Brunswick woman charged after boy, 3, leads police to allegedly passed-out mom

BRUNSWICK, Maine — A 38-year-old Brunswick woman was charged with child endangerment Thursday after her 3-year-old son answered the door and led the police to his allegedly intoxicated and passed-out mother.

Gwendolyn Cardente, 38, was issued a criminal summons for child endangerment, Deputy Chief Marc Hagan of the Brunswick Police Department said Friday.

Just before 5 p.m. Thursday, a caseworker for the Maine Department of Health and Human Services asked Brunswick police to check on Cardente after her 3-year-old son answered the phone and, according to Hagan, told the caseworker, “I can’t wake Mom up. She’s laying on the floor sleeping.”

When Brunswick officers arrived, the child answered the door and led them to the woman, who was allegedly passed out on the floor. Officers subsequently determined she was intoxicated, according to Hagan, and she was taken to Mid Coast Hospital.

The child is staying with relatives, Hagan said.

Cardente is scheduled to appear in West Bath District Court on April 16 to face the charge.

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She should not get her child back till she goes through re-hab and shows that she is clean for at least a year....this is not fair for the poor child who has to live with a drunk...what would have happened if there was a fire in the house?? How long has this been going on with this child....if the mother is passed out, who feeds this child and sees that the child is safe..It makes me so mad to see the damage a drunk and dug abusers do to their children...she does not deserve to get her child back for a long time...

 's picture

Drunk mom?

Of course in this case the state, will definately just slap her on the wrist as usual, and say don't do it again. This woman needs alcahol counceling, and deserves to have her child taken away for up to 5 years. They should also not give her any rights to see her child, expecially un-supervised, understanding that she is dageroust for the child to be around.


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