T. Carey: Correcting misinformation

I read with concern Richard McInnis’ letter to the editor (Feb. 14) that his perception, and apparently those of others, that some folks believe that the Rumford Zip Line will be publicly funded. It will not.

The entire project will be privately funded.

As the Sun Journal’s article of Feb. 5 correctly stated, the town’s role in this matter is limited to a town meeting vote on whether to transfer title of the required land for the project. Upon transfer, that land will then become taxable and a further benefit to the taxpayer.

I was happy to hear my friend state that he will “get the word out” to those he believes are misinformed. I appreciate McInnis' letter, as it provides an opportunity to correct misinformation that could add another obstacle to the many that are still ahead.

As to the reference to the $20 per ride — nothing has been finalized. There are many numbers yet to be determined to make the project both inviting to the public, profitable for the investors and, most importantly, economically successful for Western Maine (particularly the Rumford area).

As for retirees not riding the zip line, how about the 80-year-old at the Fourth of July zip line who had a big grin at the finish.

Let’s not underestimate the “kid” in all of us.

Tom Carey, Rumford

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Well Said

Mr. Carey thank you for your letter to straighten out those who are being misinformed. It only takes a few to spoil opprtunities for bringing people to Rumford. It is about what kind of revenue will it bring. Will it or will it not? It will bring tax monies which Rumford needs. We lost the wind towers because of a few people who cost our great town tax funds and jobs. These same people who fought against the towers said they had know self interest but they did. If these same people don't benefit from something new coming to Rumford they will always fight against it. Thats why we have lost out in the past and will continue to do so as long as the voters continue to be swayed the wrong way.


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