Is zip line feasible?

The estimated cost for the proposed phase one 1,300-foot zip line from the foot trail by the Rumford library to the snow dump is $150,000. That zip line would require two employees trained in safety and operating procedures plus insurance coverage (according to information in the Sun Journal, Feb. 5).

The estimate of $20 per rider means it would take 7,500 riders just to pay for the installation of phase one. The expenses of the operators, insurance and maintenance would mean rider totals would have to be higher.

The estimated total for the complete, seven world-class zip lines would be more than $1.5 million.

Where will all the people come from to support the zip line park?

I don't think many retired people in Rumford would ride those zip lines. If built, the cost of that park would be a burden to them.

Richard McInnis, Rumford

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Zip lines, eh? Looks like the

Zip lines, eh?
Looks like the whole state has turned into a 'fun house'.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Maybe I just don't get it....

I don't get the attraction. To me it looks like falling out of a huge tree sideways. Then you usually hit what ever is at the other end. If it's a tree, it just looks like you jumped from tree to tree, sideways. Why not just take your average gondola lift and release the brakes, then you can sit in comfort while screaming your brains out. Although I think the stop on that might be a little abrupt. At least then you might squeeze off one or two pictures during the ride.....

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Build it and they will come -

Build it and they will come - right?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

More succinctly, this idea is

More succinctly, this idea is a waste of money.


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