J. Thompson: Work out a solution

So, the Maine congressional delegation is upset with the Postal Service’s decision to eliminate Saturday deliveries? Well, this taxpayer is upset because Congress has done nothing substantial to help solve the Postal Service’s long-standing debt problem.

Maine's congressional delegation opposes eliminating Saturday delivery but has not offered any alternative solutions.

The Postal Service’s net loss has widened to $5.2 billion and the agency’s inspector general said the Postal Service could face a $100 million cash shortfall in mid-October.

To control costs, postal officials want Congress to pass legislation that would allow the agency to end Saturday mail delivery and run its own health plan rather that enrolling USPO employees in federal health programs.

The Postal Service is a business that needs flexibility to solve its financial problems without interference from Congress. How odd that the Postal Service gets no tax dollars, but remains subject to congressional control.

I predict Congress will continue procrastinating until it is too late and the Postal Service declares bankruptcy. Then, at the very last moment, Congress or the president will give the Postal Service a taxpayer-paid bailout.

The last thing this country needs is to add more to the $16.5 trillion national debt and I implore the Maine delegation to work out a solution to this pressing problem, and not simply kick the can down the road.

James Thompson, Lisbon

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Sell it.

Sell it to FedEx or UPS ... the highest bidder in the private sector. But do it with one iron-clad guarantee: the complete elimination of all requirements imposed by any entity of the federal government on the USPS - most especially requirements for unionization. And, just to sweeten the deal, eliminate all Congressional franking privileges.


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