Bill would stop Maine governments, agencies from buying bottled water

AUGUSTA — A bill up for legislative review would ban public agencies in Maine from purchasing bottled water.

The proposal, which is scheduled for a public hearing Monday afternoon, would apply to state government or any political subdivision, governmental agency or public benefit corporation of the state.

Bottled water has a number of critics, including environmentalists who say it creates up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year.

The bottled water industry is active in Maine and employs hundreds of people.

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Norman Rust's picture

Bottled Water Ban

Wow! I couldn't believe what I was reading!!! Here we are in a depressed economy in Maine (and the nation) and there are those who want to ban the sale of bottled water to Maine State agencies, and others! Bottled water industry is a good clean business in Maine and employs several people. Who in their right mind would want to intefer in that. Yes, the environment is important and that is why we have people who have business to recycle bottles. Who wants to cut down on those good folks? Let's get real and look at more important issues than banning the sale of bottled water to State agencies. Why don't those who are supporting such a ban putting their energy into attracting more businesses to Maine so that we can reduce our under employment and unemployment situation. Thanks for reading.

Jim Cyr's picture

With "Bills" like

this is a great reason the legislature should be meeting once every two years and for only six months at that. " REGULATE, REGULATE, REGULATE, TAX, TAX, TAX, SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!!

 's picture


Why don't they ban it for people on the food stamp program also while there at it, if they want to start some where.

Mark Elliott's picture

Let's not forget, drinking

Let's not forget, drinking bottled water is a "career ender" these days! Can you blame them?

Carl Kimball's picture


Bottle is more a handy thing then a hoax, but i understand why it's important to get rid of bottle water. Aren't they doing changes in the booze area, so less bottle water to grab makes more booze available. This is a top issue to look at. I mean it's more important then the tobacco fields, because the government has to much in the tobacco company and not bottle water, besides tobacco only kills or injurys millions. So we really don't need all those empty bottles being re-cycled and helping some homeless person get a sandwich. Makes sense...(just my opinion and not that of this paper)

Edward S Phillips 's picture

Mind your own Business

If you do not like bottled water do not buy it.
It is evident that they have never fought a fire on a very hot day and badly needed hydration. Botled water is very easy to carry and use.
In many emergencies bottled water is necessary for a quick portable supply.
Getting tired of lame brain do gooders with no common sense.

 's picture

Common sense?

Maybe the taxpayers should buy you some curly straws, too?

 's picture

Hear, hear!!!!

Bottled water is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated.


What, exactly, is the hoax? Are you referring to the fact that most of it that's not Poland Spring is just filtered tap water? Or the fact that we pay more for bottled water than we do even for soda? Or how most of the bottles end up in landfills and not the recycle bin (really, though, who would throw out all those nickels?) None of these things make it a "hoax". And none of these things are a good basis for prohibiting municipalities from buying it. That's just dumb nanny-state behavior.

 's picture

Paying money for water.

There's nothing wrong with our tap water. Billions of dollars spent on water, most of which comes out of some tap somewhere.

 's picture

Tap Water

I am sorry, I could not disagree more. There is a lot wrong with our tap water. I use a sleep apnia mask at night and ran out of bottled water. I filled the tank with tap water and took the mask off after about two minutes. The smell of chlorine was so strong. I can no longer drink tap water because of the chlorine. What do you think the chlorine, and other additives, are doing to your body? It can't be good for us.

 's picture


You don't need to apologize. We disagree. Nothing wrong with that.

 's picture

Not doing anything... my body and it's 75 years old - a lot of that before they started putting floride in it, which has been REALLY good. Don't think they put chlorine in it here but I'm not sure. Guess I'm just not as sensitive as you are.

I'm with Ed

Because really, what could be more important than pushing another anti-corporate sop to the lefty environmental extremists? If they claim it's not about hurting a company that's owned by someone From Far Far Away, they are lying to themselves and to you.

Hope and pray this turkey dies in committee.

 's picture


I'm glad they're concentrating on the really important stuff.


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