Maine troopers enforce seat belt laws

PORTLAND — Maine State Police say they've been cracking down on seat belt violators.

Troopers recently issued tickets for seat belt violations to 13 drivers after spotting them while on patrol on Interstate 295 between Scarborough and Falmouth.

Police say troopers in Hampden spent 2½ hours on an Interstate 95 overpass identifying drivers who weren't buckled up, then radioing other troopers on the interstate to pull over the violators.

In that instance, police say 17 drivers were cited and a number of others received warnings.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Maine troopers enforce seat belt laws

Mainers, 5 pm hst ?
l o l " To serve and protect ." i used to train police in the U S Peace Corps . i did :) . One of the officers i worked with in Micronesia just retired as the Chief of Police in Honolulu HI ( Bossey Correa )
One of their most difficult jobs is to protect citizens ( the ' polis ' or ' politic ' -- from the Latin ) from themselves
Think about that , anarchists and fascits
b t w - suicide is illegal , guys ( attempted 1st degree and premeditated murder )
Think and drive
Live free and drive
It's a privilege , not a right . /s , Steve

FRANK EARLEY's picture

There's a :Cushy" job...

I heard they had a trooper sitting on an overpass looking for violators and radioing ahead. They should just ride around with a trucker. You wouldn't believe what I've witnessed in twenty five years or so. Seat belt usage comes in at about tenth on my list of things to see.....

Steve  Dosh's picture

Frank ? You heard wrong . .

Frank ? You heard wrong . . fantasy , folklore , fable and fiction ?  :)

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Not total fantasy....

They do that everywhere, no one ever notices. I used to see the State Police sitting on the Rt. 126 overpass in Gardner all the time catching people approaching the Gardner toll booth coming from the north. It's quite the little money maker for the State. People should pay more attention, that rusted out old pick up truck on the overpass, isn't always a broken down truck. I got pulled over by a "grass mowing tractor" in the median in Georgia, they just sat on it and aimed their radar, before you really see him, your nailed. They have mastered the art of using their radios......

Bob Berry's picture

I paid for that?

I paid to have that Trooper do this? Ridiculous. I always wear my seatbelt, but it is not the government's place to say I have to!

Steve  Dosh's picture

l o l Bob , Nice C Y A

l o l Bob , Nice C Y A action ?  Never say always :) /s Steve

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

We can thank JEB for having

We can thank JEB for having made being unbuckled in a car a primary and stoppable offense. Interesting though, how he never had the stones to go after the helmetless motorcycling lobby. We're supposed to think this is all about safety, but anything with a pulse knows it's about revenue generation.
Using state troopers for enforcing seat belt laws is like having the players sweep out the stadium after a football game.

David Marsters's picture


They should be out solving crime, not bothering hard workers trying to make a living. Has anyone seen the stats on seat belt use and the deaths they cause by cutting drivers and passengers in half and other serious injuries caused by seat belts. They may save a few lives but more are killed by them.

Steve  Dosh's picture

David ? l o l Your argument

David ? l o l Your argument makes no sense . Race car drivers at Oxford Plains use seatbelts . Truckers ( professional drivers ) use them . Elementary school bus drivers use them . .and they carry precious cargo . Pilots ? Airplane passengers ? NASA ®  umm. . Wait what did you ask ? The answer is Yes ?  /s Steve

Steve  Dosh's picture

Maine troopers enforce seat belt laws

Mainers 13.02.19 11:30 am ish hst • ?
Brain buckets work , too , motorcycle riders and slednecks . Why do you think they make them ? " Click it or Ticket ." $US94 fine here i Hawai'i •  /s Steve and ohana . ...

 's picture

While that maybe true, It

While that maybe true, It should not be up to the state, police, government to be able to tell me what I can and can't do.

Good or bad it should be my decision on whether I want to wear a seat belt, or helmet.

What we have right now is nothing more than a nanny state and as we have all noticed they haven't just stopped at seat belts. Now they want to control what we eat, drink, how we raise our children.

You give them an inch and they take a mile.


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