K. Pease: Citizens denied input

Iberdrola Renewables proposes building a large wind energy facility in Concord and Lexington townships. While specific details of the project have been kept from the public, I know that wind turbines are growing in size with each new facility proposed. First Wind’s latest project calls for turbines 512 feet tall. To put that in perspective, these machines are almost 100 feet taller than the elevation Lexington’s village center rises above sea level.

IR’s industrial complex — miles long and sky-scraper high — is proposed for this quiet, rural area — a region inhabited by families who live here because we value Maine’s natural resources and the peace and serenity they provide.

The majority of the residents in these communities — as much as 85 percent — signed petitions opposing IR’s project. Our state senator, representative and county commissioners support our stance. We have conveyed our position to IR and landowner Plum Creek, but have been ignored.

Not only have they disregarded the will of the people who reside here, but IR just submitted an application to erect a fourth meteorological tower north of Peaked Hill. Why? To expand an already-massive project that is staunchly opposed by those who will live within its shadow and sound-shed?

People here have been denied input in the future of their community. We have done our homework — studying the science and economics and weighing the benefits and negative impacts. We are not uninformed. And we are Americans.

Do our votes and voices still count, or will a foreign corporation decide our fate?

Karen Bessey Pease, Lexington Township

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Cathy Russell's picture


I don't believe that it is only foreign 'say' swinging the wind turbines. The newly elected Sen. King, who has millions locked up in wind turbine energy, I am sure has something to do with placement of more turbines here in Maine. I don't like wind turbines because of the discomfort they create for those who live near them. As for placing them out at sea, I am certain that King has not researched it's effects to our wildlife in the ocean. Its all about money, folks! Our say matters little but if we were rich and would persuade those who could effect the decision with with money, you betcha wallet YOU would have say!

 's picture


taller than our mountains. "LOOM" is the word but..when half of the Bureau of Environmental Protection has not seen a turbine in real life..yet.. can still vote on visual impact in the Oakfield case....something is wrong.

When the Department of Environmental Protection claims to know what a structure is in Carthage Maine....something is wrong

hammer down Karen, the truth needs telling.


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