Jay will not pursue accepting credit cards for payments

JAY – Selectmen have opted not to pursue accepting credit cards at the Town Office for services, including paying taxes and reregistering vehicles.

The board reached a consensus on the matter at a meeting Feb. 11, Town Manager Ruth Cushman said.

Some people coming to the counter ask about using credit cards to pay for services, Cushman said. Each year, the staff asks selectmen how they feel about it.

It would mean there would be a surcharge for a transaction of more than $40 of 2.5 percent that would be passed on to the customer, she said. Under $40 is a $1 surcharge.

“The town would have to buy the program, pay licensing fees and purchase equipment, and selectmen felt this is not something we want to pursue at this time,” Cushman said.

The cost of the program software is $875, and $150 for the licenses, which does not include the swipe machine, she said.

However, there is a place on the town's website, www.jay-maine.org, where residents may connect to the state's Rapid Renewal Service for renewals of registrations for motor vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles, for which credit cards can be used, she said.

There is also a spot on Maine.gov to purchase fishing and hunting licenses. Once at Maine.gov, go to MOSES (the Maine Online Sportsman Electronic System). Credit cards are accepted at the site.


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The 1950's Called...

Sounds like they asked one greedy dub trying to make a buck at the town's expense rather than doing actual research.

Ken is absolutely right. Accepting credit card payments these days is cheap and easy. The cost is minimal. It can be passed on to only those who opt to use the service. The work required to implement it is simple and, for the most part, one time only. I speak with authority and experience as setting up commerce accounts has been my profession for the past 10 years.

I keep a checkbook for one reason only - the damn town office. Get out of the stone age and start serving the people of today. This is not your mommy's commerce.

And when you finally do it, get Wilton to do it too.

Ken Allen's picture

You all didn't do enough research.....

If taking credit cards was such a bad idea, then why is EVERY business doing so....it makes sense for the consumer and the entity charging the card.

You need to do more research and get some quotes involved because, terminals are free in most cases or you can get one on ebay for $15 as you don't need the latest and greatest.

There are no software or licensing fees.....I have been taking credit cards in my business for 15 years in Maine and this doesn't make any sense. Get a cheap machine and plug it into the phone line with a splitter; no software, no license.

The only thing you'd need to consider is the 2.5% surcharge which is normal and should be the consumers choice to pay and not the entity charging. The town of Jay sounds like they want to be like our current federal government.


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