K. Scribner: Tell the whole story

This is in response to the story about how sheriffs met with legislators to educate them with basic firearms (Feb. 17). The article had one important piece of information missing.

Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant stated that handguns are used for protection and shotguns and rifles are for sport hunting. He further stated that, by law, firearms used for hunting can only hold five rounds.

One of the most popular firearms used for hunting is the lever action hunting rifle. Several models used for hunting can contain up to six or seven rounds, legally.

The article shows pictures of guns of many actions, but not the lever action. I was taught to hunt with a Marlin lever-action hunting rifle, and it would hold seven rounds.

I also know of several hunters who use handguns for hunting, so they are not just for self protection.

Let's make sure that whenever we talk about subjects such as firearms, that we tell the whole story.

Kenneth Scribner, Durham

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Jason Theriault's picture

Reminds me

I once played a whole round of golf with a putter. I drove with a putter, I chipped with a putter, and, well, I putted with a putter.

Does that mean that I should play a round with my putter? No, I had a horrible score that day. It's possible to hunt with a handgun. I wouldn't recommend it though.

RONALD RIML's picture

Depends on

Who you're hunting and where. Rifles don't work out so well in very small buildings.

MARK GRAVE's picture

Kenneth, The truth cannot be


The truth cannot be told for one of two reasons.

1. The storyteller knows not what they are talking about.
2. The storyteller is trying to steer the listener to a predetermined conclusion.

The sad thing is many listeners are not interested in learning the truth.


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