Portland lawmaker launches campaign to legalize, regulate pot

AUGUSTA – State Rep. Diane Russell, D-Portland, is launching a campaign Thursday to promote legislation that would regulate and tax marijuana use in Maine.

In a statement issued early Tuesday, Russell announced a State House news conference with the bill co-sponsors and other advocates for the measure, which aims to regulate marijuana the same way alcohol is.

Expected to join Russell for the noon news conference at the Visitor Center at the State House in Augusta are: Rep. Aaron Libby, R-North Waterboro; Shenna Bellows, of the ACLU of Maine; David Boyer, with Marijuana Policy Project; and Denny Gallaudet, a retired bank president and school superintendent.

“When it comes to keeping marijuana away from teens, keeping marijuana in an unregulated underground market is the worst possible policy,” said Russell in a statement. “Instead, marijuana should be sold by legitimate, taxpaying businesses in a tightly regulated market.”


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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Instead of launching a

Instead of launching a campaign to legalize the process of dopers doping themselves up, Ms. Russell might consider launching a campaign that would remove the ethanol for from our gasoline. She would be serving the common good rather than catering to a bunch of potheads.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Portland lawmaker launches campaign to legalize, regulate pot

Mainers , 13.02.19 20:20 hst ?

Smoking paka'lo'lo is a lot like the 5 5 mph law . People ignore it . That's not good . Pot ? Mary Jane ? Grass ? Medical Marijuana ? Chronic ? 4:20 ? THC ? Hashish ? What's all that ? Even Holland ( the Dutch - the Netherlands ? ) sells it in Starbux ® cafés

The irony for me is , whilst V P of our student goverment @ Bates [ the R A ] in 1 9 7 5 - 7 6 , we asked then candidate Jimmy Carter if he was going to " legalize it and not criticize it ." -- Peter Tosh

He responded , " Yes ," as he shook our newly minted 18 year old voting hands . btw - we could drink back then

i testified to your assembled State house in favor of it , too , when the matter was brought up there durng that session . There was an orator there at that time. . .. George Washington and Andy Jackson both grew hemp

It must be legalized and regulated like tobacco , a major , - m a j o r - US export crop from Raleigh and Winston - Salem NC , farmers . We grow the best tobacco in the world . Maryland tobacco is for pipes and Virginia is for cancer sticks ( coffin nails ) . Cuba makes the best cigars

Like tobacco i also believe marijuana causes cancer in the State of California , but i do not know this for a fact . I figure if you inject enough of anything into a rat he will eventually get cancer . h t h ? /s, Dr. Dosh , HI

ERNEST LABBE's picture

It;s about time

It;s about time to legalize it. This prohibition has worked as well as the alcohol one did. Like it's predicessor all it has done is make many people wealthy, filled our prisons, and kept the drug cops employed. It has done nothing to cut down the use of the users drug of choice.

We are in the middle of a deal to make millions on the sale of alchohol why not make money on pot also. Time has proven that people are going to use it anyway regardless of the sanctions against it.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Ernest , Tuesday

Ernest , Tuesday night
Prohibition has never worked any where any time for any thing for very long
People find a way of getting what they want , when they want it , by hook or by crook
Nixon classified pot as a schedule I ( one ) narcotic whilst Elvis Presley was giving him a personalized hand gun
How did he get that close to Tricky Dick with a loaded hand gun any way ?
That's what i want to know ?
Nixon gave him an " anti - narcotic agent " badge and we all know how he ( Elvis ) died
It's like the 18th and then the 21st amendments ( repealing it ) to our US Constitution
We need to repeal the 2nd amendment , also , while we're at it
i support the right to arm bears *<;-Q~ h t h ?  /s Steve

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Repeal the second amendment,

Repeal the second amendment, buddy, and you can kiss the first and the fifth goodbye. Is that what you want? Go ahead and arm your silly bears; we'll still outgun and outshoot 'em.

Thomas Maher's picture

About Time

This law passing would really depress the Governor and his plans to sell the prisons to private interests. Less criminals is bad for business, never mind the millions saved, the patients helped, the hypocrisy finally fixed.


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