R. Caron: Kill or be killed mentality

America is destroying itself. There is a group of individuals wrapped up in action-oriented games where the player interacts with made-up creatures, killing and destroying as much as possible.

Then there are members of the military where, again, killing is the main agenda — kill or be killed. It doesn't help that there have been two major wars where the same individuals have been asked to serve two or three tours of duty.

Many of those veterans will return very damaged, possibly walking time bombs. Many will be unable to regulate their own personal lives.

Add the nation's glorification of guns (the constitutional right for all individuals to arm themselves) and this nation has created the pure ingredients for self-destruction.

Unfortunately, many innocent individuals get hurt in that process.

Rolande Caron, South Paris

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You probably would not have

You probably would not have liked living in the old days of the 'Wild, Wild West', then.

Jason Theriault's picture

Would you?

I wouldn't have liked it, but it would have little to do with the guns, and more with the lack of computers and indoor plumbing.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture

All western civilizations since the 1500's have collapsed

because of the cost of the military - Spain, France, Russia, England, Netherlands, Austria-Hungry, and Germany. And certainly Rome where worship of manliness and war helped bring about the worst collapse in the ancient world.
Our gun culture, male chauvanism, and adoption of a philosophy of unilateral war, threatens the same. Our budget for war now exceeds $1 Trillion. It and tax-cuts are the primary cause of the Federal Debt.
We must soon turn our backs on all but defensive war or see our grandchildren living in hovels.

Jim Cyr's picture

The "Primary cause of the Federal Debt"

are all the "Unconstitutional" alphabet soup agencies and entitlements programs. And lets not forget the "FED". Our problem is "SPEND,SPEND,SPEND". It's impossible to tax/spend our way into prosperity ! Smaller Constitutional government is the only answer.

Jonathan Albrecht's picture


Europe has tried austerity in this last financial crisis; it failed. We have no spending problem. Check Federal appropriations for fiscal year 2013 in real terms against those in 2009 (bush's last budget) . They have gone down. The deficit has gone down from $1.3 trillion to $845 billion.
We do have a huge revenue problem. Federal Income Tax top bracket rate peaked after WWII at 94% (52% effective rate) to 35% with effective rates down below 15% top rate today. The special reduced capital gains rate was invented during this period radically reducing the effective rate of the top income earners (Romney should pay under 9% effective rate in 2011). And huge loopholes for business and individual top earners we added to the code further reducing the effective rate. The depression of 2008 further reduced Federal revenues.
Smaller Constitutional government is an oxymoron as we now know codified by the Tobacco Companies and the Koch Brother (John Birch Society).


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